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Learning to accept that everything is always in G d’s Hands.

Nothing is sure in this world.

We may do our best and set up the best plan to succeed in a project, we may believe we have everything in control…. only to find out that the outcome is far and totally contrary to our expectations. Despite all our efforts and all our prayers, still things can go in the opposite direction as our hopes and desires -and plans…

It is said that only through suffering we can enter the World to Come. Even the most righteous of righteous must realise and accept that his stability is not guaranteed, but that absolutely everything is in the hands of G-d.

I understand how hard it is to think of tragedies also in the terms of “this too is for the good……” After all, we are poor humans hardly struggling not to lose our “divine” part that so many are trying to destroy inside ourselves…

And while His Decision may contradict our wishes in this lifetime, only He knows what’s best for us, in the near future and in our future in the afterlife.

May He give us strength to accept His Decisions with total devotion to Him, with love and with joy…. no matter if we don’t get what we want or what we think we need.

Gamzu le tovah… “This too is for the good…”


Eliana Benador: Lithuania’s War Manual

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Instead of fearing Russia and Putin, Lithuania should be more scared of Europe.  Old habits die hard, so the saying goes - but they may be overridden by a clear conscience and a matter of fact approach to reality.  

Truthfully, the EU is collapsing in all possible ways.  Instead of being a tiny isolated mouse, sometimes it’s better to be part of the powerful roaring tiger.

©Eliana Benador

VILNIUS (Reuters) – Lithuania is publishing a manual to advise its citizens on how to survive a war on its soil as concerns grow that Russia’s intervention in Ukraine heralds increased assertiveness in its tiny Baltic neighbours.

“Keep a sound mind, don’t panic and don’t lose clear thinking,” the manual explains. “Gunshots just outside your window are not the end of the world.”

The manual, which the Defence Ministry will send to libraries next week and also distribute at army events, says Lithuanians should resist foreign occupation with demonstrations and strikes, “or at least doing your job worse than usual”.

In the event of invasion, the manual says Lithuanians should organize themselves through Twitter and Facebook and attempt cyber attacks against the enemy.

Lithuania spent much of the last century incorporated in Soviet Union, along with Latvia and Estonia, and upon independence in 1991 quickly sought to join the Western NATO alliance and the European Union.

It is increasingly worried about Russia, not least because of a military drill in the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad last month that featured 9,000 soldiers and more than 55 naval vessels.

“The examples of Georgia and Ukraine, which both lost a part of their territory, show us that we cannot rule out a similar kind of situation here, and that we should be ready,” Defence Minister Juozas Olekas told Reuters.

The Lithuanian army and its paramilitary reserve force have seen increased recruitment since the crisis in Ukraine.

“When Russia started its aggression in Ukraine, here in Lithuania our citizens understood that our neighbor is not friendly,” Olekas added.

The government is also considering requiring all future buildings to incorporate a bomb shelter on the premises.

Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine last year, and Western governments say they have overwhelming evidence that it is supplying troops and weaponry to pro-Russian separatists who have seized parts of eastern Ukraine, an accusation that Moscow denies.

(Writing by Alistair Scrutton; Editing by Kevin Liffey)

Eliana Benador: Vayera G D Revealed Himself….

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So many life lessons in this beautiful Parashat Ha Shavua, the Torah portion of the week, Vayera… which means “G D revealed Himself…” to Moshe, that is.       Shabbat 16JAN2014


G D leaves us that lesson when He does not impose on Moshe to hit the river for the plague of blood, because Moshe was saved through the waters of the river. To the sand, which was the means by which Moshe blinded the Egyptian he fought to save a Hebrew and whom he ended killing, changing his life forever, taking his fate as saviour of our people from thereon.


The darkness is most intense before the dawn — this pain was a necessary prelude to redemption, and even as medicine cannot be described as evil, so this suffering could not be termed evil…bitter, yes, painful, yes, but not evil.


The subtlety of communicating, is left for us to learn from how HaShem Himself chooses His ways to transmitting to Moshe the different kinds of importance in life:

To that purpose, G-d used severe language (vayidaber) with Moses, but once that point was made, He immediately reverted to the gentle, soft, “Vayomer”.

And, these are but a very few points, there is infinitely much more than that.

May G d bless and protect all of you, my mishpocha, and may He watch as well over this suffering world. Only Blessings to all of you.

Shabbat shalom,

Eliana Benador

Eliana Benador: Merkel’s Love Affair With Islam

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In the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, France’s leadership hastened to organize a protest march in Paris. There, President Francois Hollande was flanked by 39 of his peers who are leading their countries with a definite leftist penchant favoring the Islamization of the world.

To the great detriment of countries as separate entities, those leaders, in the name of globalization, are subtly removing national identities, traditions, mores and, what is worse, they are lethally endangering the future of their countries.

At the march, over three million rallied in Paris and other French cities, in unity to protest terrorist attacks on their soil.

When all is said and done the truth is, however, that the Paris march turned to be a manipulative step to assuage the masses, under the banner of the so-called “unity.”

While condemning the attacks, even President Hollande and his Prime Minister Manuel Valls, rejected that the murderous massacres by Islamists Jihadists have anything to do with Islam:

“… I call on you also to unity because i expressed myself, the French people, this is our best weapon. Unity that we must demonstrate our determination to fight against anything that can divide us and first of all, to be impeccable, to be totally against any racism and anti-Semitism. A terrible anti-Semitic attack was committed today in the Kosher shop. Not to be divided means we must not make any confusion concerning these terrorists and fanatics that have nothing to do with the Muslim religion.”

On their part, Muslim terrorists proudly show their allegiance to the Koran as the source for their inspiration. It is their prophet who instructs them, unambiguously, what to do, to whom, when, where and how.

