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Ah…  contemporary life is so confusing, misleading, and always taking you on the wrong path.

At the same time, the left worldwide is more than willing to serve their peoples on a silver platter to their enemies.  Most of their plans are now, as in France, to grant citizenship to the masses of immigrants they have allowed in each country.  As I have kept repeating on many of my columns, the dire situation is worsened by the quiet silence of their local populations.

Recently a commentator to one of my columns, left me the following message:  “ORGANISE and ACTIVATE on social media, before it’s too late.”  Really?!

What has happened to us?  What was supposed to be a great technological advance has incapacitated human beings instead of making them rise to the Heavens, with wisdom, with strength.

Mankind is now critically handicapped and the comfort of the Internet at the tip of your fingers has instead robbed you of your creativity, your imagination and your will to survive.

What’s worse, it has robbed of your fire of living for the right values.

Indeed, people are now allowing the thugs, the criminals, to destroy the remaining human decency, as mankind have lost all the sense of what is right and the imperative need to fight for what is right.

It is despairing now to see on social networking, how many groups for instance are popping up on Facebook.

From Daesh is IS, to different Israel support groups as well as groups on Christianity, Islam and Judaism, conservative groups and all the variations of democracy or groups on spirituality, psychology groups and one that I just found calling itself “The Most Boring Group on Facebook…”  Laughable?  Maybe.  But tragic for sure.

In fact, Twitter is no better, with the hundreds of thousands of wannabe writers who don’t know how to write or the topics they want to write about.

It is all about talking.

And, alas, there are those whose bread and butter are made out of their Internet interaction and how many gullible souls they can attract to their material.  Therefore, those people have found a way to be a magnet and they appeal to all possible tricks, like they tell you a funny joke and give you a link which you will click on, only to be taken to their article you have already read more than five times.  And why do they do that?  Simply because the more clicks they get, the more chances they have to earn extra US$500.00 on their weekly production.  Pure business based on how much and how often they get to cheat on you.  Nice, huh?

Meanwhile, the enemy has been taking this situation very seriously as well.  The Islamists are using their Twitter accounts.  And, Hamas, Hezbollah have also their Facebook pages, as well as others.  But, truth is as you know, they advance their agendas, and are wise enough to use social media as a tool.  NOT as an end to their lives.

Suffice it to mention the immigration situation worldwide, at the hands of the left, goes without saying.

In France, there is a situation where a whooping 26 socialist mayors are proposing to grant citizenship to their immigrants.

It is also no surprise that Marine Le Pen, the head of France’s National Front, opposes such measure.     Her position is that citizenship should not be linked to the status of resident visa because, she argues “it’s against the French tradition, the values of the [French] Republic and the concept itself of “democracy.”

Alas, therein lies Madame Le Pen’s Achilles heel…  for it is in “democracy” where lies the suicidal notion of “equal rights” to all.  Indeed, so it is.  “Equal rights” even to your enemy.

Back to our problem with social networking.

Along the road, social networking has become this handicapping element in the lives of peoples around the world.  As much as it is an apparent palliative for loneliness and a replacement for real life, it is now also a severe detriment to face real problems.

We must grant Muslims one single thing despite all their flaws but they are the only ones to use social networking with savvy.

Whether it’s the monsters subhuman terrorists from Islam or the decent however ignorant good masses of Egyptians who rallied to the call thanks to their use of Twitter and who, to save God and country, united to stand at the now famous Tahrir Square not once, but   t w i c e   to save their country, especially the second time, from the Muslim Brotherhood.

First was NASA, then was Benghazi, then came Seal Team Six, then was Chris Kyle, then Fort Hood, then Obamacare, now it is Obamanet, common core destroying your children, Keystone…  The list is tragic and endless.

But what is even more tragic is your indifference.

Shame on the over 330 MILLION AMERICANS for waiting for elections to replace the current treacherous regime who is not missing a day to continue the attack on the American people ever since they were elected to lead the country.

The time is overdue.  It’s time to peacefully do this.

Get organised using Twitter or Facebook.  300Million Americans have the intrinsic power to redress the situation.

The power of the people and their love for God, country and family and all the generations to come should give you enough guts to get this done.

This is it.

For God and Country, Take back America now.




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When I write my political commentary, I am one of the few who has the conviction that Right and Wrong are G d-Given values and that the world without them is going to its doom.

So, yes, I mix religion with politics, because our ethical life based on G d’s Values must and should impregnate our way of life in all senses.

THIS is why I do not agree with Netanyahu.  On this video, he is emphasising about Israel, his concern about Israelis….. Not about Jews, as if Jews were not the essence of the fabric of Israel, by G d’s Specific Will.

As a good zionist, He does NOT mention G d.

HaShem, the Creator of the Universe who created Eretz Yisroel and gave the Land of Israel, as He promised it to Avraham to his descendants the Hebrews, us the Jews.

G d, who for the first time pronounced the name of Israel in the Jewish Torah, when He changed the name of Jacob to Israel.

When we refer to Jacob and his worldly activities, his name is Jacob.

His name is Israel for the Heavenly task he received from G d, the name of the nation, of which we are the most integral part, Israel.

For that and for more, my heart is not there.

We Jews, Chosen Children by G d after all the nations of the world rejected His Torah, deserve better. We need to stick like glue to Our Only G d and be always thankful to Him.


So, Mr. Netanyahu will face the world because “he” wants to save Israel. How impertinent. How arrogant.

