Sarin is only an excuse for the globalists to catch Assad and hand the keys of Syria to the Islamic State barbarians.

Some are happy to see that despite everything, there is no mention of Israel in all of this.  True.  But that’s only a fictitious truce.

Indeed, Israel is not in the mouth of any of the protagonists, yet.

The reason for that serious approach is that in the background of it all, the fate of Israel is at stake.

With the Islamic State practically ruling all of the Middle East and sharia as the law of most Muslim countries, it is understandable that Israel will be in the most vulnerable position ever.


Sarin, or GB, is a colorless, odorless liquid, used as a chemical weapon owing to its extreme potency as a nerve agent. It is considered a weapon of mass destruction.

Richard O. Spertzel, Expert in Biological Warfare 

Dr. Spertzel was one of my Benador Associates‘ clients in the aftermath of 9/11.

Some background on him:

Richard Oscar Spertzel (born 9 February 1933, died 24 March 2016) was a veterinarian, microbiologist, and expert in the area of biological warfare. He participated in germ warfare research at U.S. Army Medical Unit (USAMU), Fort Detrick, Frederick, Maryland. (USAMU is now known as the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases or USAMRIID).  Spertzel held several positions at USAMRIID including Deputy for Research, Deputy Commander, and Chief of the Animal Assessment Division.  From 1994 to 1998 Dr. Spertzel served as the Senior Biologist for the United Nations Special Commission in Iraq. His Congressional testimonial about the WMD capabilities of Iraq helped to justify the subsequent US invasion of Iraq. After the invasion, Spertzel was a member of the Iraq Survey Group, which found that Iraq was not producing nor planning to produce WMD at the time of the invasion

As with all my clients at Benador Associates, I often had the opportunity to ask Dr. Spertzel about his field.

For instance, after 9/11, there was an envelope received at a government office, which contained a white powder.

Immediately Anthrax Came to Mind

At the end of a TV interview, Dr. Spertzel and I discussed the anthrax case.

He told that having been in Iraq to investigate and analyze their anthrax, he was confident that anthrax did not come all the way from there.

Spertzel was an authority in his field.  

He then proceeded to explain that unless the substance or chemical could be identified as Iraqi anthrax, one could not be sure of its origin.

On a side note, unsurprisingly, once the Obama regime took over, they invalidated Dr. Spertzel’s findings that dated from before the war in Iraq.

How Convenient, Sarin Now

Globalists are desperate especially because they realize nationalism and patriotism may be at its highest level around the world.

After Nigel Farage in the UK, Donald Trump in the United States, Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, and now Marine Le Pen in France and not to forget, Viktor Orban from Hungary.

Therefore, time is of the essence for the globalists who want Assad out.  They do not want to lose the momentum achieved thanks to their useful idiots worldwide, the liberals, the progressives.

Why are Globalists keen on Islam?

Globalism thrives in depopulating the world.  They appreciate Islam because Muslims do not value life as the people of the West do.

Therefore, they use Islam as a tool to help destroy and depopulate the West.

Trump, Another Flip-Flopping President

President Trump met Abdullah, King of Jordan, quietly after he had moved into the White House.

It was during the days when Trump was still having a love affair with Israel.

However, after meeting the King, the President flipped-flopped.

Israel could not be free anymore to build in any “settlements” anymore.  One down.

Assad accused of using Sarin on his people

What President Trump ignores is that a day before the sarin outbreak, some individuals in the Muslim press already knew about it and announced it via Twitter.

Abdullah of Jordan and his Palestinian Queen Rushed to meet the Trumps 

When has anyone heard a Muslim who lives in the Muslim world say they are against Muslims invading the West?  By any chance have the Saudi royals, the Kuwaiti royals or the Bahraini royal family or the Qataris or the Jordanians?  Ever, anytime at all?  No.  Never.

Now, look at this pictures, courtesy of and Reuters.

The King seems satisfied.  He has now unloaded his burden on the American President’s lap.  The latter now has to bear the “responsibility” to solve Syria’s crisis caused by the globalist Obama and his gang.

Trump has accepted the speech of the Little King of Jordan with no protest.  Second down.

The President may have forgotten that barely a couple of days ago, the world learned that he was on the Islamic State “kill list” of over 8,700 Westerners.

Why is Syria a Tragedy and not the Millions of Immigrants coming West?

We have never heard the King of Jordan or the King of Saudi Arabia, or the Emir of Qatar or the King of Bahrain, or the Sheikhs of the Emirates, cry with desperation about the millions of migrants going West.

They have never said, come to us, we will build new cities for you, and you will get jobs that we will create for you.   No.  Of course not.

Islam wants the West

The Koran orders them to conquest the dhimmis and to convert all of them.

The invasion of the West is in the Muslim-DNA.


Waging war again in the Muslim world would deplete further America’s coffers when we have vets to look after, indigent families, abandoned and abused children.

It would be utterly irresponsible to wage another war.

One thing is sure: Muslims want to ruin America.

Trump and Nikki Haley are obediently following them.

There is NO way to know the sarin was Assad’s.  Why would it be?

Why would Assad jeopardize Syria and himself when he has President Putin on his side?

It makes more sense that someone from Islamic State infiltrated and had planted it from inside Syria.

In fact, if all goes as planned by Islam’s leaders, Trump would be taking American troops to depose another legitimate President only to hand the reins of Syria to the murderous Islamic State barbarians.

That is what Putin and his Russian troops have been trying to do, help Assad survive.

Trump, surrendering to Islam

How can President Trump be oblivious to the fact that by accepting orders, terms, and conditions from Islam’s rulers, he is placing all of America in a dhimmi position?  Not astute at all.

If that is so, Syria is looking at beheading, rapes, honor killings, and Sharia in their lives.

It’s time to bring all American troops back home.

Syria is probably one of the last bastions in that geographical part of the Muslim world.

May America not be involved in its demise.


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