Western politicians may want to whitewash Islam but their efforts cannot erase the facts and the abundant videos and messages on the internet, profusely distributed, left as testimony of their deeds.

Ironically, History will record the Paris march as a satire, the parade of the enablers of Muslim terrorism.

Sweden, Belgium, Holland, as well as France, England and Germany, have randomly opened their arms and their countries to Muslims.

Now, they are paying a very heavy price: Hundreds of no-go zones throughout Europe, rapes, honor killings, constant threats to their local communities, crimes, and more is happening under the watchful eyes and complicity of their lenient governments.

In the particular case of Germany, journalists at the leftist newspaper, The Local, have joined behind Chancellor Angela Merkel, who “deplores the new far-right group’s ‘hatred.’” And, as they report, the anti-Islam demonstrations which have rocked Dresden with 18,000 people, have been followed by others in Cologne, Berlin and Stuttgart.

Merkel is pushing her agenda down the throat of Germans and has made a bold move.

She has declared that “Islam belongs to Germany” a day after participating in the Paris “unity” day.


In fact, in the aftermath of the Paris march, Frau Merkel met the Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu. Merkel is said to have urged dialogue among religions.

Meanwhile details have emerged from Turkish authorities who have confirmed that terrorist Hayat Boumeddiene had crossed into Syria on the same day her terrorist companion Amedy Coulibaly shot policewoman Clarissa Jean-Philippe the day after the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

Merkel must have been too busy speaking to Davutoglu about how to golden the Islam pill for her compatriots instead of demanding explanations on how Boumeddiene could have spent a few days in Turkey and, then, allowed into Syria.

As ultimate betrayal to the interests of her country, Merkel recently joined the Muslim community at a recent rally in Berlin to promote tolerance and condemn the attacks in Paris. She is trying hard to rebuke the growing opposition movement against Islam in Germany.

Instead of siding with German compatriots to defend their interests, lifestyle, jobs and well-being, the woman who was elected to protect their country, is standing by Islam.

Islamo-fascist is the term that comes to mind for Frau Merkel, who is following in the footsteps of her colleague Adolf Hitler who had close connections with none other than the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem back in the early 1940s. The meetings between the most important Islamic figure of those times and the Führer, were recorded for posterity.

The Nazi leader may be turning over in his grave, seeing his contemporary heirs, the liberal fascists from the left, serving Germany on a silver platter to Islam, ready to impose Shariah in Germany as soon as democratic elections will allow. The chancellor and her party are surrendering their country.

At the Berlin march, Frau “Merkel and the German President Joachim Gauck joined a 3,000-strong crowd as the Koran was read under the Brandenburg Gate.

“The terrorists wanted to divide us. They have achieved the opposite. They have brought us together,” President Gauck told the gathered crowds.

Yes, together, to defend Islam.

Alarmed that the situation might soon get out of control, Germans have created their own anti-Islam response: PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West,) whose membership is increasing by the day.

Their success is unquestionable. PEGIDA community page on Facebook has over 144,000 likes.

While PEGIDA is based on patriotism, on their part, pro-Muslim democratic leftists translate patriotism as chauvinism and xenophobia, instead of keeping its strict meaning: “Love of country and quest for one’s compatriots well-being and safety.”

In that same vein, the chancellor has been increasingly outspoken in her condemnation of PEGIDA in recent weeks, calling on Germans not to take part in its protests, and she has even gone to the extreme to accuse those behind them of having “hatred in their hearts.”

While Germany’s leaders dilute themselves in their make-believe world coexisting with their Muslim protégés, patriotic Germans now have PEGIDA, giving them the glimmer of a hope, to try to save their country from democracy and Islamism, the lethal formula for the destruction of the West.



Eliana Benador:   I am a strategic risk consultant, adviser, opinion writer, former founder of Benador Associates.  Follow me at @ElianaBenador on Twitter,LinkedInFacebook.

Eliana Benador: Murdoch Against PC; World Leaders Bow to Islam

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“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”    Edmund Burke

As I begin to write this article, a good feeling comes, the one of being validated by a powerful voice, as you will read later.

Many have learned from history books, some may have lived in a Muslim environment for a couple of years, but overall their experiences come from some mighty 30-40 years ago and, honestly, that’s no better reference than a book anymore.

However, nothing can replace having recent and direct contact with Muslims in the Muslim world, work with them, become their friends, most likely because they thought they were addressing one of them, and sensed their contradictions, learned of the dire situation of their immigrant workers who have no right to import spouses or families to live with them, or the condition in which those workers are imposed to live in the Muslim world.

Come to mind, those airline hostesses, or taxi drivers, Filipinos and other nationalities, who get the “privilege” to work in the Muslim world, but have to send their hard earned money back home, because they have no right to have their families with them.

Want to speak of human rights now?

Briefly, the situation of women in the Muslim world:

Also more contradiction there:  Depends of which women one is speaking about, which social class.

Are you referring to the elite, the educated, professional women who have their way and keep husbands happy while at the same time hiding all Western luxury brands of sexy jeans, sandals, you name it, underneath their burkas?  Or are you speaking about the lowest class women, who are almost on slavery?  Take your pick….

And, what about children’s rights in the Muslim world?  They teach hate to their children, they behead children who are not of their faith, and they have even made babies kick severed heads.

After last week’s commotion in Paris, European leaders are trying to utter their harsh reactions towards the cowardly massacre of innocents, at Charlie Hebdo and the Paris-Vincennes Kosher Supermarket.  In all, a total of at least 17 people were murdered within less than 36 hours.