So forgive me but I pray to G d to save Israel if, when and how He sees fit -because I despise the human arrogance that wants to erase the existence of G d Almighty…

May G d in His Infinite sapience, help Netanyahu if so is His Will. And, despite my personal opinion, I still wish the prime minister, godspeed.

May G d’s Will be done…




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When Barack Obama took power back in January 20, 2009, it was a result of the will of over half the country that elected him to be their president.

Later on, in 2010, the NASA chief he had appointed, Charles Bolden’s Muslim remark to Al-Jazeera, caused stir:

“When I became the NASA administrator, (President Obama) charged me with three things,” Bolden said in the interview which aired last week. “One, he wanted me to help re-inspire children to want to get into science and math; he wanted me to expand our international relationships; and third, and perhaps foremost, he wanted me to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science, math and engineering.”

NASA is no longer what it used to be.

The Obama administration deprioritized NASA’s human spaceflight program in favour of climate change research.  “The Obama administration continues to advocate increased climate change funding at NASA at the expense of other priorities such as space exploration,” said House Science Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas)   He also lamented President Barack Obama’s decision to cancel the Constellation Moon-exploration program, which a separate blue-ribbon panel in 2009 concluded was unsustainable under NASA’s projected budgets.

Along the road Obama has also destroyed the previously deficient American health care to impose his dream version of it.  As a result, millions American doctors retired, others were outright against it, and more millions Americans have had to pay much more for a worse health insurance than they had.

The bottom line?  A seeming failure for the system and especially for Obama.  But was it really a failure?

No.  Obama succeeded.  How could the Obamacare website be deficient at the onset, when he has all at his disposal, including people like Bill Gates to send his best experts to coach him and his people on how to make a successful Internet enterprise whenever he wanted.

No.  In reality, Obama’s apparent failures are his successes to destroy America and make the lives of Americans ever more impossible, to drain their pockets to the level of making them slaves.

Obama’s dream is not about tyranny.  It’s about turning Americans into slaves, the slaves of his Muslim friends.

Obama’s attacks on Americans’ well-being have been endless from the beginning.

His most recent attack has been on the Internet.   He has succeeded and soon it will be about imposing payment plans for its use thereafter.

The agency in charge of moving the president’s agenda has been the Federal Commission Commission of FCC which on orders of the president has moved to upstage the until now existing Congress legislation in this regard.

Indeed, the final rule making, whose text is yet to be released, will determine the “reclassification of broadband internet access as a telecommunications service under Title II of the Communications Act,” according to the agency’s press statement.

With the title “FCC ADOPTS STRONG, SUSTAINABLE RULES TO PROTECT THE OPEN INTERNET”  the agency has therefore made a 180 degree policy change regarding Internet consumption under the pretence that “The FCC has long been committed to protecting and promoting an Internet that nurtures freedom of speech and expression, supports innovation and commerce, and incentivises expansion and investment by America’s broadband providers.”  Right.

From now on, in order to have a certain “freedom of speech and expression” you will have to pay dearly.

The American consumer is being stabbed in the back.

With a slower and pricier internet it is not only your use of Facebook that will suffer.

In fact what Obama and his minions are targeting is your businesses.  They are targeting the few opportunities American businesses and also small businesses have to be competitive, nationally and worldwide.

The repercussions of slow and bad quality internet at higher rates, simply means that the American business will suffer endlessly.

One has to hope, as Rush Limbaugh has said, that the lawsuit against Obama will prove how he and his administration have illegally overpassed the Congress ruling of 2002 regarding internet usage.

net neutrality

“More competition, better technologies and increased quality of service on wireline networks help to drive down prices,” said Nick Russo, co-author of a report on The Cost of Connectivity and who is an “expert” at the “New America” Open Technology Institute.

Downloading a high-definition movie takes about seven seconds in Seoul, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Zurich, Bucharest and Paris, and people pay as little as $30 a month for that connection. In Los Angeles, New York and Washington, downloading the same movie takes 1.4 minutes for people with the fastest Internet available, and they pay $300 a month for the privilege, according to The Cost of Connectivity, a report published by the New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute.

However, there is disagreement about that conclusion, among from Richard Bennett, a visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and a critic of those who say Internet service providers need more regulation.

He has argued that much of the slowness is caused not by broadband networks but by browsers, websites and high usage.

In all, net neutrality is another twisted terminology created by the globalist leftists that surround the current administration.

One of the pre-requisites by the Obama Administration to hire their communications “experts” may be “language distortion” skills, so as to keep the masses numb for as long as possible.

After all, one of the least aspirations of this administration is to educate and raise the level of the masses.

Now, the FCC has pulled the trigger and in the name of “net neutrality” they have decided to assert regulatory control over the vast, sprawling, ever-changing conglomeration of economic activities that we all know simply as the “Internet.”

Meanwhile, no one knows yet the exact content of the FCC’s change other than it was what Obama wanted.

Most likely, another aberration quite similar to Obamacare.

Americans obvious selective memory may have forgotten one of Obama’s right hand, Nancy Pelosi’s infamous statement about the Affordable Care Act:  Congress had to pass it for Americans to learn what it would do.

Therefore, just as NASA before Obama was the pride of America, also the Internet, invented in America, was one of the trophies Americans could be proud of.

As I mentioned before, the Internet does not cost anything and if, its cost is very minimal.  Countries as Switzerland have outrageously expensive rates for its use and that’s understandable because their population is barely eight million people and besides, it’s not the average Swiss that fills the country’s treasures but the corporations, banks…  0r whatever was left of them once America also made sure to ruin one of the major sources of income for the tiny country.

As you can see, America is all about destruction now.  Destroying what is or was good and replacing it with what is good for them, the liberal, globalising agenda.

