The Islamic State using social media have made news with instructions they have imparted to their “brothers residing in America” to kill 100 military service members appearing on a list with names, personal addresses and photos.   Reportedly, they obtained that information by hacking into the U.S. defence systems where they extracted names, addresses and photos.

In fact, this is another “division” within the organisation, the “Islamic State Hacking Division.”  Indeed, they claimed to have hacked military servers, databases and emails. They announced they were making the information public so that “lone wolf” attackers can kill them. Continue reading


US loses military equipment in yemenThis administration is insulting our intelligence by simply announcing that they “lost track” of $500 million in military equipment in Yemen.

Their abuse is unconceivable.  Only little kids could believe them and that is why it is so vexing.

Not only they left in rush Yemen, as thieves behaving like cowards and ordering by the same token that the American military stationed there destroy their personal weapons, by which I am not meaning their personal property, but the weapons they were used to handle and care for.   But, what can a man who never did his military service, let alone is such an unpatriotic treacherous president, understand of the unique relationship and dependence the military have to their weapons.

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An Elegant Lady

madewithOver (34)

An elegant beauty that’s of her own
A caring heart a warming home
A radiant smile that touches the heart
Passion is there right from the start
Hair stands straight down her shoulders
Like the queens guarded soldiers
Complexion that is diamond white
Like falling snow on a winter’s night
Hazel eyes, flecked with green
Flowing like and emerald stream
A voice so soft gentle and pure
Like a calm wave sweeping a shore
Luscious lips smooth and tender
Like a marshmallows toasted centre
Rosie cheeks in tint with glow
Like a robins breast on show
she has a style all of her own
A queen that reins upon her throne

By: Nic Hillen



A majority of Americans elected the son of a Muslim father yet they still doubt about the president’s allegiance.

Experts say Americans suffer from acute depression and that is a reason not to face reality despite the fact that reality is slapping on the face.

No one can erase that the son/daughter of a Muslim man is a Muslim.  Period.

That is not an opinion but a fact: The child of a Muslim father is a Muslim, forever. That is the way it is.

Obama and his people’s main concern is not America, but Islam.  Continue reading


It had to happen.  Last week 47 senators open letter to the Iranian mullah regime could not go unanswered by President Barack Hussein Obama.

In their letter, the 47 senators let the leaders of the Iranian regime know that it would be a bad idea to sign an agreement with the president  because, “Anything not approved by Congress is a mere executive agreement… between President Obama and Ayatollah Khamenei.”  So much for a warning.  Never mind that  those two are de facto tyrannical dictators in each of their countries.

By now, Obama has delegated his Chief of Staff and Assistant to the President, Denis McDonough, the task to send a severe warning letter to the Senate.

Mr. Obama is too busy practicing golf and traveling with Air Force One to visit Jimmy Kimmel. Continue reading


The Obama Administration have been constantly purging information  from official archives to fit their interests and hide or distort the truth, adulterating History forever.  They continue doing it year after year.

The constant attacks on the American Constitution, with total impunity, and the increasing intrusion in the private lives of Americans are relentless.

It is time to wake up, stop the nightmare and bring the American Dream back to where it belongs, to the hearts and the lives of all those who believe in America’s Exceptionalism.

As there should be a goal in mind, allow me to propose an initial agenda which could include abolishing the IRS.  Americans need not pay three kind of taxes.  Representing the generation of young professionals, one of my associates has proposed that “the country should be governed as a gigantic business,” and it seems like a reasonable suggestion as to be successful a business must think of profit of course but also of their employees well-being.  Happy employees and their families can only benefit the enterprise.

The IRS is gargantuan and its power has gone overboard.  They must be replaced by state tax entities.  Only one small central organisation should suffice for a minimum national “allegiance tax.”  This is naturally to be developed by professional economists.

The Supreme Court should be replaced by a potentially unbiased set of pro-American, pro-Constitution judges with different backgrounds, as soon as possible.  Back in time, it was possible to find liberals who were patriots and constitution compliant as well.

