Eliana Benador: The Left Patronising Treatment of the Masses

See the masses?

Ignorant. Know-it-all without knowing almost anything.

And yet, liberals’ agendas have listed the defence of rights of masses and minorities at the top of their priorities.

But do they, really?

A humane agenda needs to make sure to secure the education of the masses.

Raising their standard of living will depend on raising their standards of education and culture, raising these in turn, will make them useful individuals for their families and for the country at large, especially when looking into a true and real economic recovery.

So, what to do?  Certainly, giveaways and free bees are only a way to lead those masses deeper into an unofficial slavery, condemning them for generations to sojourn inside the parasitical drawer of society.

In reality, policies in Western leftist countries in this part of the XXIst century are witnessing, for instance, how the American Administration generously funds terrorism and other similar activities.  All those funds come without much ado, from the most indebted country in the world.

What should be done, however, is a drastic change in such “investment” policies and rather proceed to create six universities throughout the country completely FREE of charge so needy students can attend if they are capable and so wish, and it should be organised in such a way that students would have NO debts afterwards.

Did you know that until they have not paid their student debts in full, those persons have a bunch of impediments in their lives, all imposed by the sacrosanct American Administration.

The system we are suggesting, should be exclusively based on meritocracy.  Just as sports.  After all, American students can do sports if they excel in their college studies.  In the same fashion should function the subvention of college studies for needy students.

Speaking about Latinos in the United States.

They have been robbed of bright futures.  Instead of demanding from Latinos and all other immigrants to learn to speak flawless English so that they could have the right to attend, if they wanted, Ivy League institutions such as Harvard, Brandeis, Columbia or Yale, they and their children have been kept at the lowest levels of society.

On their part, American governments in their intrinsic liberal minds, imposed the opposite, teaching Spanish to Americans.

And, what did America get from learning Spanish?  Nothing.

It lowered the cultural level of the country.

In fact, no offence, but what has Spanish to offer?

Great universities? NO. Great scientists? NO. Great inventors? NO.  Any Nobel Prizes?  Barely a few.

So the time has come to say enough to the pseudo “humane” leftist approach that is more patronising than anything else.

What’s important is to give the masses the means to raise their cultural and educational level, that is, to treat them like human beings. They should have a choice and choose.

With a higher number of immigrants seemingly soon to be absorbed by the former superpower, Americans are about to see the numbers of available jobs vanish in front of their eyes.

That is why it is so important to demand an education reform that will not only eliminate the cruel common core system imposed on American children but also a reform that will solidify the possibilities for next generations to receive completely free college education.

It’s time for Congress to look after the people who have elected them, their real bosses.

Congress should stop supporting the anti-American measures of the most anti-American leader the country ever had.


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