About my position as anti-feminist, I’d like to explain the following:
Although it is a long time that I am alone, whenever I have had a man in my life, I loved spoiling him, I loved making him feel like a king in our home…
I love to have guests at home, for Shabbat, holidays and others, I worry about the dinner, he worries about the wine. I worry about making a regal dinner table and he worries about the benchers and cutting the meat.
It is in my nature not to see that as ‘serving’ a man, but LOVING HIM.
I actually do NOT believe in equality. Inequality is what G d gave us. He also made us complementary of each other, with our differences that somehow, in G d’s Mystery simply match one in the other.
Mankind should not treat inequality as a leprosy but as a blessing that vindicates the difference and thrives in it.
And, I am perfectly fine with the difference. Men are not equal to women and women are also not equal to men.
Again, I see inequality as a blessing, not as a mistake or a curse. For me, in my home, I do not want men in my kitchen. That’s who I am.
I am totally unable and in some way, unwilling, to follow a recipe twice. That’s the way it is.
I see a relationship between man and woman, not as a contest or an endless power competition, but as LOVE.
Men are able to do different things than women -and I appreciate and long for that.
If there is some heavy stuff to do, like move furniture or lift a piano, or teach the kids to play sports or the surviving street skills, then, by all means, that’s a man’s and a father’s job, not mine.
But, let me spoil the one I love -or, please G d, one day will love- without thinking that I am at his service, because I am or, rather, I will be just showing my love.
Eliana Benador

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  • Posted: April 6, 2014 13:13

    Andrew Sheeets

    Thank you for sharing. Eliana this should be required reading for every young woman. Thank you for being such a great role model. Sadly most women in America and now the West in general have lost this value.
  • Posted: September 2, 2014 04:32


    Learning a ton from these neat arlcstei.