There should be a total cleansing of needless government agencies and the media, and those who survive should have the least possible personnel.

Regarding the defence of the traditional American family, an avant-garde initiative:  It is time to promote the concept of paying a salary to mothers who work at home.

From experience, women know that a stay at home mom probably works 5 times more than working at an office.  Mothers do not need to leave home to help with family finances. They already do so when they work at home, as no one can replace the job they do with their children.  Naturally that need not be compulsory.

It is imperative to reinforce values of God, patriotism and family.  And that should be reflected in an overhaul of the education system where Common Core has no place. Completely free universities for needy and deserving students should be established at six corners of America.

Overturning Obamacare is a must.

The immigration bill must of course be aborted.

Americans demographics must receive a stimulus to reverse the slow national birth rate, and a bonus for each American child should be established.

Abortion while a possibility, should not be facilitated or promoted.

More than 50 million American babies have been murdered through abortion.  It’s time to stop that holocaust.

With all these in mind, lately I have been writing about “removing” the president and the entire administration and what do I get?

Comments speaking about “impeachment,” when impeachment could never have been on the menu with this president and his people, given that the majority of his moves have either been factually or tacitly approved by Congress.

NOTE Captain America

Therefore, during both Obama administrations, Congress could not been in a position to process any dream of impeachment and the result of any such move would have only ended in failure.

As a matter of fact, back in 2013, a national poll found that an all-time high of 57% of Americans would vote to throw out every member of Congress if given the option in the 2014 elections.

There is an intrinsic futility in the impeachment process that History shows us in a few examples of aborted or failed impeachment procedures:

President Andrew Johnson was impeached by the House of Representatives for violating the Terms of Office Act during the 1860s.

For his part, President Bill Clinton was also impeached by the House of Representatives for lying in regard to the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

In hindsight, however, those cases pale compared to the present one.

That said, neither Johnson nor Clinton were removed from office as there was no Senate majority necessary to boot either of them out.

President Nixon, on the contrary, would have been impeached and probably even removed from office, but he resigned before tempting his luck.

However, in some way, God in His Infinite Goodness has left us some signs, showing us a path to recuperate the country without waiting until the very questionable elections in 2016.

Recent history pages have recorded the mass movement in Egypt, of all places, a Muslim country, where a huge crowd stood peacefully at the Tahrir Square, first in 2011, to force out the ruling government, the Muslim Brotherhood people rallied until they ousted and jailed then President Hosni Mubarak.  The Brothers had been incited by President Obama’s 2009 Cairo Speech.

Later on, in 2013, the Egyptian people once again stoically stood at the Tahrir Square, for as long as it took to see Morsi and his people get their turn to be jailed.

It was the Power of the People in Egypt that solved their country’s problem.

Power was then handed to General al-Sisi, who later on was elected in popular elections.

So, it is not too far-fetched for me to think and wish with all my heart that, if the good and mostly uneducated masses in Egypt succeeded, that also in the wonderful country that is America with over 330+ million people, there be a few millions ready to leave their couches and move to D.C., stand peacefully in front of the White House and the Hill until not one but ALL leave and be rendered to Justice.

They should be replaced by a transitional team who could call for immediate elections.

The time for petitions, emails, phone calls, faxes, is over.  America needs   y o u,   your presence, assertive and decisive, ready to stand for hours and days if need be until success.

In reality only then America and the world could look at a brighter future once again.

Failure to do so, the anti-Americanism of this president and his repeated violations of the American Constitution, will end up establishing a tyranny on American soil at the service of the global entity.

To those who have qualms, please answer this question:

Which one is unconstitutional:

A president and government that increasingly violate the Constitution, with total impunity?


A patriotic people who want to defend that Constitution and their country?

Fear nothing.

As Thomas Jefferson said: “Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.”

And if you must fear something, then fear to death doing nothing.




Just as robotics have been advancing and absorbing job opportunities from humans, now there is a new field that is developing and bringing with it a big question mark for the fate of mankind.   

