Wow…  It’s happening.   Americans have started waking up and showing the world they are not indifferent to the massacre being perpetrated to their tiny unborn murdered compatriots who had no opportunity to cry or ask for their help.

This is what “free choice” looks like: choice




Over 55 MILLION Americans have been massacred with the condonation of successive American Administrations of both parties.

Now, the American population have been able to witness and listen how Planned Parenthood has disposed of those tiny bodies to extirpate multiple organs, from brains to hearts and fingers and all in between.

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On the eve of Saturday, before Shabbat set in, I had the opportunity to reach one of the leaders of Pro Life Action and wish them well in this utmost worthy endeavour.


Today, Sunday after Shabbat, I am delighted to learn that thousands of Americans have protested in front of various Planned Parenthood “clinics” nationwide.

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They were demanding that the government cut off federal funding for the so-called “health-care organisation.”

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About 320 “clinics” in America witnessed gatherings drawing a few dozen protesters and in other places they drew hundreds and some crowds could have been of up to some thousands.

Raising their children and grandchildren with the right values, some parents and grandparents had brought along their own grandchildren:



Let us Thank God that our generation still has some blood that can boil in their veins in light of such affront against humanity and the total, utter disregard of human rights that is this century American Baby Holocaust.

Yes.  Thousands protested outside the Planned Parenthood horror-factories (those cannot be “clinics”)  around the country.

The protests come after an antiabortion group secretly filmed a series of videos that show Planned Parenthood staffers discussing the extraction of fetal tissue from aborted fetuses before it is sent to research facilities. Abortion opponents show how the video captures an illegal operation in which organs are harvested for money.  
“These rallies are meant to intimidate and harass our patients, who rely on our nonprofit health centers for basic, preventive health care,” Eric Ferrero, vice president of Planned Parenthood, said in a statement. “The people behind these protests have a clear political agenda: They want to ban abortion, and block women and men from accessing basic reproductive health care.”
An operative of Planned Parenthood, Eric Ferrero’s mother did not come close to any of their “clinics” that could provide her un-reproductive un-healthful care.Some of us have been wondering why and what for is Planned Parenthood killing over fifty million Americans and now trafficking with the organs of those aborted children.The response, partly, is here:PP political campaign financing








In fact, I go to my point expressed in the previous article on this topic.

It should not be about “defunding” Planned Parenthood.  Their ‘basic reproductive health care’ goes beyond their job description.

For instance, they argue they provide mammographies for women.  Those are obviously pure excuses for the crimes they actually commit.

We have learned that they completely discourage pregnant women from seeing the sonograms showing their babies inside their bodies.

Of course they would discourage it.

Which mother would go ahead with the crime if she saw how the baby, her own flesh and blood, peacefully safe inside her?

Nope.  Not one sane mother would allow that.

Instinctively, mothers want to protect their babies.

By experience, I know that hours before the birth, one is worried to let go of that fully grown baby into this wild, savage world.

Deliver a baby from inside our guts is heart-wrenching precisely because we are aware of all the dangers he or she will have to face…  So I cried the night before.

In the real sense of true and legitimate health care, there are thousands and thousands of real, legitimate clinics providing those services around the country.

It is obvious that Planned Parenthood horror factories hide behind the activities legitimate enough to provide a feel-good respite to a government that funds an unconscionable programme.  And they all know that.

Planned Parenthood must be dissolved, dismantled and each of their horror “clinics” should be bulldozed.

After all, the Obama Administration can take example on their protégés of the Islamic State who just bulldozed a spiritual place such as a Christian monastery.

Therefore bulldozing the places where the American Baby Holocaust has been taking place should not be a big deal for the good conscience of any good American.

Sadly, America’s top leader is a Muslim anti-American so the issue of conscience is debatable to say the least.

To finalise this time, let us read what the new generation of young responsible Americans have to say:

Life is a gift


Life is a gift of God.  
What God gives, no man should take away.
Because of their horrendous demise, open your hearts and hear their unspoken voices and their silent cries, and revolt in their name.
What is most important in this regard is that the American Baby Holocaust be immediately stopped.




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