Meanwhile, they are ambushing Americans and it is working.



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They say that you appreciate something once you lost it.

American history is a blatant case of not knowing what it is to lose one’s freedom because from its birth, the country and Americans at large fought for “independence” but not from actual slavery.

Instead, their struggle was against a far away king taxing them.  So, basically, Americans liberated their dollars from British masters.

So far, America, the crib of the internet, has enjoyed quasi-total freedom to access the internet.

madewithOver (76)

Now, as government needs to enslave them more, the situation is hanging on a cord and as a result there is a neat possibility that at the end of the week, Americans may get another leash around their necks.

What would it mean “losing” the freedom of the internet?

For one, most likely there will be an insane annual fee.  In Switzerland for instance such a fee is in the range of SF400.00 yearly and it includes internet usage and television or radio.  That is regardless if you have or not have a television set or a radio at home.  They assume that if you have internet you could also use it for those purposes.

That said, why should they care if you use the internet for this or for that.  Besides, ‘this’ is also a way for you to see how much they will interfere in your choices and lifestyle.

There will also be different levels of internet available to you and the least you pay, the worst your internet connection will be, i.e., slow, blurred, interferences, and so on.

Then there will be a whole array of graduations and the value of the little money you have will vanish as you raise your internet expectations and demands.

Are there any benefits that you will actually get from a government regulated internet?

Actually, there will be benefits but none of them will be for the majority of 330+ million Americans.

Instead, benefits will be almost exclusively reserved for government coffers so they can continue funding terrorism and all the causes that sooner or later will come to haunt you.

Internet does not cost anything.  That is why from the onset it has been free.  Had it costed anything to its inventors or developers, believe me, you would have had to pay for it since its very beginning.

In that respect, nothing has changed.

Meanwhile, this anti-American government is all too keen to strangle each of you at every step of the road.  In fact, for them, the sooner they can expedite you inside the inferno, the better will they have achieved their goal.

It is vital to oppose this internet control at any rate because if you let them get away with a government controlled and regulated internet,  they will use that power to control your internet content, exchange, tools, likes and dislikes that will further increase their tyranny and your slavery.

Americans never had a combative spirit and keep telling me, you will see, this or that will never happen, we will not allow it.  Seriously?

Things are happening, situations are worsening as you all know, you do not need to wait to see that your pockets are emptied because your personal financial situation is worsening by the day and the vast majority of you are going from crisis to crisis.

They have kept prices but at the same time, for instance, they have tacitly allowed companies to fill their tubes with air, any product, is to be consumed much sooner.  A fine and treacherous way to increase prices without you noting anything.

Now, the internet is to be added to the attacks against the Americans financial dire situation, another way to curtail not only your meager finances but also a disguised attack to undermine your right to a responsible freedom.

My dream?   It would be to see millions of Americans rallying in Washington, D.C., peacefully, quietly saying NO to government control of the internet.

That is the only way your representatives in Congress and patriotic senators will get the message.  And it is the only way to protect yourselves and protect future generations.

It is called the Power of the People.  It is yours.  Use it.






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A president is the leader of a republic and in principle he is chosen because people trust him to take care of country and people.  All.  People.

Mr. Obama has requested Congress for new war powers against the Islamic State.

Yet, Obama is not at war with Islam and he will never be.

That’s the most important issue in his agenda and everything turns around it.

Even the terminology applied to designate the Islamic State (daesch in Arabic,) has been suppressed because Mr. Islamophile cannot stand hurting the feelings of Muslims and mention the name of their religion for such unworthy occasions.

It is better to reserve such honour to Muslim terrorists who use the name of God as in Allah hu Akbar, just before doing any atrocity.

That’s why he and his mouthpiece, the mainstream media are calling it “ISIS.”

Not me.  Islamic State it is.  Islamic State it remains.

In a recent column I addressed the issue that the Islamic State is closing in on Ayn al-Asad airbase, five miles away from the al-Baghdadi town which is already at the hands of the terrorists.

At that airbase there are 320-400 U.S. Marines, most likely among the cream of the crop of the elite navy seals, because who else would be teaching and transmitting their know-how and their knowledge to others?


News have broken today by none other than Kurdish sources that,

“…a military source has said today that 1,400 U.S. troops have arrived in Iraq’s Western Anbar province, according to the Arabic Al Mayadeen news channel.  

The troops are reportedly stationed at the Ayn al-Asad air base in the west of Anbar, joining thousands of Iraqi troops and an estimated 320 U.S. personnel already at the base.

Another 4,000 American troops are now in Kuwait awaiting approval from U.S. President Barack Obama to head to Anbar, the source added.

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants, including eight attempted suicide bombers, successfully infiltrated the Ayn al-Asad base on Feb. 13, but were stopped by Iraqi security forces.

That attack followed an ISIS offensive launched against the nearby town of al-Baghdadi, 8 km away from the base, the previous day, during which militants captured much of the area.

Iraqi forces have since retaken the captured territory, aided by coalition airstrikes against ISIS positions in the region, but the fight for Anbar province continues.

On Tuesday, the police chief of al-Baghdadi said 45 people had been burned to death by ISIS militants, adding that some of the victims were believed to have been members of the security forces.

Officials in Anbar have repeatedly called for outside support in the form of weapons and training over the last several months, with ISIS having launched an offensive on the province in January 2014.

It was not until last June that ISIS militants overtook Iraq’s second largest city of Mosul, in the country’s north, and declared a caliphate encompassing approximately one third of the country, in addition to vast areas in Syria.”

