We all have shortcomings. We all make mistakes. And each of them should become a stepping stone to make us better persons. Surely, the number one element is to accept we are wrong. Number two is to decide if we “need” to change. Number three, is to decide if we “want” to change. Number four, is to decide if it is “worthwhile” to change. If you answer all the above with a massive “yes”, then you need to set up a plan. And Item Number one is: A daily reminder. 

Indeed, a “reminder” is a precious note that will remind you of your commitment to succeed changing what you need to change. 

Do not let anyone fool you when people tell you “I am too old to change.” 

That’s totally false. 

With age, we become mature, but not rotten. That will come when we are no longer alive. With age, we become wiser to learn to prioritise what’s truly important for us and that what’s not -according to your brain and your heart. 

The brain will make you think logically and wisely. 

And the heart will make you compassionate so you won’t behave like a robot. 

Those were my random thoughts for the beginning of our week. 

In all, do your best, with your brain and with your heart. 

And, leave the outcome to HaShem 

Eliana Batsheva Benador




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