But, in reality, the reaction of those leftist and corrupt “leaders” that are now steering the world into the hands of Islam, is too little too late and, above all, too hypocritical.

While condemning the attacks, even the President of France, Francois Hollande and his Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, have rejected that the murderous massacres by Islamists Jihadists have anything to do with Islam.

Here is what the French President had to say in his own words:

“First of all, I express all my solidarity to the families of the victims of the wounded but France faced up to it because when she overcomes a hardship, a tragedy for the nation and this is an obligation for us to face up to it…   

I want to congratulate the courage, the bravery of the police officers of all of those who participated in these operations. I want to say to them that we are proud, proud of them because order has been given and they carried out the assault with the same result. They did this to save human lives. Those of the hostages. They did this to neutralize the terrorists. Those who had killed, but France even if she is aware that she’s overcome, she can together with the security forces.

France has not finished with this threat. And so I want to call on you for vigilance. Vigilance for the state to show demonstration and together with the Prime Minister I have a reinforced even more in order to protect public places and to ensure that we can live peacefully without any time being threatened or at risk but we must be vigilant. I call on you also to unity because i expressed myself, the French people, this is our best weapon. Unity that we must demonstrate our determination to fight against anything that can divide us and first of all, to be impeccable, to be totally against any racism and anti-antisemitism. A terrible anti-semitic attack was committed today in the Kosher shop. Not to be divided means we must not make any confusion concerning these terrorists and fanatics that have nothing to do with the Muslim religion.”  End.

“Solidarity to families of the victims,” “thankfulness to the police and the army,” but no mention of Islam.   The most the leftist president had to say was “…we must not make any confusion concerning these terrorists and fanatics that have nothing to do with the Muslim religion.”

Sure.  Except that all their orgies of violent horrors and massacres are dedicated to the one and only, “Allah hu Aqbar.”

Granted, the French president added anti-semitism for good measure alright.

His prime minister, on his part, has declared “war on Radical Islam.”   He implies, as all of them do, that radical Islam is separated, another entity that has nothing to do with, Islam.

The globalist representative to the world, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has also joined the crowd of leaders ready to condemn the attack, while leaving open the doors to whitewash Islam at large.

He said the attack was a “direct assault on a cornerstone of democracy,” then added, “This horrific attack is meant to divide; we must not fall into that trap.”

Of course, “democracy” is also another utensil Islamists are using to advance their goals for world domination.

Indeed, Muslims at large, as they migrate westward, are counting on democracy to live for now in their host countries, “peacefully”, making believe that they are adhering to our mores, traditions and laws…  until they will have the majority, which as any good student of Islam knows, will not take that long, thanks to their reproductive capabilities.

In Germany, the leftist newspaper, The Local, journalists have joined their columns behind Chancellor Angela Merkel, who “deplores the new far-right group’s ‘hatred’.  And, as The Local states, The anti-Islam demonstrations which have rocked Dresden with 18,000 people, have been followed by others in Cologne, Berlin and Stuttgart.

Germans have even created their own anti-Islam institution:  PEGIDA, the Acronym for Patriotische Europaer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West.)

As expected, pro-Muslim democratic leftists translate Patriotism into such bad words as  chauvinism and xenophobia, instead of keeping it to its strict meaning:  Love of country and quest for one’s compatriots well-being and safety.

Added to today’s roster of “globalist” leaders showing up in Paris, will be the leftist disguised in the wraps of right-wing Likud, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to support the rights of Muslim majorities no doubt and en passant, speak of the situation of Jews in France and remind that just before a new Holocaust happens, don’t forget that “your home is Israel.”  Of course.

Next in line is Mr. Coycat, Abu Mazen, the president of a non-country who in all certainty will not condemn Islam as the fruits of its hate, their Muslim terrorists, are anyway his supporters.

Surely the French police and counter-terrorist divisions must be trembling in their pants today for what may or, worse, for what could happen.

Meanwhile, the bottom line of this side story is that, leaders worldwide have failed to do their jobs.

They were elected to protect their peoples and they have betrayed them for an Islamic agenda whose main goal is to advance Muslim world domination as swiftly as possible, given the favourable conditions on the planet.

And, whoever is on pay by others, decided to go for the softer mode to deal with the horrors taught by Islam in their prophet’s book, the Koran.

Leaders, scholars, non-profit organisations who receive donations from ever dwindling donors, have cheerfully adopted the separation of Islam and terrorist violence, thus cynically advocating the innocence of Islam and Muslims in general, when the truth is that, in such a family-oriented society, there is nothing that happens without one’s own family being aware of, and supporting one’s actions.   For even terrorists need to be nurtured and cared for.  Good food, physical fitness, disciplined environment, all that is needed, plus and above all, the understanding of the cause and the commonality of interests.

Families are the best vehicle to keep terrorists fit.  Naturally, they are like fish in water.

Terrorists are normal people, they look like normal Muslims or even normal people, if you will.   Until the day the world learned what massacres they have committed.

And, while even Muslims scholars in the West want Islam reformed, theirs are simply hollow words.

Indeed, Islam should be reformed, but how, when the trouble is that for now, the prophet has instructed his people to massacre if need be to achieve world domination, to kill whoever does not want to convert to Islam, and so on.

For now, Muslims of all venues are only using the weaknesses of Western democracy to get implanted in our midst, they demand equal rights and they are obtaining them, as they are so civil and polite….  for now.

They know full well that when the time will come, at the very most in one decade, they will be able to vote, propose sharia law to replace all the legal systems in the West.

Then, they will exert their right, and one by one will cast their vote.  Overwhelmingly, they will win.  And so sharia will be instituted as the law of the West.

In this path that mankind has chosen to follow, unexpectedly, a few days ago, a powerful voice has risen in the horizon as a glimmer of light in the darkness of the night.

