Americans, take a leap of faith: dissolve GOP

Nothing is working in American politics, especially on the so-called conservative side.  In other times in History, in other countries, for much less, revolts have taken place but, not in America.

Mainstream Republicans, the ones whose businesses need the right politicians in place to move their personal interests full steam ahead, are the ones ‘winning’ the battles.

Someone in America has to take that famous “leap of faith” and move to suspend donations to GOP.  After all, it is not only about funds and money, but about the amount of people supporting those campaigns.

Until now, GOP’s inefficiency is utterly deficient and treacherous.

Some GOP leaders are rising above, but unless they are given a right platform, they will end up drowning inside the rotten waters of the GOP.

Guys like Ted Cruz, need to have no choice but to move on to another party and that won’t happen unless you decide to stop funding and de-funding the GOP.

Surely, many will argue there is no alternative.  Yes, there is.  There always is.  The Tea Party for one.  TP leaders understand that they must be at the top of their game if they want to succeed.  They know that it is not ignorance that leads, but knowledge, experience, savvy.  They are also aware that despite what ignorant masses pretend, all factors for success are part of the equation.

It is not about talking, it’s about planning on re-building a country.

Cruz gave up his Canadian nationality.  It is time now to give him the right platform because he will drown in the GOP as it is, he must be given a fresh place from where his voice can be heard and from where he can move the masses.

Looking at Cruz Senior, whose blood is boiling in his veins, you know that a Cruz leadership may be one of the missing elements in America.


(CNN) — In the intraparty battle for the GOP, score Round 1 for the Republican establishment over the tea party.

CNN projects that North Carolina House Speaker Thom Tillis has won the state’s GOP Senate primary. Tillis, who was backed by many mainstream Republicans, topped 40% of the primary vote Tuesday, avoiding a runoff in July.

Tillis beat a bunch of more conservative candidates for the chance to face off this November against first-term Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan, who is considered very vulnerable in the general election. Flipping her seat and five others held by Democrats would give Republicans control of the Senate.

In his victory speech, Tillis slammed Hagan’s record, tying her to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and calling them “an echo chamber for President Obama’s worst ideas.”

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