Eliana Benador: Jew-Hate Running Amok Irish Style

Tehilim 94

Hate is a bad word.  Or so it should be.  I made it a point since my youth, not to “hate” anyone, why?  Simply because hate takes a lot of oneself.  A lot of the goodness that should be the leitmotif of a human being gets lost in those who specialise in hate.

There is so much energy involved in hating someone.  One has to focus, be intent and stubborn.  Practically all the cells of your body get into another, negative, sphere of action.  Blood pressure rises.  Heart pumps speedier and wastes minutes of life with such concentrated negativism.

And the first one affected by ‘hate’ is the person who feels it, not the recipient of that hate, but those whose world turns into hell because hate is a product of hell.

And so, once again, hate is running amok against Jews around the world.  What we thought was over is far from that, on the contrary it’s blooming and blossoming from north to south and from west to east.

The winds of disgrace are blowing ferociously, contaminating the air and polluting the hearts and the minds of those who think their actions will be unnoticed by the One whose primary concern after the creation of the world, was to bless His Chosen Children.

History has witnessed in no uncertain terms that whoever has attacked the Jews, G d’s Chosen People, to whom He gave the Land of Israel, have not ended well.

“I shall bless those who bless you and I shall curse those who curse you…”   Bereishit/Genesis 12:3

This time is Ireland’s turn their back on my people.

Sadly, the organizers of Ireland’s national memorial for the Holocaust have banned any mention of Israel, the Jewish Chronicle Online reported last week – demanding the master of ceremonies “not to refer to the Jewish State or the State of Israel during any part of the ceremony” in January.

Outrage against the Holocaust Educational Trust Ireland (HETI), who organized the event, has begun to spread.

But, hey, this is only one more in the unending series…

In France, thousands of Jews are getting ready to move out to Israel.  In Belgium, Jews no longer feel safe to go out in the night.  In England, Jews are also been harassed and feel ever more unsafe.  In America, the government just betrayed the undue trust the Israeli government placed in them with the recent attack on Syria.  The EU is sanctioning Israel time and again.

In other words, it is not only not ending, it is getting worse by the day.

And what is the world doing?  They are becoming even more vicious against Israel while the Israeli leadership is bowing to them, forgetting that as Jews we are to bow to nobody other than the Creator of the Universe, G d.

It is precisely the Jewish-in-name-only Zionist Israeli leadership that’s being one of the sources of the weakening of Israel thus endangering the safety of Jews worldwide.

It is known that a strong leadership in any country inspires respect and fear, because that’s what Israel needs, to be respected and feared, nothing less.

Right now it’s neither, because aborted wars out of fear of world opinion can enhance neither the security of the Jews in Israel and worldwide, nor the safety of the country.

Haftara for Vaiyeshev, Amos 3:1-2:

“1 Hear this word, O people of Israel,
That the Lord has spoken concerning you,
Concerning the whole family that I brought up from the land of Egypt:
2 “You alone have I singled out
Of all the families of the earth —
That is why I will call you to account
For all your iniquities.”

That was a message for the Jews so they remember who they are.  And a reminder for the Jew-haters so that they refresh in their minds whom they are dealing with, G d’s Children.

As our respected Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi says:  “Imagine you go after the children of your king…  Now, imagine how much are you risking going after the King of Kings’ Chosen Children… Do you think HE will be happy”?

Throughout History sometimes Jews have been vanquished and even expelled from the Land of Israel, which was given to the Jewish Patriarch Avraham and initially was the land of Canaan, but the enemies of the Jews would be remiss if they forget how those who momentarily seemed to destroy the Jews ended.  That was G d’s revenge on behalf of His Chosen Children.

After so many enemies along our path of over 3, 300 years existence, we are still here because we were placed on this planet to be the Light to the world.  That’s the mission G d gave to us.   And we take it to heart.

Enough said.


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