It is artificial intelligence.  There is a definite concern about the potential advances in this realm. If but most of all, when computer programs grow to advanced enough levels where they can teach themselves computer science it is more than likely that, naturally, they could use that knowledge to improve themselves.  Such a situation could quickly spiral in an ever-increasing super-intelligence.

In this realm, there is a  question mark and that is:  Under those circumstances, would AI remain friendly to humans?

Naturally, if that were so, it would be very good and cause no problem.  In that case, it would have the prospect to speed up research in a variety of domains.

However, there is a genuine risk that artificial intelligence may have little use for human emotions, conflicts, personality issues and other factors.  Therefore, based on a cold perception of the situation, and either out of malevolence or perceived necessity, they could end up wanting to destroy mankind.

The good news in this respect are brought up by The Guardian reporting that technology entrepreneur Elon Musk is investing $10 million to make sure AI remains human-friendly.   

Musk considers his investments in AI research as a way of “keeping an eye on what’s going on,” rather than as something which would offer a viable return on capital.

The Musk donation went to the Future of Life Institute (FLI) for a global research program aimed at ensuring that artificial intelligence (AI) remains safe for humanity.

Meanwhile, researchers at Google have succeeded in a major step forward int he field of artificial intelligence, as they developed the first computer capable of independently learning tasks.

artificial intelligence

The “Deep-Q Network” computer, created by the British tech firm DeepMind that Google acquired last year, learned to play 49 different old-school Atari games, like Space Invaders and Breakout, and was able to come up with its own strategies to attain victory.

Unlike IBM’s Deep Blue, which was built specifically to be a master at Chess, or Watson, which beat Jeopardy champs in a landslide, the Deep-Q was built through trial and error and constant reprocessing of feedback to find winning strategies. This means that the program can come up with strategies on its own without the need for specific programming.

“The ultimate goal is to build smart, general-purpose [learning] machines. We’re many decades off from doing that,” said artificial intelligence researcher and DeepMind founder Demis Hassabis, who coauthored a study published this week in the journal Nature. “But I do think this is the first significant rung of the ladder that we’re on.”

“With Deep Blue, it was team of programmers and grand masters that distilled the knowledge into a program,” said Hassabis. “We’ve built algorithms that learn from the ground up.”

A very important piece of information is that “According to the researchers, the algorithm is based on the human biological neural network, in that it allows for complex and multidimensional tasks that require complex thought and abstractions. This means the machine can “learn” by trial and error.

Using what is known as a “deep learning” method, Deep-Q can turn basic visual input into meaningful concepts in the same way that the human brain takes in what it sees around it to learn.”

Truly amazing!  

Though the computer could successfully master games like “Alien Invaders,” there are still some limitations to its capabilities. It performed rather poorly at “Montezuma’s Revenge” and “Ms. Pacman,” which require more abstractions, according to coauthor Volodymyr Mnih.

Luckily, for now, the machine’s intelligence equates to that of a toddler.

“It’s mastering and understanding the construction of these games, but we wouldn’t say yet that it’s building conceptual knowledge, or abstract knowledge,” said Hassabis.

While there seems to be a certain wait-time for further developments in the field of AI, we should look into progress much sooner.

As these machines are no humans by any length, their job is only to be intelligent, they will have all the elements and they will not be bothered by waste of time that we as humans know.  Wasting time, will not be in their sphere of action.  Pure productivity.  And an incredible resolution to be and become better in an obsessive fashion.

Beware AI.



Some are in the belief that American foreign policy is exclusively a partisan issue.  Democrats fault the Republicans for addressing Iran’s ayatollahs.  Republicans remind Democrats how at some or many points, their men, either Carter, Kerry, including Obama for that matter, have interacted with foreign powers or their representatives to the direct detriment of American interests.

he would stand with Muslims

In doing so, they miss the point completely.

The dire situation of American foreign policy which has recently pushed 47 senators to publish an open letter to the ayatollahs, simply shows how it has been mishandled when the foremost element is missing on all sides:  Patriotism, that elusive and wonderful word is missing from the American leadership as the 21st century unrolls.

