Just as I had finished writing my previous article on the horrors of the Islamic State and their gruesome mass-beheading of 21 defenceless human beings, all of them Egyptian Copts, news about them yesterday continued to horrify the world.

The barbarians have once again outdone themselves in their horrendous descent to hell as they have this time burned alive 45 Iraqis, and by certain accounts some local security forces could have been among them.

We remain speechless in front of such monstrosity.

As a matter of fact, last Friday, a “media group” linked to the Islamic State released a four-minute video titled “Peshmerga Captives in Kirkuk Province,” which showed Kurdish prisoners exhibited in iron cages, as if though they were animals, being driven around on trucks in Iraq, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI.)

The video of the prisoner convoy in orange uniforms is a painful reminder of the scenes prior to the execution of the Jordanian pilot almost two weeks ago.  Later, the Islamic State released the video showing Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh being burned alive in a cage.

How did the fierce Kurds become prisoners of the Islamic State?  Some of my sources have shared with me what happened.  They were fighting the terrorists when they began running out of ammunition and asked the Americans for help and drop ammunitions.  American helicopters were hovering on the sky above them while the fight was going on, but no ammunition was sent their way.  And so they fell in the hands of the barbarians.  Thank you, America.

Indeed, there are Kurdish claims that the Americans are failing to come through.  It has been confirmed by none other than NBC chief international correspondent reporting from the Middle East, Richard Engel who has tweeted how “Kurdish forces fighting the advance of #ISIS are deeply disappointed with the support they’re getting from Washington…”

On a side note, doesn’t this remind of a similar situation, when the American Administration kept a deafening silence while the Benghazi carnage was happening?  Ambassador Stevens asking for help and reinforcement a month earlier and even on that fatal Sept. 11, 2012…  and no one answered.  No help was sent to save them.

Yesterday, devastating news reported that Islamic State terrorists have burned to death 45 people in the western Iraqi town of al-Baghdadi.  Another despicable act by the subhumans.

This is significant.

Indeed, Al-Baghdadi is just five miles away from the Ain al-Asad airbase,  home to the Iraqi 7th Division, who are receiving training from the over, by some accounts 400 or 300 U.S. Marines stationed at the airbase.

Earlier the Islamic State attempted to attack the base, but were driven off by Iraqi forces.

Meanwhile, unlike the King of Jordan or the President of Egypt who are ruthlessly and massively bombing the Islamic State,  President Barack Hussein Obama and his Administration are far from really performing a devastating bombing on the Islamic State terrorists.

The American Administration has come up with their sweet version to solve the problem.  One, is the creation of jobs for the Islamic State barbarians.  Second, the creation of a three-day summit on “Violent Extremism” with the president playing happy host to representatives of 60 nations.

Adding insult to injury, Obama’s vice-president took the opportunity to make clear that “including immigrants is key to  stopping extremism in the United States,” you see.

It is a joke.  An insult to the minds of the American people.

It is a clap on the face to the survivors of the thousands of victims slaughtered by the Islamic State.

They are even avoiding calling by its name, as it brings the word Islam to the mud of its own reality.  That’s why they take all the pain in the world to impose calling them ISIS or ISIL.  Anything but Islamic.

What’s important to the president and his people is to advance their agenda at any rate.  There are no mistakes, no misunderstandings, they are not fool, they are not simplistic, they are not dreaming.  They are doing exactly what they want to do.

By now, Islamic State terrorists have seized 90 percent of al-Baghdadi, which surrounds the airbase, but according to statements by Iraqi officials to Reuters. “There was no direct attack on the Ain al-Asad air base,” a Defence Department spokeswoman also acknowledged reports of “ineffective indirect fire in the vicinity of the base” along with ongoing “heavy fighting” by the Islamic State in the area.

Reuters reported that the terrorists did engage in an attack on the air base, but have so far failed to break into the facility.  For how long…?

Courtesy  ©The Washington Post –  The Institute for the Study of War.

The area around the Iraqi base in the Anbar Province has long been a “hot zone” of the Islamic State fighting for quite a while. The terrorists are reportedly focusing on the region in an effort to expand its self-declared caliphate territory in both Iraq and Syria.

But there is also the other reason.

For the first time, last month the Pentagon confirmed that U.S. troops at the Al Asad base in Iraq are being subjected to “regular mortar fire.”

The Islamic State is closing in on Al Asad airbase in iraq where hundreds of American marines are training Iraqis, that’s for sure.

The American people has failed to obtain justice for four compatriots miserably massacred in Benghazi, Libya on Sept. 11, 2012.

The executive level of the Obama Administration refused to send in help in the hours-long agony the carnage lasted.  And they have gone unpunished.

This time, it is imperative that the American people massively and by all peaceful means make clear to President Barack Hussein Obama, his Administration, the Congress, and the Department of Defence, that those American Marines are not to be harmed in any way, shape or fashion.

Sadly, there are unconfirmed reports indicating that there may be already 13 dead marines…

During Obama’s both terms, what has happened with the American military forces, with the marines?

They were given to the enemy as cannon food.  As in the Navy Seals Team Six who were victims of an incredible ambush only possible with help of inside information.

Now the question begs, how come this time the terrorists are also aware in which base the American Marines are stationed?

Putting all this information together, we can see through it with clarity.  They are in danger.

We could have asked the King of Jordan or the President of Egypt to do us a favour and kindly bomb the Islamic State terrorists before they get close to our guys.


Their lives are in each of your hands.  Over 330 million Americans surely can put enough pressure to save those 300-400 American Marines…

You failed in getting justice for Benghazi.  That’s in your conscience now.

You have a new opportunity this time to save the lives of 300-400 Americans, your husbands, your fathers, your children…

This is no longer just about dying. It’s about slaughters, carnages, orgies of beheadings, burning alive and burying alive, plus all the unimaginable tortures, abuses, exploitations…

As the Islamic State closes in on Al Asad airbase, do not allow the subhumans to touch your loved ones, our guys.

Remember that their commander-in-chief is the enemy number one.

Only and together, the American People, with the strength given by God, can save 300 to 400 compatriots who are needing our committed, loud and determined support.

God bless America.


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