Who can forget the day the American President Barack Hussein Obama publicly embraced Bowie Bergdahl’s parents in the Rose Garden of the White House.  He then proceeded to tell the world of his release while then National Security Adviser Susan Rice went on tour on various Sunday talk shows claiming that Bergdahl served his country with “honor and distinction.”  Of course.

After the military took much time, caution and care, they have finally charged Bowe Bergdahl with “desertion misbehaviour.”  He will now face charges under articles 85 and 99 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

‘Desertion with Intent to Shirk Important or Hazardous Duty’:

Article 85 charges a soldier with desertion if he ‘quits his unit, organization, or place of duty with intent to avoid hazardous duty or to shirk important service.’ It can carry a death sentence but the military won’t seek that option in the Bergdahl case

MAXIMUM SENTENCE:  Five years in a military prison plus reduction in rank, dishonorable discharge and forfeiture of pay

‘Misbehavior Before the Enemy by Endangering the Safety of a Command, Unit or Place’:

Article 99 charges a service member with running away from a fighting enemy, throwing down his weapons, abandoning his platoon or other fighting unit, or otherwise purposely failing ‘to do his utmost to encounter, engage, capture, or destroy any enemy troops, combatants, vessels, aircraft, or any other thing, which it is his duty so to encounter, engage, capture, or destroy.’

MAXIMUM SENTENCE:  Life in a military prison plus reduction in rank, dishonorable discharge and forfeiture of pay

The announcement comes as reports on one of the five key Taliban released nearly a year ago in exchange for Bergdahl announce he is engaged in militant activities.  Two other Taliban are under grave suspicion of the same.


Wait.  Did not President Obama say that “As part of this effort, the United States is transferring five detainees from the prison in Guantanamo Bay to Qatar.  The Qatari government has given us assurances that it will put in place measures to protect our national security?”

Interesting.  The President of the United States of America was actually counting on the terror-funding Qatar to “protect our national security?”

Where exactly in the American Constitution does it say that an American president is supposed to do that, namely, to count on a foreign country, who funds our enemies, to protect the American soil and people?

Also, the timing for these charges is no coincidence and we will not exaggerate saying that the charges are only a first step in a long legal chain of proceedings still to be played out and as the reader can surely imagine, the outcome is more than uncertain.

It was the United States Army Col. Daniel King who informed the media about the charges but took no questions.  Who is surprised?

Josh Cornelison, who served as an E4 specialist medic in Second Platoon, Blackfoot Company of the First Battalion, 501st Regiment, said the decision was a chance for justice to be done after a year of political controversy.

‘He [Bergdahl] needs to be held responsible for what he did, for abandoning his post, for abandoning his platoon, for putting thousands of American soldiers, Marines and the whole United States military, thousands of members, in more danger, putting us into spots we wouldn’t already have been in, had he not walked away,’ he said.

The decision to obtain Bergdahl’s freedom ‘cost the United States, multiple soldiers’ lives, plus the freedom of five of the worst Taliban POWs.”

However in this article the Taliban “POWs” will be called terrorists and not POWs because prisoners of war is for regular soldiers who in a conventional symmetric war are made prisoners by the enemy army,  therefore in my book the scumbags from the Taliban have no right to be legitimised as POWs.

Among the many victims of this endeavour, Sergeant First Class Mark Allen was paralysed as a result of an enemy sniper’s bullet while searching for the deserter Bergdahl in Afghanistan in 2009.

Shannon Allen, the wife of Sgt. 1st Class Mark Allen, posted this scathing message on Facebook:

“Meet my husband, [his] injuries directly brought to you by the actions of this traitor. He can’t give an account of what went down, because he can no longer speak. Now, which guy is a ‘hero’ again?!?  Sick.”   Indeed.

Mark Allen and family

Infantry Officer Bradley Bethea was in Afghanistan’s Paktika province on June 30, 2009, the day Private First Class Bowe Bergdahl was reported missing.

Bergdahl’s unit was the 1st Battalion, 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment. Bethea was part of that same battalion in Afghanistan and took part in searches for the soldier, who was already known as “a deserter.”

Writing in The Daily Beast, Bethea recalls those whose lives were lost in the months of searches for a soldier who had turned his back on this country.

Bethea explains how on July 4, when “a wave of insurgents attacked the joint U.S.-Afghan outpost at Zerok,” killing two U.S. soldiers.

And why:  This attack came after four days of searches “enraged the local civilian population and derailed the counterinsurgency operations taking place at the time.”

The two soldiers killed were Private First Class Aaron Fairbairn and Private First Class Justin Casillas.

Officers at Zerok blamed Bergdahl for Fairbairn and Casillas’ deaths.

Bethea then describes the deaths of six more soldiers killed in the search for Bergdahl:


On August 18, an IED killed Private First Class Morris Walker and Staff Sergeant Clayton Bowen during a reconnaissance mission.

On August 26, while conducting a search for a Taliban shadow sub-governor supposedly affiliated with Bergdahl’s captors, Staff Sergeant Kurt Curtiss was shot in the face and killed.

On September 4, during a patrol to a village near the area in which Bergdahl vanished, an insurgent ambush killed Second Lieutenant Darryn Andrews and gravely wounded Private First Class Matthew Martinek, who died of his wounds a week later.