Sincerely, this is the most worrisome news Americans could receive these days.

The president is no longer holding back, he has outspokenly advocated his allegiance to the Islamic State terrorists in many ways.

He has asked Congress for authorisation for war powers against  the Islamic State, but with some caveats, so no full intervention there, just middle of the road palliative to soothe what would be his conscience, should he have one, but it is more to help him keep numb the American people.

Then, he had the brilliant idea to create “jobs” for the beheaders, and he wants us to be mindful of their grievances as well.  Seriously?

Not only that, he used a days long conference to figure out how to better improve the conditions of the terrorists, because as it is, Obama and his people cannot hide or dissimulate it anymore, and all is coming to the light, above all, his eternal and passionate love for Islam.  That conference?  An utter waste of the money of American taxpayers and the ultimate way to misuse energy, efforts and time.

He and his people are now complaining that Cairo did not give Washington advance notice  about its strikes on the ISIS hotbed of Derna, Libya.  Ludicrous.  Sisi is a president who loves his people, as is evident from his actions.  He is not asking or letting know Obama ahead of an airstrike, which would equate to asking permission. There are presidents as Sisi and nowadays those are rare.  And then there are presidents…  Obama is the latter.

We knew of course that Obama would not approve of any of them, Jordan or Egypt going full force against Islam’s angels from the Islamic State.  In fact, Obama & Co. must have been grieving about it.

In that context, it is important to assess the Ayn Al-Asad airbase situation.

1,400 more troops there.  What for?

The Administration should have airlifted the 320 U.S. marines, saved them.  After all, that airbase is the size of Boulder, Colorado, so they could have much  rather picked up our men instead of adding more.

The bottom line is that they are preparing American troops to confront the Islamic State barbarians and now it will be just a question of time to see which American men will they catch, who will they behead or choose to burn alive.

When has the commander-in-chief defended the troops?  Not one single time.  He has used and abused the powers that were invested in him against them.  Just think Seal Team Six.  The truth is that it was an inside job that began with the dumbest vice-president America ever had and the worst, most anti-America ever imaginable president.

And they are being helped by the American people who, sadly, have lost their path.

Benghazi went unpunished. The culprits are still at large and in place, unmoved.  Therefore they feel they can continue doing whatever they want.

Pity that the American people are obviously not outraged enough despite all the extreme excesses that have costed the lives of so many compatriots, to rally demanding justice for those who were slaughtered.

Maybe Americans should be inspired by the March of Paris in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo carnage -which comparatively speaking was not as terrifying as the Benghazi tragedy.

Now the U.S. Marines, who are risking their lives need help from their people.

What to do?  Peacefully and silently, march on D.C. to make sure Washington gets that there will not be any American casualties at Ayn al-Asad airbase.

The People could also follow the example of the Egyptian people.  They knew what was wrong.  They knew what was right.  They risked their lives, and in a peaceful manner, they changed the direction in which their country was going.   They knew a Muslim Brotherhood government was not good and they stopped it, while the American people is putting up with their “official” nominations within their government.  You see here with crushing clarity two realities.

If the good and uneducated Egyptians were heroic to do it,  why not the American people who have so much to lose…

If you want to see more American blood run on your screens or the heads of American men, or if you want to see them burning alive, stay put.

But if you have an iota of love left in your being for country and your compatriots, do what needs to be done because God is with you.  He is on your side.

Rarely one gets second chances.  Benghazi went unresolved.  Now is the time to prevent a sad and tragic carnage from happening.

Remember the military cannot say no.  They are given orders, which they must follow.  Whatever those orders are.  Especially if they know no one has their back.

A second golden chance is knocking at the door of your hearts.  Answer.  Save them.

I may be wrong. But do you really want to find out?


God Bless America



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Just as I had finished writing my previous article on the horrors of the Islamic State and their gruesome mass-beheading of 21 defenceless human beings, all of them Egyptian Copts, news about them yesterday continued to horrify the world.

The barbarians have once again outdone themselves in their horrendous descent to hell as they have this time burned alive 45 Iraqis, and by certain accounts some local security forces could have been among them.

We remain speechless in front of such monstrosity.

As a matter of fact, last Friday, a “media group” linked to the Islamic State released a four-minute video titled “Peshmerga Captives in Kirkuk Province,” which showed Kurdish prisoners exhibited in iron cages, as if though they were animals, being driven around on trucks in Iraq, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI.)

The video of the prisoner convoy in orange uniforms is a painful reminder of the scenes prior to the execution of the Jordanian pilot almost two weeks ago.  Later, the Islamic State released the video showing Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh being burned alive in a cage.

How did the fierce Kurds become prisoners of the Islamic State?  Some of my sources have shared with me what happened.  They were fighting the terrorists when they began running out of ammunition and asked the Americans for help and drop ammunitions.  American helicopters were hovering on the sky above them while the fight was going on, but no ammunition was sent their way.  And so they fell in the hands of the barbarians.  Thank you, America.

Indeed, there are Kurdish claims that the Americans are failing to come through.  It has been confirmed by none other than NBC chief international correspondent reporting from the Middle East, Richard Engel who has tweeted how “Kurdish forces fighting the advance of #ISIS are deeply disappointed with the support they’re getting from Washington…”

On a side note, doesn’t this remind of a similar situation, when the American Administration kept a deafening silence while the Benghazi carnage was happening?  Ambassador Stevens asking for help and reinforcement a month earlier and even on that fatal Sept. 11, 2012…  and no one answered.  No help was sent to save them.