The powerful Rupert Murdoch has said it loud and clear: File photo of Rupert Murdoch

“Maybe most Muslims [are] peaceful, but until they recognize and destroy their growing jihadist cancer they must be held responsible.”

Now maybe the mercenaries scholars and non-profit organizations, as well as cowardly politicians, will listen?

It is all Islam and all Muslims who are responsible for the cancerous disaster they are imposing on the world.

Simply put: Murdoch is right.



Eliana Benador is a strategic and risk consultant, adviser, opinion writer who was the founder of Benador Associates. Her website is www.elianabenador.com. You may follow her at @ElianaBenador on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.

Eliana Benador: In Comes Moses

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While the whole world is dealing with atrocities, ever increasing moral and physical decadence, Orthodox Jews gather every week at their synagogues throughout the world to read what could be considered Universal History.

Indeed, the book we read is our Holy Torah, which begins, as it is appropriate, with the Creation of the World by G d Himself, the One G d who is so jealous that one of His Commandments is “NO idolatry.”

And, so, as we begin the second book of the Torah, this week Moses enters our lives once again.

We read last week how the good times end as the Jewish leader Joseph, son of our Patriarch Yaacov, dies as ruler of Egypt, thus closing the Jews chapter of bonanza there.

In the aftermath of Joseph’s death, Egyptians realise how prosperous the Jewish people had become and, of course, they turned on them, and enslaved them.

It is then that Moses appears, bringing along his own string of Divine Miracles for him and therefore also for the Jewish people.

Moses lived between  ca. 1391 to ca. 1271 before the common era*.

Along with God, it is the figure of Moses (Moshe) who dominates the Torah.

Acting at G d’s behest, it is he who leads the Jews out of slavery, unleashes the Ten Plagues against Egypt, guides the freed slaves for forty years in the wilderness, carries down the law from Mount Sinai, and prepares the Jews to enter the land of Canaan.

Without Moses, there would be little apart from laws to write about in the last four books of the Torah that follow the first one, Bereshit or Genesis.

                                     EXODUS 2

Moses is born during the Jewish enslavement in Egypt, during a terrible period when Pharaoh decrees that all male Hebrew infants are to be drowned at birth.

His mother, Yocheved, desperate to prolong his life, floats him in a basket in the Nile.

Hearing the crying child as she walks by, Pharaoh’s daughter pities the crying infant and adopts him (Exodus 2:1-10).

It surely is no coincidence that the Jews’ future liberator is raised as an Egyptian prince. Had Moses grown up in slavery with his fellow Hebrews, he probably would not have developed the pride, vision, and courage to lead a revolt.

The Torah records only three incidents in Moses’ life before G-d appoints him a prophet.

As a young man, outraged at seeing an Egyptian overseer beating a Jewish slave, he kills the overseer.

The next day, he tries to make peace between two Hebrews who are fighting, but the aggressor takes umbrage and says: “Do you mean to kill me as you killed the Egyptian?”

Moses immediately understands that he is in danger, for though his high status undoubtedly would protect him from punishment for the murder of a mere overseer, the fact that he killed the man for carrying out his duties to Pharaoh would brand him a rebel against the king.

Sure enough, Pharaoh orders Moses killed, and he flees to Midian.

At this point, Moses probably wants nothing more than a peaceful interlude, but immediately he finds himself in another fight. The seven daughters of the Midianite priest Reuel (also called Jethro) are being abused by the Midianite male shepherds, and Moses rises to their defense (Exodus 2:11-22).

The incidents are of course related. In all three, Moses shows a deep, almost obsessive commitment to fighting injustice. Furthermore, his concerns are not parochial. He intervenes when a non-Jew oppresses a Jew, when two Jews fight, and when non-Jews oppress other non-Jews.

Moses marries Tzipporah, one of the Midianite priest’s daughters, and becomes the shepherd for his father-in-law’s flock. On one occasion, when he has gone with his flock into the wilderness, an angel of the L rd appears to him in the guise of a bush that is burning but is not consumed (see next entry). The symbolism of the miracle is powerful. In a world in which nature itself is worshiped, G d shows that He rules over it.

Once He has so effectively elicited Moses’ attention, G d commands-over Moses’ strenuous objections-that he go to Egypt and along with his brother, Aaron, make one simple if revolutionary demand of Pharaoh: “Let my people go.” Pharaoh resists Moses’ petition, until G d wreaks the Ten Plagues on Egypt, after which the children of Israel escape.

Months later, in the Sinai Desert, Moses climbs Mount Sinai and comes down with the Ten Commandments, only to discover the Israelites engaged in an orgy and were worshiping a Golden Calf.

The episode is paradigmatic: Only at the very moment G d or Moses is doing something for them are they loyal believers. The instant G d’s or Moses’ presence is not manifest, the children of Israel revert to amoral, immoral, and sometimes idolatrous behaviour.

Like a true parent, Moses rages at the Jews when they sin, but he never turns against them-even when G d does.

To G d’s wrathful declaration on one occasion that He will blot out the Jews and make of Moses a new nation, he answers, “Then blot me out too” (Exodus 32:32).

The law that Moses transmits to the Jews in the Torah embraces far more than the Ten Commandments.

In addition to many ritual regulations. the Jews are instructed to love G d as well as be in awe of Him, to love their neighbours as themselves, and to love the stranger-that is, the non-Jew living among them-as themselves as well.

The saddest event in Moses’ life might well be G d’s prohibiting him from entering the land of Israel.

The reason for this ban is explicitly connected to an episode in Numbers in which the Hebrews angrily demand that Moses supply them with water. G d commands Moses to assemble the community, “and before their very eyes order the [nearby] rock to yield its water.”

