Introducing to you the new, globalist American army: USAREUR…   While Americans sleep, Obama and his team move unstoppable toward the globalisation of America, whose military most certainly will become EURAMER or something like that because the end of America as such is coming.  

 Once again, the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner, American President Barack Hussein Obama, is preparing for action.  This time, American troops are ready to step in for “helpless” Ukrainians facing pro-Russian troops.
 Meanwhile, back at home, the military are going through hard times.  
 They are facing a historical record number of sexual rapes which, according to The Pentagon show a 50 percent increase in reports of sexual assault in 2013 over the previous year.  
 Nine senior commanding generals have been fired, leading to speculation by active and retired members of the military that a purge of commanders is underway.
 Weakening the military more, the Obama Administration also succeeded in erasing all mention of Muslim terrorism, as well as the jihad threat, from FBI instruction books, training manuals of Department of Defense, CIA and others.  
 No doubt keen on dropping Sept. 11 in the bin of history, the Nobel Peace Barack Hussein Obama has decided to deeply reduce the American army. His would be the smallest version of it since the Second World War, resulting from the sharply reduced military budget cut of $496 billion, by far the largest in the world.
 A week ago, the Commander-in-Chief declared:  “Why is it that everybody is so eager to use military force after we’ve just gone through a decade of war at enormous costs to our troops and to our budget?”
 Then, he added: “Do people actually think us sending some additional arms into Ukraine could deter the Russian army?”
 Naturally.  Instead, Mr. Obama’s Administration has deployed 150 paratroopers to Lithuania, a week before deploying a supplemental 600 U.S. troops to Poland and the NATO Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania for infantry exercises.
 Speaking to reporters in Lithuania, Richard C. Longon, Deputy Commanding General of U.S. Army Europe, said:
 “I don’t think the deployment of troops is meant to be a message to Russia… It’s a message to anyone who will listen, and the message is that the United States of America will honor its commitments to Lithuania… Let me make this clear: should Lithuania need NATO, I guarantee NATO will be there.”
 Gen. Longon’s statement subtly introduces a shifting dance of words conveying the new and stronger mix made of the United States of America and NATO as part of the global agenda that countries worldwide are uniting to adopt as theirs.
 What is the U.S. Army Europe?
 The public in general may not be privy to “The United States Army in Europe.”  
 In fact, “USAREUR prepares Soldiers and units, builds partnerships, reassures allies, and deters adversaries. We provide forces and participate in a range of operations with multiple Combatant Commands and adapt to a constantly changing security and resource environment.”  In other words, USAREUR is America going “global.”  
 Congress provided authority for those troops to be stationed in Europe and the commander of that battlefield has full authority to move them where he deems necessary.  
 In fact, congressional approval is only required when an act of war is to be declared.
 Recently, an unlikely critic of Obama, the Iranian cleric, Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami made harsh comments on Iran’s Channel One.
 The Middle East MediaResearch Institute (MEMRI) translated them:
 Look what they are doing in Ukraine. What is going on there? Who the hell are you to interfere in the affairs of another people? Their vice president went to Ukraine, and a few hours after he left, people were killed there. What is behind these declarations? A cloud of war hangs over that region. This is what is called an ‘aggressive nature.’”
 Khatami criticized the United States and said that the Iranian president should “punch the American president in the mouth” if he “talks nonsense.”  No argument there.
 Meanwhile, President Putin has refused to forget the uniqueness of his country by adamantly refusing globalization.
 No matter what his detractors may say, Putin has decided not to give up on the national identity of Russia. A Russian patriot, he refuses to bow to the rule of one global entity, which until now not many in the world know who that may be.
 Obviously, had President Putin not chosen the anti-globalization path, the globalist Western countries and their obedient medias, would not persist in getting at his throat.
 And, while President Obama is “tired” and reacts to international press-questions with golf-related answers, as an amateur youngster, at the other end of the world, there is a mature leader who vilified by many because of his rich experience as a former KGB operative is, nevertheless, a seasoned politician who far from being tired is inspired to make his country stronger and, yes, larger.
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  • Posted: May 8, 2014 00:40

    Beth Spanier

    I agree. Watching European culture dissolve from a history of mass murder, appeasement and a thousand years of Muslim encroachment, I find Putin's staunch resolve to keep Russian, Russian, a far better manifestation of the possibilities of absolute power, than many of his predecessors.