Pentagon, it’s Islamic State.  Not ISIL and not ISIS.  Islamic State and here is why.

One of the most difficult issues President Trump will have to deal with is Islam and the sequels it will leave.

Islam’s Terrorism 

Back in 2013, when Islam’s latest production surfaced Muslim terrorists, keen in following the orders of prophet Mohammed, emphatically announced to the world that the XXIst century  Caliphate was established.

They placed their signature at the bottom of their declaration: Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

Immediately, the pro-Muslim globalist leadership around the world went into panic mode because they were unwilling to let transpire that the beheading barbarians had anything to do with Islam.

Islam is Peace 

In the aftermath of the 9/11 massacre by Muslim terrorists, President George W. Bush, for instance, said “Islam is peace” and a “noble faith.”  Really.

Barack Obama affirmed that “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance”; “Islam is not part of the problem” but “an important part of promoting peace.”  Seriously.

British PM David Cameron said that, “Islam is a religion of peace;” and that jihadists such as members of Islamic State “are not Muslims” but “monsters.”

The fact is that there are two words that the world avoids when speaking of terrorism:  Islam and Muslim.

Trump Era

During the campaign and the pre-presidential six weeks, Donald Trump maintained his politically incorrect positions.

As such, he has addressed the problem of “radical Islam” by its name when the former president refused to say it.

Now as the 45th President, Mr. Trump is pursuing the promises he made to the American people.

One of them was to eliminate the terrorists of the Islamic State or ISIS, as he calls them.

Note that before, the previous president called them ISIL.

Some think it was because Obama “liked” that acronym over ISIS.

But there is more than meets the eye.

In fact, ISIS is the acronym for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

Meanwhile, ISIL is the acronym for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

One of the reasons for Obama’s preference for ISIL was that the Levant includes Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and…  Israel.

Yes, the Little Satan.  Obama’s target.  Most likely the globalists’ target as well.

As a good liberal and while he loved golfing and the dolce far niente, the former president also had his goals in mind at all times and never missed an opportunity to advance the parallel causes of globalism and Islamization of the West.

The Pentagon

Fast forward to now.   To be consistent with the language and vocabulary used by President Trump, the Pentagon has renamed the Islamic State, and it is now officially called ISIS.

In a memo dated February 13, issued by the office of Defense Secretary James Mattis, they announced the official switch to ISIS.

In France, the Islamic State is mostly referred to as Daesh, the Arab acronym equivalent to ISIS.

In fact, as Daesh has a somewhat mocking tone in Arabic, it is not well received among Islamic State terrorists.

In 2014 the ISIS terrorists captured large parts of Syria and Iraq, upgrading it to a more expansionist terrorist group in line with Prophet Mohammed teachings and instructions.

Since then, their shortened name is Islamic State.  It reflects their ambitions to build one caliphate worldwide for all Muslims.

Islamic State

The reason why globalizing leaders are covering up for Islam is that they also need to follow through with their instructions as stated in Agenda 21 towards the depopulation of 95% of the world by the year 2030.

That date is around the corner.

The depopulation item on their agenda was approved by 200 world leaders in Rio, at the Brazil Earth Summit in 1992.

Why are globalists using Muslims masses to invade the West?

First, globalists count among them also some Muslim leaders.

Besides, Western civilization’s appreciation of life is different from theirs.

Muslim culture has no value for life here but “there,” where the 72 virgins are awaiting whoever dies a martyr.

I wonder what the perks for women terrorists are.

In the West, we are more worried about the millions of human cattle Islam’s leaders and terrorists are sending our way with the sole intention of destroying our societies from within and with our help.

Could we also migrate to Muslim countries and expect and demand that our needs including religious requirements and traditions, be satisfied?   You know the answer.

Western populations are now trapped by their laxist secularism, by their permissive liberal intrinsic tendencies, by their aspirations to misplaced human rights, by their inadequate compassion, by their twisted values and lack of principles ruled by a suicidal and criminal tolerance and love for “diversity.”

So, if the Trump Administration wants to make a real change, it should be to call the terrorists and their caliphate by their real name:  Islamic State.

That would be unquestionably revolutionary and crushingly politically incorrect.

Islamic State.


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