Fed up with the Hebrews’ constant whining and complaining, he says to them instead: “Listen, you rebels, shall we get water for you out of this rock?” He then strikes the rock twice with his rod, and water gushes out (Bamidbar/Numbers 20:2-13).

It is this episode of disobedience, striking the rock instead of speaking to it, that is generally offered as the explanation for why G d punishes Moses and forbids him to enter Israel.

The punishment, however, seems so disproportionate to the offense, that the real reason for G d’s prohibition must go deeper.

According to Joseph Telushkin who mentions that Dr. Jacob Milgrom, professor of Bible at the University of California, Berkeley, has suggested (elaborating on earlier comments of Rabbi Hananael, Nachmanides, and the Bekhor Shor) that Moses’ sin was declaring, “Shall we get water for you out of this rock?” implying that it was he and his brother, Aaron, and not G d, who were the authors of the miracle. Rabbi Irwin Kula has suggested that Moses’ sin was something else altogether. Numbers 14:5 records that when ten of the twelve spies returned from Canaan and gloomily predicted that the Hebrews would never be able to conquer the land, the Israelites railed against Moses. In response, he seems to have had a mini-breakdown: “Then Moses and Aaron fell on their faces before all the assembled congregation of the Israelites.”

The two independent spies, Joshua and Caleb, both of whom rejected the majority report, took over “and exhorted the whole Israelite community” (Bamidbar/Numbers 14:7).

Later, in Devarim/Deuteronomy, when Moses delivers his final summing-up to the Israelites, he refers back to this episode: “When the Lord heard your loud complaint, He was angry. He vowed: “Not one of these men, this evil generation, shall see the good land that I swore to give to your fathers, none except Caleb…. Because of you, the Lord was incensed with me too, and He said: You shall not enter it either. Joshua … who attends you, he shall enter it” (1:34-38).

Despite these two sad episodes, Moses impressed his monotheistic vision upon the Jews with such force that in the succeeding three millennia, Jews have never confused the messenger with the Author of the message.

As Princeton philosopher Walter Kaufmann has written: “in Greece, the heroes of the past were held to have been sired by a god or to have been born of a goddess … [and] in Egypt, the Pharaoh was considered divine.” But despite the extraordinary veneration accorded Moses — “there has not arisen a prophet since like Moses” is the Bible’s verdict (Devarim/Deuteronomy 34:10) — no Jewish thinker ever thought he was anything other than a man.

It is said that it was G d Himself who buried Moses in an unknown place.

* – Lifespan of Moses as calculated by the Seder Olam Rabbah.

Eliana Benador: Globalists Monsanto To Kill Mankind

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Monsanto is but one example.  There must be more, other untold secret means for them to destroy people, because globalists are the most elitist group history has ever seen, they believe they can decide on life and death.

Monsanto Company, as per Wikipedia, is a publicly traded American multinational agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri.



In a nutshell, it has been mostly due to its Genetically Modified

Before Monsanto became the face of industrial agriculture, it courted controversy in other ways — namely, as a chemical company. Founded in 1901, Monsanto was one of a handful of companies that produced Agent Orange, and its main poison, Dioxin. It sold DDT, PCBs, the controversial dairy cow hormone, rBGH, and the cancer-linked Aspartame sweetener.

Starting in the ‘80s, however, Monsanto shed its chemicals and plastics divisions, bought up seed companies, invested in bio genetics research, and ultimately reincorporated itself as an agricultural company. Its first GMO product, the patented Glyphosate-resistant, “Round-Up Ready” soybean, was approved by the USDA in 1994. But most Americans hadn’t heard of Monsanto until it tried to sell the seeds to Europe. That’s when things turned sour.

In 1996, the U.K. was reeling from the Mad Cow disease epidemic, in which the British Government insisted the highly dangerous disease posed no risk to human health, while people were dying. Brits had gotten a fast education in the modern farm system and were primed to be suspicious of GMOs’ supposed safety. Although the seeds were approved by the European Union, consumers rebelled in England. Grocery store chains pushed back, tabloids printed stories about “Frankenfoods” and environmental groups such as Greenpeace swung into action with high-profile campaigns. Even Prince Charles, a longtime supporter of organic farming, wrote a newspaper editorial opining that genetic engineering “takes mankind into realms that belong to God, and to God alone.”

This reaction caught Monsanto execs off guard. As Dan Charles writes in his book, “Lords of the Harvest,” Philip Angell, the head of Monsanto’s corporate communications at the time, bemoaned that the Brits were the “sad sacks of Europe” for their suspicion of GMOs. But Monsanto believed it could overcome the problem.

“The predominant attitude at the company was,  ‘If they don’t like it, if they try to block it, we can sue them,’” says a former Monsanto employee who asked to remain anonymous when speaking to Modern Farmer.

Monsanto responded with what was supposed to be a cleverly counterintuitive $1.6 million ad campaign that read: “Food biotechnology is a matter of opinions. Monsanto believes you should hear all of them.” The ads included the phone numbers of opposing groups, such as Greenpeace. But the advertisements struck their audience as glib and insincere.

Too little too late, Monsanto tried a different tack, engaging in a dialogue with stakeholders all over Europe. Monsanto’s then-CEO Robert Shapiro even apologized for the company’s condescension and arrogance at a Greenpeace meeting via video uplink in 1999. But the damage had been done. Monsanto emerged from the bungled launch of GMOs in the UK looking like a bully, and the image stuck….  so to say….  

The story of a farmer…

For 15 years, Eddie Anderson, a farmer, has been a strict adherent of no-till agriculture, an environmentally friendly technique that all but eliminates plowing to curb erosion and the harmful runoff of fertilizers and pesticides.