Yesterday, devastating news reported that Islamic State terrorists have burned to death 45 people in the western Iraqi town of al-Baghdadi.  Another despicable act by the subhumans.

This is significant.

Indeed, Al-Baghdadi is just five miles away from the Ain al-Asad airbase,  home to the Iraqi 7th Division, who are receiving training from the over, by some accounts 400 or 300 U.S. Marines stationed at the airbase.

Earlier the Islamic State attempted to attack the base, but were driven off by Iraqi forces.

Meanwhile, unlike the King of Jordan or the President of Egypt who are ruthlessly and massively bombing the Islamic State,  President Barack Hussein Obama and his Administration are far from really performing a devastating bombing on the Islamic State terrorists.

The American Administration has come up with their sweet version to solve the problem.  One, is the creation of jobs for the Islamic State barbarians.  Second, the creation of a three-day summit on “Violent Extremism” with the president playing happy host to representatives of 60 nations.

Adding insult to injury, Obama’s vice-president took the opportunity to make clear that “including immigrants is key to  stopping extremism in the United States,” you see.

It is a joke.  An insult to the minds of the American people.

It is a clap on the face to the survivors of the thousands of victims slaughtered by the Islamic State.

They are even avoiding calling by its name, as it brings the word Islam to the mud of its own reality.  That’s why they take all the pain in the world to impose calling them ISIS or ISIL.  Anything but Islamic.

What’s important to the president and his people is to advance their agenda at any rate.  There are no mistakes, no misunderstandings, they are not fool, they are not simplistic, they are not dreaming.  They are doing exactly what they want to do.

By now, Islamic State terrorists have seized 90 percent of al-Baghdadi, which surrounds the airbase, but according to statements by Iraqi officials to Reuters. “There was no direct attack on the Ain al-Asad air base,” a Defence Department spokeswoman also acknowledged reports of “ineffective indirect fire in the vicinity of the base” along with ongoing “heavy fighting” by the Islamic State in the area.

Reuters reported that the terrorists did engage in an attack on the air base, but have so far failed to break into the facility.  For how long…?

Courtesy  ©The Washington Post –  The Institute for the Study of War.

The area around the Iraqi base in the Anbar Province has long been a “hot zone” of the Islamic State fighting for quite a while. The terrorists are reportedly focusing on the region in an effort to expand its self-declared caliphate territory in both Iraq and Syria.

But there is also the other reason.

For the first time, last month the Pentagon confirmed that U.S. troops at the Al Asad base in Iraq are being subjected to “regular mortar fire.”

The Islamic State is closing in on Al Asad airbase in iraq where hundreds of American marines are training Iraqis, that’s for sure.

The American people has failed to obtain justice for four compatriots miserably massacred in Benghazi, Libya on Sept. 11, 2012.

The executive level of the Obama Administration refused to send in help in the hours-long agony the carnage lasted.  And they have gone unpunished.

This time, it is imperative that the American people massively and by all peaceful means make clear to President Barack Hussein Obama, his Administration, the Congress, and the Department of Defence, that those American Marines are not to be harmed in any way, shape or fashion.

Sadly, there are unconfirmed reports indicating that there may be already 13 dead marines…

During Obama’s both terms, what has happened with the American military forces, with the marines?

They were given to the enemy as cannon food.  As in the Navy Seals Team Six who were victims of an incredible ambush only possible with help of inside information.

Now the question begs, how come this time the terrorists are also aware in which base the American Marines are stationed?

Putting all this information together, we can see through it with clarity.  They are in danger.

We could have asked the King of Jordan or the President of Egypt to do us a favour and kindly bomb the Islamic State terrorists before they get close to our guys.


Their lives are in each of your hands.  Over 330 million Americans surely can put enough pressure to save those 300-400 American Marines…

You failed in getting justice for Benghazi.  That’s in your conscience now.

You have a new opportunity this time to save the lives of 300-400 Americans, your husbands, your fathers, your children…

This is no longer just about dying. It’s about slaughters, carnages, orgies of beheadings, burning alive and burying alive, plus all the unimaginable tortures, abuses, exploitations…

As the Islamic State closes in on Al Asad airbase, do not allow the subhumans to touch your loved ones, our guys.

Remember that their commander-in-chief is the enemy number one.

Only and together, the American People, with the strength given by God, can save 300 to 400 compatriots who are needing our committed, loud and determined support.

God bless America.



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I have to push away my tears as I begin to write this article.  I have bowed down to God before even beginning, praying for inspiration.  Looking at that picture of 21 men in orange uniforms, each walking with their executioner behind them, breaks one’s heart at the malignancy of the human being.  And the feeling of sadness is rightfully overpowered by a feeling of revolt because there is only one solution to this drama.

In the story of the Muslim world, there have been some places where other religions have silently coexisted among them, though never in huge numbers, but there has been a true conviviality among Christians, Jews and Muslims, in such countries as:  Syria, Egypt, Morocco, and a few others where things turned more difficult as years went by.  They mingled indistinctly and respectfully within one another.

Those were the times, not too long ago, where no one paid attention to who was a shi’a or a sunni, and neither did the majority mind that such Jewish, Christians, Coptic minorities quietly and unobtrusively existed in their midst.

Suffice to prove this, to mention that in the aftermath of the liberation of Iraq in 2003, Baghdad got a Kurdish president, a shi’a prime minister and a sunni ambassador in Washington, D.C.

The well-educated Iraqis were among the cream of the crop among the Muslims, until the West intervened.

The above gives a background to what is unraveling in the Muslim world as we speak.

Less than two weeks ago, the Islamic State burned alive a Jordanian pilot.  And while there are many speculations about it, let us stick to facts.

