Inexorable, time passes for all of us.  Today, it’s Hello Kitty, the sweet and sexy kitty that has come in all versions, already 40 years ago, leading a life of love and tenderness, as women and girls all over used her to transmit feelings and passions in subtle ways.  Enjoy the article, it’s informative and nostalgic.

Hello Kitty

It was the Japanese, who straying slightly from the Ninja Turtles and the 1992 Japanese Super Sentai series, who created the first simple coin purse that was sold in Japan back in 1974.  

In time, Hello Kitty has become a multi-billion dollar empire — $8 billion worth of products bearing her image sold internationally in 2013.  The beauty of it is that she is attractive, sweet, appealing to young girls and secretly also to adult women tagging along their innocent teen ages.  

Fittingly, the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles is presenting a carefully curated variety of goods from the last four decades — as well as Hello Kitty-inspired art — in a celebratory Hello Kitty retrospective.  hello kitty machine gun A2 b

Time passes and for once it is good to offer a commentary unrelated to abortions, beheadings, and rather concentrate on Hello Kitty turning an awful lot of 40 years .   Enjoy!

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