Some are labelling the 47 senators as ‘traitors” and that is a misplaced assertion.  They are not traitors.  They are desperate leaders who are refusing to look at the only solution left.

Rightfully, many are labelling the American leadership as “traitors” as well.  In their case the term pales in front of the reality.

Some are accusing Kerry of having “short memory” in a futile effort of compare the democrat’s attitudes of past and present in dealing with leaders of enemy countries.  That is not the right comparison either.

America and the world know the current administration does not have any love lost for the country and therefore their behaviour should be no surprise.

However, the situation of the 47 senators is entirely different.


Conservatives are admiring their bold and unprecedented move but are expecting more .

In reality, the lawmakers know how unhappy Americans are with the present state of affairs.  Their impotence therefore becomes painfully apparent to the view of the entire world.   And yet, they have the means to put a halt to America’s agony.

Meanwhile, the tragedy is that only globalists and the left at large seem to understand how America is the foremost key player in the planet, unlike the others who could, but cannot be counted.

China’s economic power is real but mostly based on foreign trade given that the economic power of the poor population is insignificant.  Russia, is being destroyed as we speak, thanks to the globalists intense need to tame their stubborn president who despite some mistakes is still beloved by his people, but for how long, that’s anyone’s guess.

Besides those two, there is no other power at the level of the United States of America despite the fact that it is a disaster in the making and that will affect over a third of the population.

Why is it that only the left understands the power of America in the world, even in the current dire conditions?

The left has been manipulating public opinion with utmost dexterity and quietly for decades and decades.  They have made appeal to techniques used by the communists, who had an initial smashing success as we know.

It was only when some of them realised how communism was lethal to the people and after that brutal awakening, they became deserters or dissidents.  Some survived but many were murdered along the road, as the system refused to be undermined by them.

 Through the slow process of psychological warfare aimed at brainwashing the minds and changing the perception of reality, the left has taken over a majority of Americans to the extent that regardless of the abundance of information, hardly anyone is able to come to sensible conclusions and act accordingly in order to defend themselves, their families, their community and even less their country.  Point in case:  the 47 senators.

It has been a great endeavour for the left, but they persevered in a process that has been slow, and therefore more dangerous brainwashing has taken place in such a way that now it is overpowering the freewill of Americans, left and right alike.  Including the 47 senators.

As mentioned in one of my recent articles, experts were put at work to research and find the ways to win the minds of the opposition and adepts alike, because many on the left who love their country were and are not for selling it out to the globalist agenda.

The process, therefore, had a few stages beginning with the demoralisation of the people, happening over a period of roughly 15-20 years as that’s the minimum time required to educate anew an entire generation.

Indeed, education is the key element here to expose the children to the desired ideology on a daily basis.

They have been working on this during two to three generations without being challenged.  During that time patriotism has been corroded and almost completely erased as a natural and intrinsic value for many who could call themselves, American.

As a result most who dropped out in the early sixties, are now dangerously in positions of power within the government and it is and will be impossible to change their minds even in the presence of legitimate information.  They are programmed to think and behave in a definite way.  Many of you know, that it is useless to try to show an indoctrinated leftist with common sense arguments of patriotism, national interest, safety, you name it.

It is impossible to change the basic perception leftists have, no matter how much effort we could make.  In essence, in such people, the process of demoralisation is complete and irreversible.

For society to get rid of them it would be necessary another 20 or 30 years to re-educate another generation patriotically minded, imbued with common sense to act in the interest of the country.

For instance, communist dissidents testify that, when the brainwashed saw what equality and social justice meant in reality, they were unhappy and  frustrated and obviously they revolted.  At the time they joined the ranks of dissidents, it was only to be chased and hunted as was the case in the Soviet Union.

Back to the 47 senators.  As we can see, even the so called republican contingent has been contaminated, as is the majority of the American population.

That is the only reason which explains why until now there has not even been the glimmer of real opposition that would allow Americans to defend their soil and their safety at large.

