Eliana Benador: Taking Care of Our Holy Souls


Take care of your body to take care of your soul.

As we know, our soul is directly coming from G d, given in our charge to allow us to polish it and perfect in our various lifetimes, to learn in the joy and improve in the tests of our sorrows.

Be careful with what you choose to do.  Be careful with what you look at. Be careful what you eat or drink. Be careful what your ears hear. Be careful with the scents your nose will feel.

Be careful what you allow your eyes to watch, for whatever you look at will affect your innermost hidden spots of your soul.

Be careful what you say with your mouth as well.  It is for a reason that so many ‘obstacles’ G d place in our body before we speak our thoughts or say our feelings.  Indeed, once a thought is in our mind, we have many safeguards to overcome:  the pharynx, the throat, the tongue, the teeth and, finally, the lips.

The reason for it being that words for instance in the realm of lashon harah, or evil tongue, saying anything good or not about anyone is consider as the equivalent of killing a person.  Therefore, one of the rules of lashon harah, forbids us to speak of anyone for any reason.  Naturally, that prohibition is overruled to save other’s safety.

For all those important reasons and many more, we must take seriously care of our souls.

Again, it is because we are to consider this flesh and body of ours as a temple, the holy temple that hosts the soul G d gave us -soul which is Holy because it is a part of Him.

So, don’t give in to temptation. The world outside is filled with yetzer hara, the evil inclination, trying to destroy our holy connection with Our Creator.

Remember the Beit Hamikdash, our Temple… there was nothing that goes in it unless it is completely pure and purified.

It is the same with our bodies which we must protect because once you did or saw something undue, or heard undue words or actions, because whatever enters your brain, will mark your soul forever.

Your soul is your precious diamond and should only be polished to become the most beautiful possession you can offer yourself and G d.

Just sharing some thoughts with you.




Decorate your own soul

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