It is imperative to repeal and replace the radioactive Obamacare, as President Trump promised.

Why is health care vital?   In one word:  Health is the sovereign wealth of a human being.

America needs a well-intentioned and well-functioning health care.

A President’s Promise

In one of Donald Trump’s key promises during his presidential campaign, he promised not once, not twice, but countless times that “we will repeal and replace Obamacare.”

The above has been one of the key issues why so many Americans voted for him.

One of the evil inheritances we received from the previous administration was a radioactive Obamacare put in place, not for the good of Americans, but to complicate their lives and undermine their health.

While the Creator has conceived the human body as a marvelous machine, our bodies are prone to deterioration.

Thus the importance to have a good, comprehensive, prophylactic and compassionate health care system.

It is indispensable not only for the physical well-being but also to provide mental peace regarding such an important element of everyone’s everyday’s life.

We all remember vividly when Obama, the enemy number one of the American people and his team were ready to introduce the new healthcare.

First, the so-called president reassured Americans that,  “if you like your healthcare plan, you will be able to keep your plan.”

On the other hand, the president also insisted that “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”

Obama and his anti-American team made sure to convince the country they were looking for the middle class as well as the needy American families.

However, in reality, they were performing as con artists to make over 330 million people swallow the pill that would cause death and poverty instead of improving their health and finances.

Indeed, before its release, one of the key Obama’s surrogates, another America’s enemy, Nancy Pelosi, addressed concerned American families, reassuring them that “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fall of the controversy.”

Shrewd.   Sadly, it worked.

Obama and his team asked for a blank check from America, and they got it.

Trump meets Obama

Two days after his election, President-Elect Trump met then President Obama.

As a result, at the end of the meeting, Trump opened up to keep a few items from Obamacare.

Radioactive Obamacare Radioactive Website

Obamacare’s website had an inauspicious beginning:  Its website, alas, was defective.

The ex-president and his people made believe they were so surprised that the website was not operational from the onset.

How could the President of the United States not have had the website for his pet project fully operational from the onset?

In Comes Trump But there is Ryan

RINOs have enabled and empowered Obama to commit crimes of all sorts, keeping the American people unaware of the real nature of the radioactive Obamacare.

Next thing one learns is that the RINOs have come up with a transformed Obamacare 2.0, the Obamacare-lite, with the auspices of Vice-President Pence, Speaker Ryan, and the rest.

Americans Responsibilities

Maybe this time the RINOs think and hope they will get away with it.

But having been “burned” once by the last Administration, now Americans should be wary and must consider the interference of the RINOs with mistrust.

Doctors Nationwide Demand Repeal And Replace

Keeping any version of radioactive Obamacare is not an option if you believe what doctors nationwide are saying to whoever wants to listen to them.

Radioactive Obamacare Must Go and Now

Health care is not a game of trial and error.  Lives are at stake.  And the responsibility of any death due to a malfunctioning system should be unbearable to any government.

When Mr. Trump presented his vision for a new, dynamic and humane health care system, Americans rejoiced.

A health care system based on the free market is the best option for all, be it the insured, the insurance companies, the country at large.

The RINOs and their Special Interests 

As the RINOs have in mind above all their interests and the special interests of corporations and groups who are in it for the financial benefit for themselves, they are placing the best interest of the American people on the back burner.

Obama began the destruction and the decomposition of America.

The RINOs must continue his job, given that the Democrats are now the minority.

Where is Trump? 

In all of this, Trump is siding with the RINOs.

It would be easy to criticize him and condemn him, but we don’t know what kind of arrangement he had to do with them to be able to defend the American people in some way.

Trump is a hero for going out of his way to take the reins of this American Titanic and for that he deserves our eternal gratitude.

It’s up to the People

Abandoned at the devices of the RINOs, the Democrats, the globalists, the globalist media, the professional rioters and a dwindling secret service, Trump is as good as handcuffed.

If the people decide to put all their might on the balance of power, the American President will be able to govern and do the good we all need and know he can do.

It’s up to the People to show they are supporting their President by the millions so he can succeed in his efforts.

He cannot do this alone.


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