A president is the leader of a republic and in principle he is chosen because people trust him to take care of country and people.  All.  People.

Mr. Obama has requested Congress for new war powers against the Islamic State.

Yet, Obama is not at war with Islam and he will never be.

That’s the most important issue in his agenda and everything turns around it.

Even the terminology applied to designate the Islamic State (daesch in Arabic,) has been suppressed because Mr. Islamophile cannot stand hurting the feelings of Muslims and mention the name of their religion for such unworthy occasions.

It is better to reserve such honour to Muslim terrorists who use the name of God as in Allah hu Akbar, just before doing any atrocity.

That’s why he and his mouthpiece, the mainstream media are calling it “ISIS.”

Not me.  Islamic State it is.  Islamic State it remains.

In a recent column I addressed the issue that the Islamic State is closing in on Ayn al-Asad airbase, five miles away from the al-Baghdadi town which is already at the hands of the terrorists.

At that airbase there are 320-400 U.S. Marines, most likely among the cream of the crop of the elite navy seals, because who else would be teaching and transmitting their know-how and their knowledge to others?


News have broken today by none other than Kurdish sources that,

“…a military source has said today that 1,400 U.S. troops have arrived in Iraq’s Western Anbar province, according to the Arabic Al Mayadeen news channel.

The troops are reportedly stationed at the Ayn al-Asad air base in the west of Anbar, joining thousands of Iraqi troops and an estimated 320 U.S. personnel already at the base.

Another 4,000 American troops are now in Kuwait awaiting approval from U.S. President Barack Obama to head to Anbar, the source added.

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants, including eight attempted suicide bombers, successfully infiltrated the Ayn al-Asad base on Feb. 13, but were stopped by Iraqi security forces.

That attack followed an ISIS offensive launched against the nearby town of al-Baghdadi, 8 km away from the base, the previous day, during which militants captured much of the area.

Iraqi forces have since retaken the captured territory, aided by coalition airstrikes against ISIS positions in the region, but the fight for Anbar province continues.

On Tuesday, the police chief of al-Baghdadi said 45 people had been burned to death by ISIS militants, adding that some of the victims were believed to have been members of the security forces.

Officials in Anbar have repeatedly called for outside support in the form of weapons and training over the last several months, with ISIS having launched an offensive on the province in January 2014.

It was not until last June that ISIS militants overtook Iraq’s second largest city of Mosul, in the country’s north, and declared a caliphate encompassing approximately one third of the country, in addition to vast areas in Syria.”

Sincerely, this is the most worrisome news Americans could receive these days.

The president is no longer holding back, he has outspokenly advocated his allegiance to the Islamic State terrorists in many ways.

He has asked Congress for authorisation for war powers against  the Islamic State, but with some caveats, so no full intervention there, just middle of the road palliative to soothe what would be his conscience, should he have one, but it is more to help him keep numb the American people.

Then, he had the brilliant idea to create “jobs” for the beheaders, and he wants us to be mindful of their grievances as well.  Seriously?

Not only that, he used a days long conference to figure out how to better improve the conditions of the terrorists, because as it is, Obama and his people cannot hide or dissimulate it anymore, and all is coming to the light, above all, his eternal and passionate love for Islam.  That conference?  An utter waste of the money of American taxpayers and the ultimate way to misuse energy, efforts and time.

He and his people are now complaining that Cairo did not give Washington advance notice  about its strikes on the ISIS hotbed of Derna, Libya.  Ludicrous.  Sisi is a president who loves his people, as is evident from his actions.  He is not asking or letting know Obama ahead of an airstrike, which would equate to asking permission. There are presidents as Sisi and nowadays those are rare.  And then there are presidents…  Obama is the latter.

We knew of course that Obama would not approve of any of them, Jordan or Egypt going full force against Islam’s angels from the Islamic State.  In fact, Obama & Co. must have been grieving about it.

In that context, it is important to assess the Ayn Al-Asad airbase situation.

1,400 more troops there.  What for?

The Administration should have airlifted the 320 U.S. marines, saved them.  After all, that airbase is the size of Boulder, Colorado, so they could have much  rather picked up our men instead of adding more.

The bottom line is that they are preparing American troops to confront the Islamic State barbarians and now it will be just a question of time to see which American men will they catch, who will they behead or choose to burn alive.

When has the commander-in-chief defended the troops?  Not one single time.  He has used and abused the powers that were invested in him against them.  Just think Seal Team Six.  The truth is that it was an inside job that began with the dumbest vice-president America ever had and the worst, most anti-America ever imaginable president.

And they are being helped by the American people who, sadly, have lost their path.

Benghazi went unpunished. The culprits are still at large and in place, unmoved.  Therefore they feel they can continue doing whatever they want.

Pity that the American people are obviously not outraged enough despite all the extreme excesses that have costed the lives of so many compatriots, to rally demanding justice for those who were slaughtered.

Maybe Americans should be inspired by the March of Paris in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo carnage -which comparatively speaking was not as terrifying as the Benghazi tragedy.

Now the U.S. Marines, who are risking their lives need help from their people.

What to do?  Peacefully and silently, march on D.C. to make sure Washington gets that there will not be any American casualties at Ayn al-Asad airbase.

The People could also follow the example of the Egyptian people.  They knew what was wrong.  They knew what was right.  They risked their lives, and in a peaceful manner, they changed the direction in which their country was going.   They knew a Muslim Brotherhood government was not good and they stopped it, while the American people is putting up with their “official” nominations within their government.  You see here with crushing clarity two realities.

If the good and uneducated Egyptians were heroic to do it,  why not the American people who have so much to lose…

If you want to see more American blood run on your screens or the heads of American men, or if you want to see them burning alive, stay put.

But if you have an iota of love left in your being for country and your compatriots, do what needs to be done because God is with you.  He is on your side.

Rarely one gets second chances.  Benghazi went unresolved.  Now is the time to prevent a sad and tragic carnage from happening.

Remember the military cannot say no.  They are given orders, which they must follow.  Whatever those orders are.  Especially if they know no one has their back.

A second golden chance is knocking at the door of your hearts.  Answer.  Save them.

I may be wrong. But do you really want to find out?


God Bless America


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