Last night Greta van Susteren surprised the world with an until now unique initiative, she offered her platform so Muslim leaders could condemn their own extremism and terrorists in front of her national audience.  As many others, van Susteren thinks “not enough Muslim leaders are doing enough to speak out against such actions.”

There in lies one of the weak points in her thinking.   As she further explained, “it’s not fair for any American to link the Islamic religion itself to terrorism, and said, “I have a message to Muslim leaders. If they hate this stereotype, and I’m sure they do, they need to help stop it, and that is by having the courage to step up and condemn––loudly, clearly, and repetitively––Islamic extremism.”

And while she did credit the 120 Muslim scholars who wrote an open letter condemning ISIS, Van Susteren didn’t think that would be enough:   “Here’s my offer. I will give any Muslim leader of national or international stature the platform, right here on the record, to condemn Islamic extremism and to make a call to arms to every Muslim leader of every mosque to do the same: condemn Islamic extremism.”

It’s despairing to see how many of the talking voices are so ignorant and so willing to place blinders and do whatever it takes to whitewash the Islamic religion, which is far from innocent in these last historic events that are unraveling beginning from and in the Muslim Middle East.

Cruelty and barbarism are being practiced in front of a silent world, thanks to Islam.

And, yet, Greta van Susteren excuses and wants to provide the opportunity to ‘authorities” from the Muslim world to explain how much they ‘condemn” their terrorism and extremism.

For one, there is the now infamous “taqqiya”, the Islamic regulation that gives the right to Muslims to distort the truth in order to advance the cause of world domination as stipulated in the Koran and in sharia laws.

Then, the so-called experts who have no idea of the intense role of “family” in the Muslim world, including the “extended” sense of “family, thus Muslim “Brotherhood”, if you had not thought about it.  Greta

The reason why I explain all this, is that there is an infrastructure for terrorism to blossom and boom in the Islamic world, and that’s called, family, relatives, close-quasi-family friends and so on.

Some want to hear the “moderates” who are so lame and “neutral” that their actions or, rather, their lack thereof, are tacitly promoting and backing their extremism without much ado.

Greta invites who?   The head of CAIR?  Not good.  Or the other possibility, Zuhdi Jasser?   Not good at all.   And all the others, in between?  Nope.  Not good.

Besides, what does a lame “condemnation” mean?  Absolutely nothing.

Just as the American leaders and some people want to send “boots on the ground”, so  should these wishful thinkers demand that their famous “Muslim leaders” go ON THE GROUND.

What does anyone want them to do from the West? In fact, Muslim leaders should and MUST live in their own countries, organize the opposition, rally dissent and prepare a revolution to face the Islamist Fascist State.

Words are nothing against the barbarians.  Especially words uttered from thousands of miles away.

So, Greta van Susteren’s wishful thinking is wonderful, but it is nothing other than that:  Wishful thinking.

And dangerous wishful thinking, at tbat, because with those people are, mistakenly, led to  believe that they are achieving something, as the millions vociferous on every and any social networking who are “fixing” the world from the comfy spot at the end of their fingers.

That’s nothing else but wishful thinking, and it is a deviation of reality.

Meanwhile, the hordes of barbarians continue to advance and are now helped by the ruling of leftist governments worldwide, who have put a halt on media and search engines, that no longer bring to the forefront,  pictures with horrendous beheadings, mass shootings, rapes, buried-alive people, and so on.

Soon enough, Greta will feel great bringing on her program some “courageous” Muslim leaders, yes, condemning extremism and terrorism committed by their own in the name of Allah.

And that will not make a difference for the manyfold heads that will continue rolling down after being tortured alive -also in the name of Allah.



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  • Posted: October 7, 2014 23:29

    Montgomery Granger

    Actions speak louder than words, and so your perception is precise. I think we would all like to hear Muslim leaders condemn loudly and often the terrorist actions of Islamists. But what will this accomplish? Nothing but good feelings and sound bites. But, like a sincere apology, if you have to ask for it, it isn't worth hearing. All the Muslim leaders Greta calls out are hiding from the Islamists just like Obama is. He is Muslim and socialist, and gravely fears for his life, and the lives of his family. If Islamists are paying attention then they have seen lax security for the president. They can strike when they want to, that much is clear. Obama has criticized his own military, security and intelligence community so often they will surely look the other way. Peace loving MUSLIMS, if there are any, want nothing to do with denouncing ISIL, which will only make themselves targets.