But not this year.

On a recent afternoon here, Mr. Anderson watched as tractors crisscrossed a rolling field — plowing and mixing herbicides into the soil to kill weeds where soybeans will soon be planted.

Just as the heavy use of antibiotics contributed to the rise of drug-resistant supergerms, American farmers’ near-ubiquitous use of the weedkiller Roundup has led to the rapid growth of tenacious new superweeds.

To fight them, Mr. Anderson and farmers throughout the East, Midwest and South are being forced to spray fields with more toxic herbicides, pull weeds by hand and return to more labor-intensive methods like regular plowing.

“We’re back to where we were 20 years ago,” said Mr. Anderson, who will plow about one-third of his 3,000 acres of soybean fields this spring, more than he has in years. “We’re trying to find out what works.”

Farm experts say that such efforts could lead to higher food prices, lower crop yields, rising farm costs and more pollution of land and water.

“It is the single largest threat to production agriculture that we have ever seen,” said Andrew Wargo III, the president of the Arkansas Association of Conservation Districts.

The first resistant species to pose a serious threat to agriculture was spotted in a Delaware soybean field in 2000. Since then, the problem has spread, with 10 resistant species in at least 22 states infesting millions of acres, predominantly soybeans, cotton and corn.

The superweeds could temper American agriculture’s enthusiasm for some genetically modified crops. Soybeans, corn and cotton that are engineered to survive spraying with Roundup have become standard in American fields. However, if Roundup doesn’t kill the weeds, farmers have little incentive to spend the extra money for the special seeds.

Roundup — originally made by Monsanto but now also sold by others under the generic name glyphosate — has been little short of a miracle chemical for farmers. It kills a broad spectrum of weeds, is easy and safe to work with, and breaks down quickly, reducing its environmental impact.

Sales took off in the late 1990s, after Monsanto created its brand of Roundup Ready crops that were genetically modified to tolerate the chemical, allowing farmers to spray their fields to kill the weeds while leaving the crop unharmed. Today, Roundup Ready crops account for about 90 percent of the soybeans and 70 percent of the corn and cotton grown in the United States.

But farmers sprayed so much Roundup that weeds quickly evolved to survive it. “What we’re talking about here is Darwinian evolution in fast-forward,” Mike Owen, a weed scientist at Iowa State University, said.

Now, Roundup-resistant weeds like horseweed and giant ragweed are forcing farmers to go back to more expensive techniques that they had long ago abandoned.

Mr. Anderson, the farmer, is wrestling with a particularly tenacious species of glyphosate-resistant pest called Palmer amaranth, or pigweed, whose resistant form began seriously infesting farms in western Tennessee only last year.

Pigweed can grow three inches a day and reach seven feet or more, choking out crops; it is so sturdy that it can damage harvesting equipment. In an attempt to kill the pest before it becomes that big, Mr. Anderson and his neighbors are plowing their fields and mixing herbicides into the soil.

That threatens to reverse one of the agricultural advances bolstered by the Roundup revolution: minimum-till farming. By combining Roundup and Roundup Ready crops, farmers did not have to plow under the weeds to control them. That reduced erosion, the runoff of chemicals into waterways and the use of fuel for tractors.

If frequent plowing becomes necessary again, “that is certainly a major concern for our environment,” Ken Smith, a weed scientist at the University of Arkansas, said. In addition, some critics of genetically engineered crops say that the use of extra herbicides, including some old ones that are less environmentally tolerable than Roundup, belies the claims made by the biotechnology industry that its crops would be better for the environment.

“The biotech industry is taking us into a more pesticide-dependent agriculture when they’ve always promised, and we need to be going in, the opposite direction,” said Bill Freese, a science policy analyst for the Center for Food Safety in Washington.

So far, weed scientists estimate that the total amount of United States farmland afflicted by Roundup-resistant weeds is relatively small — seven million to 10 million acres, according to Ian Heap, director of the International Survey of Herbicide Resistant Weeds, which is financed by the agricultural chemical industry. There are roughly 170 million acres planted with corn, soybeans and cotton, the crops most affected.

Roundup-resistant weeds are also found in several other countries, including Australia, China and Brazil, according to the survey.

Monsanto, which once argued that resistance would not become a major problem, now cautions against exaggerating its impact. “It’s a serious issue, but it’s manageable,” said Rick Cole, who manages weed resistance issues in the United States for the company.

Of course, Monsanto stands to lose a lot of business if farmers use less Roundup and Roundup Ready seeds.

“You’re having to add another product with the Roundup to kill your weeds,” said Steve Doster, a corn and soybean farmer in Barnum, Iowa. “So then why are we buying the Roundup Ready product?”

Monsanto argues that Roundup still controls hundreds of weeds. But the company is concerned enough about the problem that it is taking the extraordinary step of subsidizing cotton farmers’ purchases of competing herbicides to supplement Roundup.

Monsanto and other agricultural biotech companies are also developing genetically engineered crops resistant to other herbicides.

Bayer is already selling cotton and soybeans resistant to glufosinate, another weedkiller. Monsanto’s newest corn is tolerant of both glyphosate and glufosinate, and the company is developing crops resistant to dicamba, an older pesticide. Syngenta is developing soybeans tolerant of its Callisto product. And Dow Chemical is developing corn and soybeans resistant to 2,4-D, a component of Agent Orange, the defoliant used in the Vietnam War.

Still, scientists and farmers say that glyphosate is a once-in-a-century discovery, and steps need to be taken to preserve its effectiveness.

