In these dire times, Jews worldwide are in danger. 

There is no one who is standing up to defend the rights of our people. 

We all have hoped Israel and the leadership would be doing so. 

But, as you can see, murder after murder, massacre after massacre, 

they are not with us. 

They have joined the clan of globalisation forgetting that we are Jews, 

that we do not mix with the nations of the world, even though we are here 

for them, to help and guide whenever possible. 

But our role is not to mix. 

Our role, given by HaShem in regard to the rest of the world, 

is TIKUN OLAM, to be the Light to the World, on His Behalf. 

How? How are we the Light to the World? 

Believing in G d as the source of our strength, our wisdom, 

our experience and all that what is goodness and loving kindness. 

But strength also means the power to know what is Right 

from what is Wrong. 

For all that, we don’t only need to thrive in the material area which 

we already do. 

We need above all to be strong in our belief and emunah in Him. 

Only then He will make more miracles for us and only then, 

the world will respect us and be inspired by us and then 

all peoples in the world will join with us by their free will. 

Just some food for thought. 

Eliana Batsheva Benador


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