The crushing dangers of globalisation are so damning that this world political liberal ideology is rooted in times immemorial when men thought they could be god.  Their need to advance over everyone else, their thirst for power and their hunger for authority to achieve that power, has been giving a vast variety of leaders whose thinking were oriented in that direction. 

Globalisation has existed since times immemorial.  And, great leaders come to mind:  Genghis Khan comes to mind, and so do Nebuchadnezzar,  Alexander the Great, Charles V, whose wishes were the initiators of a first version of “globalisation”.  

They loved their countries, their people, and just as much they loved power, authority and strength.  

That is the way a leader should be.  Love his country, want to make it stronger, more influential, bigger.  What can be wrong with that?  

What can be wrong with promoting national birth rate in one’s country?

However, nowadays, there is a twisted version of “good leader”.  

Nowadays “good leader” is someone whose main goal is massive immigration, giving illegals rights and facilities that not even locals can get, for free.  

An important issue with nowadays “good” leaders is their wish to conform to global teams, to erase their country’s borders, to give priority to immigrants, especially illegal ones, and more.  


So much has gone wrong.  And above all, the fact that modern life is not prone to create resilient human beings who love to work, and who much rather allow others to run their lives and decide for them. 

The world horizon is filled with the sheep mentality because mankind is prone to exaggeration and not to moderation. 

Education has been given away to those who will benefit of the sheep mentality.  

In fact, instead of educate our children repetitively with negative instructions, the liberal mentality made of lazy ignorants, has given in to a culture where babies were given the choice of right and wrong from birth, when babies are at our charge to show them the path.  And that path is filled with the word NO, repeated incessantly.  

NO, we do NOT do that.  Not, we DO NOT DO THAT EITHER.  NO.  We NEVER DO THAT. 

And, then, with work, by example, one shows what we CAN do.  

But, emphasis must be in the word NO.  Childhood must be taught that way. 

Only like this, leaders will be made.  They will know what is right and what is wrong, because parents invested in them, time, energy, love, and never got tired of that.  Naturally, it demands the will to do so. 

With leaders who have no appreciation of Right and Wrong, how can anyone see anything wrong in removing one’s country’s borders?

How can anyone appreciate the uniqueness of the soil one was born, of the country that needs patriots?

And, so, in comes evil globalisation, trying to kill countries throughout the world, eliminate nationalities, destroy national interests. 

No country’s identity will survive once globalisation is in power and take complete control of everyone’s lives.  

But, sadly, there is more and worse.  

Think about it.  Listen to the alarm clock.  It’s time to wake up.  


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  • Posted: May 8, 2014 13:58

    Kalilou BARRY

    I think globilization is a force beyond our control. Nowadays, words like patriotism, nationalism, identity are no longer powerful than they used to be. For me, life is a real battle field where human beings are condamned to live and cherish each other regardless of race, religion, political opinion and others...Will we be human enough to live together peacefully or stubborn enough to deny the undeniable and to quote Martin Luther King 'Die together as idiots'?