Glyphosate “is as important for reliable global food production as penicillin is for battling disease,” Stephen B. Powles, an Australian weed expert, wrote in a commentary in January in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The National Research Council, which advises the federal government on scientific matters, sounded its own warning last month, saying that the emergence of resistant weeds jeopardized the substantial benefits that genetically engineered crops were providing to farmers and the environment.

Weed scientists are urging farmers to alternate glyphosate with other herbicides. But the price of glyphosate has been falling as competition increases from generic versions, encouraging farmers to keep relying on it.

Something needs to be done, said Louie Perry Jr., a cotton grower whose great-great-grandfather started his farm in Moultrie, Ga., in 1830.

Georgia has been one of the states hit hardest by Roundup-resistant pigweed, and Mr. Perry said the pest could pose as big a threat to cotton farming in the South as the beetle that devastated the industry in the early 20th century.

“If we don’t whip this thing, it’s going to be like the boll weevil did to cotton,” said Mr. Perry, who is also chairman of the Georgia Cotton Commission. “It will take it away.”

More “Science”?   This cannot be good…  Nope.  This cannot be good

Meanwhile, in Europe, Monsanto

Now, new evidence is revealing that despite a ban on cultivation of GM (genetically modified) rapeseed in Europe, Monsanto and Bayer’s plants are now freely growing there.

A new study published in PLoS titled,”Unexpected Diversity of Feral Genetically Modified Oilseed Rape (Brassica napus L.)

Despite a Cultivation and Import Ban in Switzerland,”[1] is believed to be the first report of its kind showing that despite a cultivation and seed import ban of genetically modified (GM) oilseed rape in Switzerland, Monsanto and Bayer’s GM plants have been introduced into the environment there, confirming fears that once the GM genie has been let out of the bottle it can not be put back.


They are looking to destroy the world, human by human.

Who “they” you will ask……

“THEY” are the damn globalists, the ones behind Monsalto and who are trying to destroy what they consider the “needless surplus” of mankind in the world, one country at a time and mankind, one human being at a time.

They are persevering.  And they are adding the threatening “robotics” in the mix.

Theirs is an ultimate goal.

And, time is on their side because we, at the other side of the spectrum, have no idea, have no plan, and have no wish to be bothered.

Above all, the majority among us have abandoned the only thing that kept us grounded.  That is G D.

G D said no idols. And mankind adores men, money, power. We did not listen.

G D commanded marriage among man and woman. We did not listen.

G D forbid no homosexuality.  He said in the Torah, it is an abomination. We did not listen.

G D commanded us to have children, multiply. We did not listen.

G D commanded do not murder.  And mankind has excelled in abortion.  We did not listen.

G D is the Light of mankind.  And, when mankind chooses darkness, they will be lost because no one can play with darkness without becoming its victim.

In fact, we are witnessing the creation of the modern era new idols.

They, the petty globalists think they are the new gods.

And they are convinced they can replace the Only G D.


Eliana Benador: The Left Patronising Treatment of the Masses

Posted By on January 2, 2015

See the masses?

Ignorant. Know-it-all without knowing almost anything.

And yet, liberals’ agendas have listed the defence of rights of masses and minorities at the top of their priorities.

But do they, really?

A humane agenda needs to make sure to secure the education of the masses.

Raising their standard of living will depend on raising their standards of education and culture, raising these in turn, will make them useful individuals for their families and for the country at large, especially when looking into a true and real economic recovery.

So, what to do?  Certainly, giveaways and free bees are only a way to lead those masses deeper into an unofficial slavery, condemning them for generations to sojourn inside the parasitical drawer of society.

In reality, policies in Western leftist countries in this part of the XXIst century are witnessing, for instance, how the American Administration generously funds terrorism and other similar activities.  All those funds come without much ado, from the most indebted country in the world.

What should be done, however, is a drastic change in such “investment” policies and rather proceed to create six universities throughout the country completely FREE of charge so needy students can attend if they are capable and so wish, and it should be organised in such a way that students would have NO debts afterwards.

Did you know that until they have not paid their student debts in full, those persons have a bunch of impediments in their lives, all imposed by the sacrosanct American Administration.

The system we are suggesting, should be exclusively based on meritocracy.  Just as sports.  After all, American students can do sports if they excel in their college studies.  In the same fashion should function the subvention of college studies for needy students.

Speaking about Latinos in the United States.

They have been robbed of bright futures.  Instead of demanding from Latinos and all other immigrants to learn to speak flawless English so that they could have the right to attend, if they wanted, Ivy League institutions such as Harvard, Brandeis, Columbia or Yale, they and their children have been kept at the lowest levels of society.

On their part, American governments in their intrinsic liberal minds, imposed the opposite, teaching Spanish to Americans.

And, what did America get from learning Spanish?  Nothing.

It lowered the cultural level of the country.

In fact, no offence, but what has Spanish to offer?

Great universities? NO. Great scientists? NO. Great inventors? NO.  Any Nobel Prizes?  Barely a few.

So the time has come to say enough to the pseudo “humane” leftist approach that is more patronising than anything else.

What’s important is to give the masses the means to raise their cultural and educational level, that is, to treat them like human beings. They should have a choice and choose.

With a higher number of immigrants seemingly soon to be absorbed by the former superpower, Americans are about to see the numbers of available jobs vanish in front of their eyes.

That is why it is so important to demand an education reform that will not only eliminate the cruel common core system imposed on American children but also a reform that will solidify the possibilities for next generations to receive completely free college education.

It’s time for Congress to look after the people who have elected them, their real bosses.

Congress should stop supporting the anti-American measures of the most anti-American leader the country ever had.


Eliana Benador: Brangelina and the Desecration of Children’s Souls

Posted By on December 31, 2014

Rotten.  ROTTEN World.  

