Admiring Putin and defending him

I just wrote the following on a social network, a dialog on Putin and his quality as a President:

“…., first it was the far-right, now it is the neo-nazis who are friends of Putin? As I said, you do not need to be extreme-right to consider the Russian President good. Why is “national” and “nationalism” turning to be a bad word? Why is “patriotism” looked at with contempt? Since when is it bad to love one’s country and want what is good for that country and its people? It is simply due to the new spirit of globalisation that is corroding the world. Have you thought about it? While you may be a leader that has married globalisation, you may also consider that in the end you will be at the tip of the tiger’s tail -and not at the head of the mouse. No. It is an honour to be a patriot. It is an honour to be defend our country’s traditions and peoples with their own idiosyncrasies, our own products and specialties. Above all, it is an honour to defend our honour, our hopes and our dreams. And mine are different than yours, and yours, and yours. And we may all co-exist and thrive in and complement in our differences. No. I am not an extreme-anything. I am simply a human being whose blood boils for her country, hoping that others love their countries as much and enough to defend their own particularities. Enough said? Respectfully.”

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