The Jordanian King was in America at the time meeting with President Obama when he learned of the gruesome execution.  He immediately told U.S. lawmakers that he would pursue the terrorists responsible until Jordan’s military runs “out of fuel and bullets.”  This strategist would have advised His Majesty to say, “until none of them is left.”

“He said there is going to be retribution like ISIS hasn’t seen,” Rep. Duncan Hunter Jr., R-Calif., told reporters after the private meeting. “He mentioned Unforgiven and he mentioned Clint Eastwood, and he actually quoted a part of the movie.” He vowed that there would be a terrifying response of earth-shaking proportions.

True to his word, Abdullah II King of Jordan, went ahead and did exactly what he had promised.

The first act of the Jordanians took place a few hours later when they hang two terrorists in their custody, including a woman, and for whose release the Islamic State terrorists had been bargaining.

Thereafter, they began an air campaign.  During the first days they flew more than 5500 sorties and destroyed 56 Islamic state targets.

According to the Jordanian air force chief, Gen. Mansour al-Jabour, about 7,000 Islamic State fighters have been killed since the beginning of the coalition airstrikes – with the promise of many more to come. Just imagine.  Obviously, now we are talking.

Naturally, Jordan has taken a leading role in conducting air strikes against the group in Syria and Iraq this month.

Islamic State terrorists have seemed unstoppable.  However, in improving their mastery of evil, they are pushing the limits of tolerance from their victims’ countries that, ahem, happen to be Muslims as well.  As we have seen in the above mentioned case of Jordan.

Yesterday, a new video from the Islamic State did the rounds on social media via the Twitter feed of a website that supports them, it begins with a “Message Signed with Blood to the Nation of the Cross.”   FullSizeRender (31)

The video shows the gruesome mass execution by beheading of 21 Egyptian Christian Copts they had kidnapped in Libya, where they were working.

The 21 men can be seen being forced onto their knees before they are cowardly and cruelly beheaded by the militants standing behind them.

In the aftermath of the carnage of his compatriots, His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Egypt, General Abdel Fattah el Sisi, in a somber mode announced that:  “Egypt reserves the right to retaliation and with the methods and timing it sees fit for retribution for those murderers and criminals who lack the slightest humanity.”

As a real human being, the Muslim president of Egypt did not even mention any other detail pertaining to the victims.  They were Egyptians, his compatriots, his people. The 21 victims of the Islamic State were, simply put, part of the President of Egypt’s large Egyptian family. Period.

On the other hand, Egypt’s Coptic Christian pope was among the various public figures who backed Sisi when he, as army chief, ousted Islamist president Mohamed Mursi in 2013 after the mass protests that took place in Tahrir Square.

True to his word, just like the warrior King of Jordan, the strongman of Egypt has sent his country’s air force to drastically and relentlessly bomb Islamic targets inside Libya early today.

The Egyptian dawn strike hit militant camps, training sites and weapons storage areas in neighboring Libya, where civil conflict has plunged the country into near anarchy.

Besides that, Cairo is believed to have provided clandestine support to a Libyan general fighting a rogue government in Tripoli.  Now the mass carnages have pushed the Egyptian president in the open, as he expand his war against Islamist terrorism.

Egypt, which is the most populous Arab nation, has not taken part directly in the U.S.-led air strikes against Islamic State bastions in Iraq and Syria.  They were rather focusing on the increasingly complex insurgency at home.

To complicate things even more, Intelligence sources have identified that the IS terrorists based in Libya have now ties with Sinai Province, yet another terror group operating from Egypt’s vast Sinai Peninsula that has pledged allegiance to, you guessed it, the Islamic State.

By now, the terrorists from Sinai Province have killed hundreds of Egyptian soldiers and police since Sisi toppled Mursi and launched a crackdown which killed hundreds of Islamists and jailed thousands of other terrorists.

Thus, the president has made progress against the terrorists from the Islamist State in the Sinai.

These fully testosteroned leaders, the King of Jordan and the President of Egypt, talked and acted.  As simple as that.  Now their wrath is literally falling from the sky upon the coward terrorists who relish in abusing, torturing and killing in the most horrendous ways their innocent, disarmed victims.

In fact, the Muslim world does not need help from the international community with their vested globalist interests that mostly are devoted to help the bad guys from their midst, the bestial barbarians from the Islamic State.

While in the West there is much talk about, and support for, their beloved Muslim “reformers” living in the comfort of the West, these days are throwing in the faces of those defenders of said reformers, the fact that real  “reform” of any sort if any, can and will only come from inside Islam, from the heart of the Muslim world.

For a change, it is refreshing to see leaders who know what is wrong.

May we wipe our tears when we see real leaders defend what is, by the will of God, right.



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“They were young newlyweds —- Deah Shaddy Barakat, 23, a dental student at the University of North Carolina, and his wife, Yusor Mohammad, 21, soon to enter the same dental program.

He sent dental kits to Syrian refugees and helped the homeless. She was an honor student. He was Syrian American and she was Palestinian American. Both were U.S.-born.

And they had complained to their families about an angry, aggressive upstairs neighbor well-known to residents for confronting neighbors about parking spots and noise.

Late Tuesday afternoon, the couple and Mohammad’s 19-year-old sister, Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, were shot and killed inside their apartmentin a leafy neighborhood two miles from campus. Authorities charged their upstairs neighbor, Craig Stephen Hicks, 46, with three counts of first-degree murder in what they said was an ongoing dispute over a parking space. The shooting will also be investigated to determine whether religious hatred played a role because of the victims’ Muslim faith.”   NA-NC.SHOOTINGdiscrimination 

And so will begin a new tide in America that will probably propagate worldwide.  It fits nicely as the successor to Islamophobia which Muslims have been using to alert on “racism” against them in order to disarm their detractors.

The Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan had to chime in in the aftermath of the random attack.  He criticised President Obama for his silence following the killings of three young Muslims in North Carolina this week.

According to Reuters, this is “the latest sign relations between the two leaders have become strained,” but I disagree.  It is not a sign of disagreement.  It is a call to order from the Turk, reminding Barack Hussein Obama what he needs to do in case he was forgetting.

Naturally, Hussein has obliged.

Islam is invading the world to impose their religion, their traditions, their likes and dislikes, their political structure under the rule of sharia which they will inevitably force onto Western civilisation as soon as they succeed becoming a demographic majority.

Thereafter, they will put “sharia law” up for referendum and with democracy on their side, giving equal rights to all citizens, they will massively approve that referendum and the subsequent vote will most definitely implant sharia by “the free will of the citizens in any country they will be settled in.”

Do you ever find a church or a synagogue or Buddhist or Bahai temple in almost any country of the Muslim world? No matter, they could not care less.  Their goal is to flood the West with mosques and, with the help of local politicians, their mosques will soon be too numerous to count.

Islamophobia is the term they use to silence opposition from nationals who disagree with the Muslim invasion..  Unequivocally, Muslims are the only ones whose intention is to dominate the world.

While United States officials have been saying that the motivation for the shootings of those Muslim-Americans by a self-avowed atheist in North Carolina remains unclear, there are growing numbers of Muslims around the world who are of course grabbing the opportunity and weighing in with suspicions that the murders were an American hate crime and, perhaps, as the Palestinian foreign ministry suggested on Saturday, even an act of terrorism.  There you have it.  Palestine is in?  And, with it, of course, Israel.

The killing of those three Muslims, with a unique background from Syria and “Palestine” is ideal to give excuses to why they were the victims.

Thus will begin a new tide with an untold, unofficial but very insidious psychological blackmail.

Sure enough, the mainstream media is willingly propagating the new mood to destabilize Americans from the inside.  Do not believe for a second that they are not going to use this random act to their advantage.

This happened on last Thursday and on Friday the FBI was already working on it:  Muslim anger and frustration arose at the burial.

At the solemn outdoor funeral attended by several thousand people, Mohammad Abu-Salha, the father of two of the murder victims, called for a federal investigation into the case, which he said “has ‘hate crime’ written all over it.”

Indeed, it did not take too much for the FBI to open “a parallel preliminary inquiry to determine whether or not any federal laws were violated.”

With this new way to muzzle the opposition to Islam’s world domination, get ready to hear about injustice, discrimination, racism, victimhood, and so on.

On a side note, I have recently spoken to some of my former Muslim associates who were very pro-democracy in the time.

Now, however, I get the impression that even those “democratic” forces would no longer have an issue considering the entire world their “home.”   This was not said with words, but with some rhetorical inflexions hinting in that direction.

The random act in North Carolina will definitely be used by the Muslim community to advance their cause and silence the opposition.

The fragile political situation of Americans and their safety will once again be jeopardised as the pro-world-domination Muslim forces, unstoppable, continue to rise.



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About the word “hero”.

It’s overrated. People say it without knowing really what they are talking about, its real meaning and above all they don’t even think whom they are labelling it with.

Sometimes saying from someone he/she are heroes is more about the person saying it than about their subject matter.

Saying someone is a hero makes you part of it…. and, oh boy, it feels good.

But truth is to be a hero takes much more than making the right thing because making the right thing is simply normal, nothing more to it.

Therefore people use “hero” indiscriminately and mostly for themselves….  Let’s see why?

Think, who is a hero, a real, true hero?

A true hero is one who gives his life for a worthy cause.  Or one who risks his life to save others’ lives.  In fact, a hero is about sacrifice.  It’s not about telling the truth.  There is nothing more normal than to inform telling the truth.

Let me tell you who I think are real heroes, in the hope this will make you reflect about the use of language, for which we are warned to be careful about.

Indeed, we are warned to be careful about our use of words and, for instance, avoid saying anything not good, because words are part of the Divine breathe G d instilled in us as he “breathed life into Adam…”

The Ten Martyrs (Aseret Harugei Malchut עשרת הרוגי מלכות) were ten rabbis living during the era of the Mishnah who were martyred by the Romans in the period after the destruction of the second Temple. Although all ten could not have been killed at the same time, since two of the rabbis listed lived well before the other eight, they are listed together, in a manner of a dramatic poem, known as the Eleh Ezkera,which is recited on two important Jewish holidays, one of them, Yom Kippur, to elicit the proper mood of the day, one of reflection and the hope of redemption in the face of attacks on Jews and Judaism.

The term “martyrology” is also used about the story of the deaths  of several famous Rabbis, including Rabbi Akiva, by Romans, read both on Yom Kippur and Tisha b’Av.  RABBI AKIVA

Those facts became subject of special midrashim.

Obviously the leftist Wikipedia will not make exception and although their martyrdom was witnessed by many and written about in many books, they still write:  “The deaths are described as being gruesome, including allegedly being wrapped in Torah scrolls and then being set aflame…”

The rabbis mentioned lived over a period of several hundred years when Romans targeted the Jewish people and also tried to annihilate their Jewish leadership.