There are parents and there are parents.  And, then, there are the type of anti-parental parents.  Among those one comes immediately to mind.

Angelina Jolie is a disgrace, especially because of the role model that woman is.

Now, she is allowing her child, a girl, Shiloh, to trans-whatever into a boy, because Shiloh wants to be a boy.

So, with mother’s approval, at eight-years old, Shiloh has turned into John…  Great example of what a job as a mother should not be.

Indeed, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie supportive of Shiloh’s choice of gender-identity.  Shame on them.

That’s no surprise, surrounded by boys, a girl is naturally influenced by that.   And viceversa.  

That’s why, parents in general, including those with only children, ought to be mindful to show them the path and help them enhancing their natural sexuality.

Especially nowadays, when the media relishes presenting all kinds of aberrations, or as it is said, the abominations condemned by God in no uncertain terms.

Thus, boys should be strengthened in their natural characteristics, and girls in theirs.

BUT the case of Shiloh demonstrate the case of abusive parents who mistake their own role and want to modify God’s decision of what gender is one born with -and which one is a person not born as.  

Naturally, Shiloh would want to become a boy surrounded mostly by boys and a mother who ostensibly is closer to her older daughter…  But it does not mean that she has to turn into a boy.  

Shiloh’s bad luck is that her famous parents are too busy being liberals, occupied in relabelling all what’s wrong with the label of “right”.  

And they are abusing her for their own selfish purpose.

Thus her parents instead of enhancing her natural femininity, they are putting the responsibility on the girl’s shoulders and have decided to “follow” the child’s -mislead and misleading- wishes.  

In fact, the title of Angelina Jolie’s most recent film, “Maleficient” describes the best, the mother she is.  

Children need authority from the strong role models that should be the parents, not the frail weakling liberal zombies living in their fantasy world of orgies, promoting the desecration of the soul.  



Eliana Benador: Jew-Hate Running Amok Irish Style

Posted By on December 15, 2014

Tehilim 94

Hate is a bad word.  Or so it should be.  I made it a point since my youth, not to “hate” anyone, why?  Simply because hate takes a lot of oneself.  A lot of the goodness that should be the leitmotif of a human being gets lost in those who specialise in hate.

There is so much energy involved in hating someone.  One has to focus, be intent and stubborn.  Practically all the cells of your body get into another, negative, sphere of action.  Blood pressure rises.  Heart pumps speedier and wastes minutes of life with such concentrated negativism.

And the first one affected by ‘hate’ is the person who feels it, not the recipient of that hate, but those whose world turns into hell because hate is a product of hell.

And so, once again, hate is running amok against Jews around the world.  What we thought was over is far from that, on the contrary it’s blooming and blossoming from north to south and from west to east.

The winds of disgrace are blowing ferociously, contaminating the air and polluting the hearts and the minds of those who think their actions will be unnoticed by the One whose primary concern after the creation of the world, was to bless His Chosen Children.

History has witnessed in no uncertain terms that whoever has attacked the Jews, G d’s Chosen People, to whom He gave the Land of Israel, have not ended well.

“I shall bless those who bless you and I shall curse those who curse you…”   Bereishit/Genesis 12:3

This time is Ireland’s turn their back on my people.

Sadly, the organizers of Ireland’s national memorial for the Holocaust have banned any mention of Israel, the Jewish Chronicle Online reported last week – demanding the master of ceremonies “not to refer to the Jewish State or the State of Israel during any part of the ceremony” in January.

Outrage against the Holocaust Educational Trust Ireland (HETI), who organized the event, has begun to spread.

But, hey, this is only one more in the unending series…

In France, thousands of Jews are getting ready to move out to Israel.  In Belgium, Jews no longer feel safe to go out in the night.  In England, Jews are also been harassed and feel ever more unsafe.  In America, the government just betrayed the undue trust the Israeli government placed in them with the recent attack on Syria.  The EU is sanctioning Israel time and again.

In other words, it is not only not ending, it is getting worse by the day.

And what is the world doing?  They are becoming even more vicious against Israel while the Israeli leadership is bowing to them, forgetting that as Jews we are to bow to nobody other than the Creator of the Universe, G d.

It is precisely the Jewish-in-name-only Zionist Israeli leadership that’s being one of the sources of the weakening of Israel thus endangering the safety of Jews worldwide.

It is known that a strong leadership in any country inspires respect and fear, because that’s what Israel needs, to be respected and feared, nothing less.

Right now it’s neither, because aborted wars out of fear of world opinion can enhance neither the security of the Jews in Israel and worldwide, nor the safety of the country.

Haftara for Vaiyeshev, Amos 3:1-2:

“1 Hear this word, O people of Israel,
That the Lord has spoken concerning you,
Concerning the whole family that I brought up from the land of Egypt:
2 “You alone have I singled out
Of all the families of the earth —
That is why I will call you to account
For all your iniquities.”

That was a message for the Jews so they remember who they are.  And a reminder for the Jew-haters so that they refresh in their minds whom they are dealing with, G d’s Children.

As our respected Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi says:  “Imagine you go after the children of your king…  Now, imagine how much are you risking going after the King of Kings’ Chosen Children… Do you think HE will be happy”?

Throughout History sometimes Jews have been vanquished and even expelled from the Land of Israel, which was given to the Jewish Patriarch Avraham and initially was the land of Canaan, but the enemies of the Jews would be remiss if they forget how those who momentarily seemed to destroy the Jews ended.  That was G d’s revenge on behalf of His Chosen Children.

After so many enemies along our path of over 3, 300 years existence, we are still here because we were placed on this planet to be the Light to the world.  That’s the mission G d gave to us.   And we take it to heart.

Enough said.