Eliana Benador: Vayera G D Revealed Himself….


So many life lessons in this beautiful Parashat Ha Shavua, the Torah portion of the week, Vayera… which means “G D revealed Himself…” to Moshe, that is.       Shabbat 16JAN2014


G D leaves us that lesson when He does not impose on Moshe to hit the river for the plague of blood, because Moshe was saved through the waters of the river. To the sand, which was the means by which Moshe blinded the Egyptian he fought to save a Hebrew and whom he ended killing, changing his life forever, taking his fate as saviour of our people from thereon.


The darkness is most intense before the dawn — this pain was a necessary prelude to redemption, and even as medicine cannot be described as evil, so this suffering could not be termed evil…bitter, yes, painful, yes, but not evil.


The subtlety of communicating, is left for us to learn from how HaShem Himself chooses His ways to transmitting to Moshe the different kinds of importance in life:

To that purpose, G-d used severe language (vayidaber) with Moses, but once that point was made, He immediately reverted to the gentle, soft, “Vayomer”.

And, these are but a very few points, there is infinitely much more than that.

May G d bless and protect all of you, my mishpocha, and may He watch as well over this suffering world. Only Blessings to all of you.

Shabbat shalom,

Eliana Benador

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