After significant 18 days, 18 been our number for CHAI, life, the bodies of Eyal, Gilad and Naftali were found. Now, this happens not even a week after they were put to rest. It seems to me unlikely that any Jew would do this. And, even if they did this other crime and it should be punishable, we should wait 18 days to do so.

Muslim terrorists count with brains who mastermind their every move. 9/11 was 911 the emergency number in America. 18 is also a meaningful cypher for us: Chai. Then, who ever killed the Arab teenager, did it so in purpose so we could interrupt our mourning and the mourning of the parents of the three, turning this other event in the major one, where the whole world can concentrate against Jews again. Now, do you really think Jews did this? If they did, they must have been crying tears of blood from the horrible pain to see our people being attacked, massacred again and again. At the end of the day, the world IS against us. Naturally, I do not support terrorism under any circumstance. BUT, please let us mourn our own first at least for one week. Is that too much to ask? And, think. It’ s not like we can trust the government of Israel. That much I am sure of.


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