This is also why the 47 senators opted for a “light” version of revolt.  As any political operative is aware, the more you are in the limelight, the more you are protected against revenge in the middle of the night.

In fact, during my work with dissidents from different countries, we knew that the more they were in the public realm, the less were the chances of them having an “accident.”

Sadly, the senators have missed their chance to initiate real change.  They know full well that the Constitution has wisely given them a tool to stop an abusive executive and in this case an entire anti-American administration.

Americans have always wanted to solve their problems with jokes and fun. Sadly, in their hope to keep numb via those means, inch by inch they are losing the beautiful country they were given to cherish and protect.

Meanwhile, 235,000 American leftists have managed once again to show their unity and have signed a petition presented at the White House, whereby they are dangerously calling for treason charges against the 47 senators.  In 30 days, the White House is supposed to address their petition and make a decision.

Most certainly true conservatives deeply regret that the 47 senators have not yet called for the removal of the entire Obama administration to stop the demise of America at their hands.

It is not too late.  If they man up, they can manage to rally the people and in a peaceful manner get it done.

Let America have early elections as soon as possible.  No need to wait for 2016.



While American and world media are intent in avoiding direct mention of key nouns in the sequence of events taking place since last Summer in Ferguson, Missouri, my readers will find in these lines about the purposeful racist positions of the black population against the white police in charge of securing the safety of their city.

The situation continues deteriorating as a result of the discreet incitement by the American administration which, in turn, has found no opposition from anyone in Congress.

Once again, unable to fulfil their job defending the interests of the nation, congressmen and -women are looking on idly while the situation worsens.  They are unable to call to order the highest ranking officers within the administration.

Two white police officers have once again been attacked by a black mob in Ferguson yesterday.

ferguson riots

They were shot at another protest rally in Ferguson, Missouri.  The act has prompted an intense manhunt for suspects and ratcheted up tensions in a city at the centre of a national debate over race at the expense of undermining the police authority.

Since the 18-year-old Michael Brown died back in August, black protesters have rallied regularly in Ferguson where tensions between African-Americans and a white police force have smouldered for years with undue resentment towards the latter.

However, facts have shown that by all standards, officer Darren Wilson acted dutifully when he shot Brown back in August 2014.

The last unrest comes after he was vindicated by the report’s findings that there was not enough evidence to conclude that Brown had his hands up before he was shot.

In the words of Rudy Giuliani, , “Darren Wilson should be commended for shooting unarmed teenager Michael Brown in August.”  Mr. Giuliani, a well-known lawyer and former New York City mayor, has previously filled the much coveted position of United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York between 1983-1989.

During an interview on Thursday, the former New York City mayor said Wilson acted dutifully and was vindicated by the report’s findings that there was “not enough evidence to conclude that Brown had his hands up before he was shot.”

All the rest, the insidious manipulative speak from the executive and his team, have subtly set a trap for the American people at large, because undoubtedly, the real cause for the Ferguson story is pure racism.

However, let us be clear, this time it is racism against white Americans, as Mr. Obama does not seem inclined to support any unity within the American people.  He is actually more interested in fracturing at any rate, any possible union of Americans based on patriotism.

The president and his group are keen in savouring more unrest as the end of his last term approaches.

Indeed, the frequency of these “man-made” events are part of a pattern that are going in crescendo as time goes by.

They nurture uncertainty and revolt, as in “their” revolt against us.

There is a reason for it.

They have spent over one hundred years preparing to get at this stage and due to excellent results now they can move forward unscathed.

How so, you may ask…

This began with “the left” hate for capitalism, back at the end of the XXth (20th) century, thus began their trip through the XXIst (21st) century.   Their key funders joined and asked a group of diverse types of specialists to find out the ways needed to outmanoeuvre the West capitalist system.

For lack of space and mindful of reader’s attention span, we must fast forward and we find the left now advocating the modern version of communism, globalism.

It is globalists who are behind world developments.  I will address these with luxury of details in my upcoming articles.

