The new travel ban on immigration is out and ready, to satisfy the needs of liberal judges who wanted to show how they could stop the brand new American President.  But, is it so?

Now with his top team in place, President Trump counts on the support and collaboration of his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly.

The President has now better ground to fulfill the promises he made to the American people during the campaign.

Besides removing Iraq from the list of terrorist aiding and abetting countries, this new ban also gives a generous margin of action for American embassies and consulates to control and verify who enters in the country.

Groundbreaking Travel Ban

We would be remiss if we did not applaud the President for coming up with a pure-Trump idea that might make regret the little-known judge of 9th Court Circuit having stopped Trump’s first initiative at all.

In this new immigration travel ban, the President and his team have established the need to keep the American people informed of the dangers resulting from immigration.

As such, there is a section requiring the government to publicly release information on crimes committed by foreign nationals, including honor killings of women and female mutilation.

Much to the despair of globalists, such a groundbreaking measure is surely going to establish precedent throughout the Western hemisphere, where governments instruct their police, hospitals, media, to avoid sharing such information especially when it regards to Muslim migrants.

The dawn of a new era has arrived, announcing radical government transparency with the American people.

The instructions are “to implement more efficiently policies and practices that serve the national interest.”

Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions “must work together to provide the public with a report on foreign nationals charged with and convicted of terrorism-related offenses, including those who associate with or provide support to terrorist organizations.”

Such reports will enlighten the American people on two key issues condoned by Islam and its tool sharia:  Honor killings and female mutilation.

Both are attacks mostly on women.  Female mutilation via which women are amputated to remove from them any pleasure during marital relations.

Genital mutilations are committed mostly on little girls, but also perpetrated against teens and younger women.

Honor killing happens when a woman is deemed to have done something that will tarnish the family “reputation” and for which women are stoned to death or killed on the spot.

Up until now, these horrific crimes have been kept under the surface, given that authorities throughout the world specifically give instructions to all concerned that not a word is shared with the public.

President Trump and his team are expecting to receive a first full report at the beginning of September 2017, probably a few days before the 16th anniversary of the terrorist massacre committed by Muslims on 9/11 against over 3,300 innocent, defenseless civilians.

Globalist Media to “Show Human Side” of Mass Immigration

While President Trump tries to save and protect the American people and in his quest to keep what is probably the most critical of his promises, “Nationalism, not globalism, will be our credo,” globalists are also enhancing their attacks on sovereign countries.

Under the unavoidable enemy of the people, George Soros and his friend, Bill Gates, they are financing a new project.

Their goal is to use four leading newspapers in Europe mostly, to sweeten the bitter pill of migration.

Le Monde in France, El País in Spain, The Guardian in the UK and Der Spiegel in Germany, they will in different ways, try what they do best, alas.

They will continue the brainwashing of the regular people.

The question is, how will they convince people whose young women are being raped, battered, by Middle Easterners?

President Trump’s Travel Ban

The President knows exactly the dangers of migration, and it is evident that he and his team have thoughtfully prepared it.

Meanwhile, we will find the opposition always dissatisfied with this travel ban as well.

We know by now which the opposition’s goal is:   America should get open borders and unlimited instant immigration giving them the rights of nationals.

But President Trump, the billionaire who succeeded making deals to grow his empire throughout the world, will stand as ever to protect the American people.  His new travel ban thus far has received little opposition.

Its effective date is March 16, 2017.

We will follow-up on the next news regarding the President’s new travel ban.

The crowds that mobilized last week through America in support of their President have been the best and most timely move.

The President needs our full support.  He has it.

May G-D continue Blessing President Trump.

G-D Bless America


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