“Yesh Din v’Yesh Dayan”

“There is a Law and there is a Judge”

Economically, scientifically, and technologically speaking, Israel is among the countries that are taking this world to another era of material progress and advancement. Sadly, that did not stop the massacre of three young Yeshiva students abducted by barbarian Muslim terrorists.

Israel is the Jewish state par excellence, currently showing a slight rise of rigorously observant Jews while an ever fading moral compass mirrors that of the outside world.

Under the baton of a mostly religiously defficient Zionist regime, the country that God created for His Chosen Children, the Jews, is a far cry from the words in Psalm 119:3 “Yea, they do no unrighteousness; they walk in His ways.”

Israel’s existence is found deep inside history. The Jewish Torah is not just a religious book; on the contrary, it is also a history book describing events that happened and announcing countries by their names which appeared in the future and indeed exist until the present. It is also a legal compendium, just as it is a medical book of healthful nutrition and prophylactic teachings. Human relationships also benefit of its unparalleled wisdom. And, there is much more in it.

One of the most brilliant Jewish sages, Shlomo Yitzchaki (1040-1105), known as Rashi, was a medieval French rabbi and autor of one of the most comprehensive commentaries on the Talmud and the Tanakh.

Rashi tells that God gave His people, the Jews, the land of Israel.  It is their inheritance along with the Torah. As it is, the Torah also shows God, clearly giving the land to the Children of Israel. [Bamidbar (Numbers) 33:50-54]

However, Israeli politicians seem oblivious to their people’s inheritance. The right and the left are the culprits who would much rather see the country torn in unsuccessful peace efforts than victorious.

Among those politicians, the late Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (2004-2005), who disgracefully engineered the unilateral disengagement from the Gaza Strip. Note that current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was among those who voted in support of Sharon’s move.

Young soldiers were then forced to evict 10,000 Jews from their homes in Gush Katif. Their twisted political agenda was more important than respecting the dignity of their Jewish brethren.

Fast forward to Itamar, Israel on a tragic Shabbat night in March 2011.

Muslim Palestinian terrorists desecrated the home of the Jewish Fogel family and five of the family members were massacred. During their sleep, the parents and three of their children were slaughtered, including three-month old baby Hadassah Fogel, whom they stabbed 16 times.

Tiny Hadassah was beheaded at the hands of barbarians.

Netanyahu’s government forceful response was to… build.

The prime minister has the inglorious record of having freed over 1,100 deadly terrorists, disregarding the painful protests of many of their victims’ survivors.

Under Netanyahu’s loathsome leadership, Israel has gone from bad to worse, and while his words convey some sense of responsibility, in fact it is only oratorical allegiance.

There is a distorted sense of justice that emanates from the Israeli government, the reason for it being their almost total disconnect from Torah Judaism.

Likud, Labor, and Kadima may bear different names, but their common denominator is their epic distance to Jewish roots. Meanwhile, they consider important the futile hope and efforts to achieve peace with an enemy that stubbornly erases Israel from their “future maps.”

When Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon promised that Hamas will suffer “a heavy blow,” he also noted that “Eyal, Gilad and Naftali were kidnapped and murdered by scoundrels, simply because they were Jews.” Right on. At least on that one.

“The many memorial candles that were lit yesterday and today are to light up the darkness and expel the hatred,” remarked Education Minister Shai Piron, from the political party Yesh Atid, which means “there is a future.”

No candle lighting will make hatred disappear.

Once again, the Israeli cabinet is filled with doubts on how to respond to the triple murder of the three Yeshiva students.

Naftali Bennett, angered at IDF suggestions, demands stronger response; Yair Lapid, Tzipi Livni, and Ya’alon advocate more measured response; Netanyahu agrees stronger response needed, but meeting ends without decision. Pathetic.

From Torah point of view, there is an authentic Jewish response, and by not abiding by it, the Government is simply saying, “We are not Jewish.”

Addressing the terrorists who massacred his son and two friends, Uri Yifrah, father of Eyal, said: “Our tears are just because we’re human, we have hearts of flesh and blood … you scoundrels, your day will come.”

Aviezri Frenkel, Naftali’s grandfather, addressed the government in his eulogy, calling on it to take a strategic and not a tactical move in responding to terrorism with a strong hand.

Government after government in Israel have turned their back on their roots and on their people. It is time for Jews to rise and demand from the government to show strength or resign. Justice must be served.

Torah-learned rabbis worldwide are also not capable of reminding Israeli leaders what is right and what is wrong.

Everyone is forgetting that a wounded, weakened beast is a magnetic prey for predators.

In the face of an ever growing anti-Semitism, it is time to stop the abuse of Jews worldwide, so painfully similar to that of 1920s.

And, given that the world is never happy with the Jews, no more Jewish victims should die without dire consequences.

In fact, the Talmud describes how King David would study throughout the night. One morning, his General Yoav accompanied by the king’s adviser Eviytar came and said to him: “My king, the nation of Israel is in trouble.”

David replied: “Then go out wage war and extend the borders of Israel.” They then consulted the high priest. After getting the approval, Yoav said, “My king, the army is ready.”

It is time to invade the Terrorist Occupied Territories and impose Martial Law. Now.

Eliana Benador: strategist, risk consultant, adviser, intelligence analyst, opinion writer, speaker. Founder of Benador Associates and Benador International. Her website is Follow her on Twitter,Facebook, LinkedIn.


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