This is the reason why national unrest must happen and they are now in key positions to facilitate it while, from the background, inciting disturbances without anyone being able to point a finger in their direction.

Ferguson represents the veiled racism “against blacks” but one which is in reality aimed to the white people.  It is only another excuse, one step more to realise their major plan.

Racism is one more number in the long to-do list of globalists in their quest to destroy the world.  It is added to the gay agenda, abortion, unlimited immigration, weakening of the military corps, destruction of the souls of next generations through common core, outsourcing and much, much more.

The somnolence, apathy and depression that afflict the American public in face of such a relentless attack explains why and how there is no opposition.

The awakening however will be brutal and alas too late.

May God Save America…



This is a sad story of treachery and betrayal.  They say that each people have the government they deserve.  Maybe so, but in this case it reflects the dire situation of national politics, with an utterly anti-American president and his equally unpatriotic administration on the one hand; while on the other hand, are parked the “others” who in principle should be the opponents.

They represent the democratic party facing the republican party. So far, it should be no news to my readers that the republicans more often than not, cross that malignant line called compromise, accommodating the wishes and the will of unpatriotic democrats rather than naturally defending the interests of those who elected them, the American people.

Now, some 47 Republican senators have chosen to write an open letter to the Iranian mullah regime, kindly alerting them to the situation should they have the bad idea of signing an agreement with the president.

As such, they explain that “Anything not approved by Congress is a mere executive agreement… between President Obama and Ayatollah Khamenei.”

The problem would therefore be the “executive” agreement, right?  As if the world was not already used to see the American president sign executive order after executive order without a sneeze from Congress or the people.

The presence of both, the president and the ayatollah, only emphasise the fact that these men are de facto tyrannical dictators of both countries and, frankly, from their point of view, signing the agreement should be more than enough.

Naturally, there goes the Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif , not missing a beat, to lecture the Americans:

“This kind of communication is unprecedented and undiplomatic,” , according to a state-run television website. “In fact it implies that the United States is not trustworthy.” “The authors may not fully understand that in international law, governments represent the entirety of their respective states, are responsible for the conduct of foreign affairs, are required to fulfill the obligations they undertake with other states and may not invoke their internal laws as justification for a failure to perform their international obligations,”  Zarif was quoted as saying. “We insist that a possible deal should be one where our people’s rights are observed and we are certain that there are measures to achieve such a deal.”

However, the obvious fear the 47 American senators have for Obama cannot entirely hide behind such an unprecedented move. They have been unable to pull up their pants .

They have wasted their time with the ayatollahs.

Instead, with the little testosterone left in their bodies, the valiant senators should have gathered all the strength and fortitude needed to make a much bolder and needed move, i.e., squarely demand that Mr. Obama and his administration relinquish power with immediate effect, so that the nation could move to early elections.

After all, senators of all people, know that there are Constitutional measures for removing the Executive


A careful reading of the Constitution demonstrates that the Congress has sufficient authority to resolve the issue of a President who has a constitutional disability. Those specific words  are mentioned in Article II, and the Twelfth and Twentieth Amendments. The term “disability” is also used in the Twenty Fifth Amendment and can be applied broadly to cover any disability of a President.

  • Article I.  The first Article of the Constitution grants the authority to the Senate to try and convict the President by impeachment.

Of course the senators are aware of the degrading situation of America.  Naturally, as a vast majority of Americans, they are counting on the 330+ million strong country that still keeps flaunting its good fortune despite the over third of the population unemployed, disemployed, underemployed, sub-employed, you name it; they also happen to disregard the over 47+ million living on food stamps, plus other society ailments that we cannot mention in detail due to lack of space and readers’ attention span.

I can hear some telling me, but they meant well, probably, but the world now knows for sure that their president does not listen to them and if he does, he couldn’t care less.

Most certainly the remaining the message also conveys the sentiment of those 47 Americans senators who were hoping the ayatollahs will listen to them.

In between lies the cannon meat, the American people whose deafening silence can be heard loud and clear.