Good and Blessed morning on this very special day in our lives. After going through all the rituals preparing us to our yearly commemoration of Pesach, our delivery from slavery, one major thought comes to mind.

Does scripture ever mention that G d is delivering us, Jews, from slavery and that thereafter we will enjoy our “freedom”?

EXODUS 2 I bring this up, because it is critical to address this issue and I hope to help show what the answer to it is. Few know that 80% of Jews decided to stay in Egypt and, therefore, only 20% joined in the exodus from slavery.

Few know that the reality is that HaShem wanted to save us and therefore he delivered us from being completely assimilated within and from the Egyptian environment of idolatry and debauchery.

Few know that from all the mitzvot that Jews were transgressing on a constant basis, there was only one that they kept.

Do you know which one? It was not Shabbat, alas. It was not Brit Milah or circumcision, alas. It was not Kasherus, alas. The list is long. So, let me tell you.

It was the mitzvah of marriage. They kept the Sanctity of Marriage -to only one, Jewish, woman. And, why this mitzvah? Simply because it is the core of our existence. Avoiding the corruption of marriage, procreation within a traditional G dly family is preserved and all can be re-constructed from that essential premise.

Let’s continue.

Few know that even though the distance between Egypt and Eretz Canaan, our future Eretz Yisroel is minimal. HaShem in His Infinite Wisdom, made us go around and around during forty (40) years throughout the desert BECAUSE He knew many would be tempted to go back to slavery in Egypt than stay in the Land He promised us.

Few know that, “crossing” the sea was just a “make believe” Divine set up, because we actually ended up on the same shore -not far from where we began.

Few know that His Miracles were well beyond the “Opening of the Sea” for us to “cross”.

Indeed, while “crossing the sea” our people were thirsty, and do you know what He did? There were sort of faucets coming out of the walls of the open sea, that’s how He gave us unsalted water to drink.

Also, our little Jewish children, were afraid while “crossing the sea”, now, do you know what He did? He had some sort of viewings and possibly toys to distract our children so they would not be scared…

HaShem did all that and much more…. However, we would misinterpret His Will, if we continue speaking of the absolute concept of “freedom”.

In the story of Pesach it is totally the opposite.

As a matter of fact, it is at this time when Moshe Rabbeinu goes up to Har Sinai to ***RECEIVE*** G D’S COMMANDMENTS.

Such Commandments are not given to us as an option or as a parameter from where to choose if or how much to take from each of them.

G d’s Commandments are His Commandments.

They are not a list to choose from.

THIS is the missing link that I was looking for, because I have always wondered, how is it that the whole universe is based on “seder”, order, and mankind has been given the so-called “free choice”?

Freedom has been distorted and misconstrued.

Our passions, our likes, our preferences, even our goodness, none of them are supposed to be “free” but free according to G d’s Commandments and Teachings.

Animals have it lighter. They have no choice. And they have a G d Given Pattern that they are programmed to fulfil.

In essence, we have the hardest part and the best as well, because whoever gets close to G d and finds all he or she looks in Him, then one’s life is fulfilled and complete, and no matter what the tests and trials,  one will be at peace, in the Winds of G d.

May you find solace in G d every single day of your lives.

May you reflect and be inspired in the story of Pesach, as you read the Haggadah tonight and tomorrow night.

May G d grant you strength, wisdom and clarity, health, work, joy and love, to you and your families.

From my family to yours.

Chag Kasher v’sameach.

Eliana Batsheva Benador

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