On September 5, while conducting a foot movement toward a village also thought affiliated with Bergdahl’s captors, Staff Sergeant Michael Murphrey stepped on an improvised land mine. He died the next day.

All that happened in 2009.

Now, end March 2015, a former platoon-mate of Bowe Bergdahl has opened up to the British Daily Mail Online and has shared what it appears to  the American deserter setting up a better public-relations  with a new defence strategy.

CNN has reported, based on a Pentagon leak, that Bergdahl told Army investigators he left his forward operating base in 2009 so he could report ‘a breakdown in discipline and order’ to military higher-ups – not with desertion in mind.   But of course.

‘This is clearly just a stunt to build sympathy before they go to trial,’ said retired Sgt. Jordan Vaughn, who spoke for the first time since the Army announced Bergdahl would be court-martialed.  ‘No logical person would ever take the actions he undertook for the reasons he is now saying,’ Vaughn told Daily Mail Online.

So, this change in strategy is a very shrewd move and one that fits perfectly in the making of a new version in which the Obama administration has specialised from the beginning.

As I begin my conclusion, a last look at Bergdahl’s parents’ statements at the Rose Garden:

MRS. BERGDAHL:  I just want to say thank you to everyone who has supported Bowe

Mr. BERGDAHL:  … To the people of Afghanistan, the same — (speaks in Pashto) — the complicated nature of this recovery was — will never really be comprehended.  To each and every single one who effected this, in this country, in the service branches, at the State Department, throughout the whole of American government, and around the world, international governments around the world, thank you so much….


Simply because Obama is on a tight spot by the Taliban Five and Qatar for allowing them to get back to business despite the Qatari government assurances that they “would put in place measures to protect America’s national security.”  Obviously.

Obama’s gambit in his quest to find and exchange Bergdahl’s freedom may seem very risque but at the end of the day, it paid royally.

The Taliban Five walked freed back into action, and the damage they can perform is beyond imagination.

Taliban Five

The army has now decided that Bowe Bergdahl behaviour deserves desertion and misbehaviour charges.

But, what about the president?   What about the humongous magnitude of the material, financial and human investment that the president was ready to and that he actually invested?

Soldiers have given their lives trying to save Bergdahl, and their families have now been amputated from their loved ones because of the deserter and his protector.

Other soldiers like Mark Allen have had their lives torn and they are disabled forever, and as usual with our men in the military, when something happens to them, they share that fate with their families as well.

What about those key, high ranking terrorists now known as the Taliban Five?

Is the responsibility of Obama and his people going to be whitewashed once again as in every case that has happened since he became a president?

If Bowe Bergdahl has been found guilty of desertion and misbehaviour to be condemned up to life-term, what about the president, his so-called commander-in-chief who has once again continue aiding and abetting the enemy in the war against Muslim terrorism?

Isn’t it time that the American people obtain Justice for all those soldiers needlessly murdered?

What else does Mr. Obama need to do for the American people to stand up and say it is ENOUGH?

He should be jailed and prosecuted together with the entire administration, most of congress, DoD, IRS, DHS, and so on.

America needs urgent new elections.

Nothing can be worse than having a rabid anti-American president and the people who surround him, work 24/7 against the country they were supposed to protect and make prosper, but instead they are busy everyday pulling the rug from under the feet of the American people.


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  • Posted: March 30, 2015 03:23


    Your step by step walk through of events was right on point. As an American citizen 1st generation I have a love for the country that allowed my Jewish parents &1 Grandparent to come here legally. My other 3 Grandparents however didn't fare as well all 3 died different ways & in different concentration camps. It's amazing how the mainstream media in the US has a vested interested in BHO & his administration & along with the the DOJ providing cover he has been able to systematically transform America into a damaged world power certainly weaken at least some myself included believe this could be revenge for his fathers hatetted & belief for the neocolonializm policy of the US which he further thought persecuted his religious brothers. Along with truthful writers as yourself it seems the only news corporation FNC had been right there along side you with their reporting . The Blaze has been another outlet with the truth with a few newspapers WSJ, Washington Times & NYPost with at most just a handful more. I myself though have not served in the military I have served the US government in several different usages for 20 plus yrs. resulting in 100% disability w/no chance of recovery. fortunately the majority of active military & veterans know the truth along with the political right. Before BHO the executive branch never yielded as much power with his overreacting executive decisions bypassing congress in clear violation of the Constitution however the process to overturn his decisions by either SCOTUS or the legislature are time consuming. I have confidence with the new chair of the house committee T Gowdy will do a much better job by going after Hillary unlike his predecessor D Issa who had so much over his head that if he pushed to hard his ethics would be brought into question. Gowdy's mission is three fold first grill former Secretary of State on her deleted emails then Benghazi finishing with Bowe Bergdahl. Along with Gowdy's committee others led by Chaffetz & others will get to the bottom of these three scandals. The speed & depth of which these scandals are vindicated. depends largely on the American public getting their heads out of the sand.
    • Posted: April 11, 2015 21:11

      Eliana Benador

      Thank you so much for that thoughtful comment and for your kind words. A writer loves receiving praise if deserved.