Eleh Ezkera

According to the poem, the first two to be executed were Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel and Rabbi Yishmael the Kohen Gadol. Rabban Shimon Ben Gamliel was beheaded, and while Rabbi Yishmael wept, the Roman ruler’s daughter coveted Rabbi Yishmael for his physical beauty.

When she was told that he would have to be executed as well, she asked that the skin of his head be flayed while he was alive, so she could stuff the skin and look at his face.

The most well known martyr is Rabbi Akiva, who was raked over his skin with iron combs. Despite the pain consuming him, he was still able to proclaim God’s providence in the world by reciting the Shema, drawing out the final Echad – “One”.

Echad…  because there is Only One G d.  Only One.  

Another sage martyred was Rabbi Haninah ben Teradion, who was wrapped in a Torah scroll and burned alive. Damp wool was packed into his chest to ensure he would not die quickly. When he was being burnt, he told his students that he could see the letters of the sacred torah “flying up” to heaven.

The others mentioned in the poem are Rabbi Hutzpit the Interpreter (so named, because he would interpret the words of the Rosh Yeshiva – the head of the Yeshiva – for the masses, who could not follow all his words); Rabbi Elazar ben Shamua; Rabbi Hanina ben Hakinai; Rabbi Yesheivav the Scribe; Rabbi Judah ben Dama; and Rabbi Judah ben Baba.

And, now, the American president is trying to whitewash Islam with the Christians Crusades, which were taken care of a long time ago…  His primal knowledge of history is painful… because this is what the Romans did, before the Christians.  

SO now we know what is to be a real hero…



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The American President is going out of his way to distract attention  from the horrors committed by Islamic State terrorists and he is now focusing in his new favourite era in History, the time of the Crusades.

As if he could convince anyone with mention of the centuries-old Christians advance to conquer the world.  Very old news.  Very childish behaviour, inefficient and negligent at that.  The Crusades are no longer a problem for mankind.  Muslim terrorists are.

Islamic State burned alive a Muslim…  

As a result of seeing her son being burned alive, rumours have indicated that the mother of the Jordanian pilot may have also died.  Any real mother would of course understand her pain, and her broken heart.

However, the passing of the pilot’s mother has not been reported in any mainstream media but only in the new shadow official accredited media, the blogosphere.

Not even Al Jazeera had any information about the mother’s passing, except a propaganda article with unimportant details while tossing in some key elements for good form.

Many of our sources in the region, have independently confirmed that Mrs. al-Kasasbeh has not died.  She was rushed to the hospital but she is alive.

However, some reports have shared that the pilot might have already been killed maybe even four months earlier.

On the other hand, fresh reports indicate that some experts are questioning the authenticity of the gruesome footage of Jordanian pilot Lt. Moath Youssef al-Kasasbeh.  It appears that the whole story could have been a propaganda scam signed Islamic State.

By a strange coincidence, that day the king was, of all places, in Washington,  D.C. and appeared next to Obama.  While the president did the talking, the king remained silent.

King Abdullah appeared shocked about the burning alive of his Jordanian pilot, but how far is he really intending to go and how long will last his commitment to “destroy” his Muslim brothers from the Islamic State?

In retaliation of his man being burned alive, the king’s air force chief has threatened to intensify airstrikes against the Islamic State in Syria, saying his country was determined to wipe out the extremist group after the gruesome murder of the captive Jordanian pilot. Sure enough, Jordanian jets have carried out daily attacks, according to military and state media.

“We have achieved our goals in revenge for Muath” after recent strikes, Gen. Mansour al-Jbour said at a media briefing. “But this isn’t the end,” the air force chief added.   In fact, the first round began on Thursday, when Jordanian fighter jets attacked 19 Islamic State targets in Syria, including headquarters and training facilities, Gen. Jbour said.

Jordan’s interior minister, Hussein al-Majali, told the state-run al-Rai newspaper in comments published Saturday that Jordan will go after the militants “wherever they are.”

The most recent airstrikes are “the beginning of a continued process to eliminate them and wipe them out completely,” he said of the militants who control about a third of neighboring Syria and Iraq.

The heightened confrontation has raised concerns about possible Islamic State group attacks in Jordan.

The minister said security services have a tight grip and are ready for “anyone who wants to interfere in the security of Jordan.” He urged Jordans to report suspicious behavior, particular in neighborhoods with large numbers of non-Jordanians.

There, they don’t call it profiling but they are only doing what needs to be done.

Most importantly for American taxpayers is to learn that the  United States recently have provided almost two dozen aircraft to support strikes, according to the Pentagon, while the United Arab Emirates said Saturday that it had moved an unspecified number of F-16 fighter jets to Jordan as a gesture of support.

The Jordanian government has been “coordinating at the highest level” on counterterrorism efforts with the United Arab Emirates, according to their official WAM news agency.

It is noteworthy to mention that the United Arab Emirates stopped airstrikes for the coalition out of safety concerns after Lt. Kasasbeh was captured in December, when his plane went down over Syria.

Concluding thoughts

Obama has clearly said it, he supports Islam and, in case of “need…”  who will he be siding with…?  We know it:  Islam…!

Nothing is impossible in Obama’s world.  He has blatantly betrayed his promises, his positions have been nothing else than cover to hide his real agenda so as not to scare  American democrats with a remnant of patriotism.  Such cover also permitted Obama to trick American conservatives so they could not see through the enormity of his hidden treacherous agenda.

Time will tell how far will the Jordanian King retaliate for the burning of one compatriot, and continue to attack his people because, after all, Islamic State terrorists “are” Muslims.

In essence, the Islamic State is not dwindling despite Obama and his coalition and their “attacks.”   It is alive and kicking harder than ever.