Some are in the belief that American foreign policy is exclusively a partisan issue.  Democrats fault the Republicans for addressing Iran’s ayatollahs.  Republicans remind Democrats how at some or many points, their men, either Carter, Kerry, including Obama for that matter, have interacted with foreign powers or their representatives to the direct detriment of American interests.

he would stand with Muslims

In doing so, they miss the point completely.

The dire situation of American foreign policy which has recently pushed 47 senators to publish an open letter to the ayatollahs, simply shows how it has been mishandled when the foremost element is missing on all sides:  Patriotism, that elusive and wonderful word is missing from the American leadership as the 21st century unrolls.

Some are labelling the 47 senators as ‘traitors” and that is a misplaced assertion.  They are not traitors.  They are desperate leaders who are refusing to look at the only solution left.

Rightfully, many are labelling the American leadership as “traitors” as well.  In their case the term pales in front of the reality.

Some are accusing Kerry of having “short memory” in a futile effort of compare the democrat’s attitudes of past and present in dealing with leaders of enemy countries.  That is not the right comparison either.

America and the world know the current administration does not have any love lost for the country and therefore their behaviour should be no surprise.

However, the situation of the 47 senators is entirely different.


Conservatives are admiring their bold and unprecedented move but are expecting more .

In reality, the lawmakers know how unhappy Americans are with the present state of affairs.  Their impotence therefore becomes painfully apparent to the view of the entire world.   And yet, they have the means to put a halt to America’s agony.

Meanwhile, the tragedy is that only globalists and the left at large seem to understand how America is the foremost key player in the planet, unlike the others who could, but cannot be counted.

China’s economic power is real but mostly based on foreign trade given that the economic power of the poor population is insignificant.  Russia, is being destroyed as we speak, thanks to the globalists intense need to tame their stubborn president who despite some mistakes is still beloved by his people, but for how long, that’s anyone’s guess.

Besides those two, there is no other power at the level of the United States of America despite the fact that it is a disaster in the making and that will affect over a third of the population.

Why is it that only the left understands the power of America in the world, even in the current dire conditions?

The left has been manipulating public opinion with utmost dexterity and quietly for decades and decades.  They have made appeal to techniques used by the communists, who had an initial smashing success as we know.

It was only when some of them realised how communism was lethal to the people and after that brutal awakening, they became deserters or dissidents.  Some survived but many were murdered along the road, as the system refused to be undermined by them.

Through the slow process of psychological warfare aimed at brainwashing the minds and changing the perception of reality, the left has taken over a majority of Americans to the extent that regardless of the abundance of information, hardly anyone is able to come to sensible conclusions and act accordingly in order to defend themselves, their families, their community and even less their country.  Point in case:  the 47 senators.

It has been a great endeavour for the left, but they persevered in a process that has been slow, and therefore more dangerous brainwashing has taken place in such a way that now it is overpowering the freewill of Americans, left and right alike.  Including the 47 senators.

As mentioned in one of my recent articles, experts were put at work to research and find the ways to win the minds of the opposition and adepts alike, because many on the left who love their country were and are not for selling it out to the globalist agenda.

The process, therefore, had a few stages beginning with the demoralisation of the people, happening over a period of roughly 15-20 years as that’s the minimum time required to educate anew an entire generation.

Indeed, education is the key element here to expose the children to the desired ideology on a daily basis.

They have been working on this during two to three generations without being challenged.  During that time patriotism has been corroded and almost completely erased as a natural and intrinsic value for many who could call themselves, American.

As a result most who dropped out in the early sixties, are now dangerously in positions of power within the government and it is and will be impossible to change their minds even in the presence of legitimate information.  They are programmed to think and behave in a definite way.  Many of you know, that it is useless to try to show an indoctrinated leftist with common sense arguments of patriotism, national interest, safety, you name it.

It is impossible to change the basic perception leftists have, no matter how much effort we could make.  In essence, in such people, the process of demoralisation is complete and irreversible.

For society to get rid of them it would be necessary another 20 or 30 years to re-educate another generation patriotically minded, imbued with common sense to act in the interest of the country.

For instance, communist dissidents testify that, when the brainwashed saw what equality and social justice meant in reality, they were unhappy and  frustrated and obviously they revolted.  At the time they joined the ranks of dissidents, it was only to be chased and hunted as was the case in the Soviet Union.

Back to the 47 senators.  As we can see, even the so called republican contingent has been contaminated, as is the majority of the American population.

That is the only reason which explains why until now there has not even been the glimmer of real opposition that would allow Americans to defend their soil and their safety at large.

This is also why the 47 senators opted for a “light” version of revolt.  As any political operative is aware, the more you are in the limelight, the more you are protected against revenge in the middle of the night.

In fact, during my work with dissidents from different countries, we knew that the more they were in the public realm, the less were the chances of them having an “accident.”

Sadly, the senators have missed their chance to initiate real change.  They know full well that the Constitution has wisely given them a tool to stop an abusive executive and in this case an entire anti-American administration.

Americans have always wanted to solve their problems with jokes and fun. Sadly, in their hope to keep numb via those means, inch by inch they are losing the beautiful country they were given to cherish and protect.

Meanwhile, 235,000 American leftists have managed once again to show their unity and have signed a petition presented at the White House, whereby they are dangerously calling for treason charges against the 47 senators.  In 30 days, the White House is supposed to address their petition and make a decision.

Most certainly true conservatives deeply regret that the 47 senators have not yet called for the removal of the entire Obama administration to stop the demise of America at their hands.

It is not too late.  If they man up, they can manage to rally the people and in a peaceful manner get it done.

Let America have early elections as soon as possible.  No need to wait for 2016.


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  • Posted: March 15, 2015 11:59

    D westcott

    I am in total agreement and would petition with you!