The crushing dangers of globalisation are so damning that this world political liberal ideology is rooted in times immemorial when men thought they could be god.  Their need to advance over everyone else, their thirst for power and their hunger for authority to achieve that power, has been giving a vast variety of leaders whose thinking were oriented in that direction.  Continue reading ELIANA BENADOR: SAY NO TO GLOBALISATION

Americans, take a leap of faith: dissolve GOP

Nothing is working in American politics, especially on the so-called conservative side.  In other times in History, in other countries, for much less, revolts have taken place but, not in America.

Mainstream Republicans, the ones whose businesses need the right politicians in place to move their personal interests full steam ahead, are the ones ‘winning’ the battles. Continue reading Americans, take a leap of faith: dissolve GOP

Court Orders Leader Removed. Alas, not who you wished

If a court has had the guts to remove a leader from office, it could well happen else where, including in America or in different European countries that are arguing and doing all they can for globalisation to happen and take over the world.

BANGKOK — A Thai court on Wednesday ordered Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra removed from office, a highly divisive move and a victory for the powerful anti-government movement that has sought to overthrow the government in Bangkok for the last six months.

The court ruled that Ms. Yingluck abused her power when she transferred a civil servant more than three years ago. It was not immediately clear who would take Ms. Yingluck’s place. The court also ordered removed all members of Ms. Yingluck’s cabinet who were in office at the time of the transfer.

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