When I write my political commentary, I am one of the few who has the conviction that Right and Wrong are G d-Given values and that the world without them is going to its doom.

So, yes, I mix religion with politics, because our ethical life based on G d’s Values must and should impregnate our way of life in all senses.

THIS is why I do not agree with Netanyahu.  On this video, he is emphasising about Israel, his concern about Israelis….. Not about Jews, as if Jews were not the essence of the fabric of Israel, by G d’s Specific Will.

As a good zionist, He does NOT mention G d.

HaShem, the Creator of the Universe who created Eretz Yisroel and gave the Land of Israel, as He promised it to Avraham to his descendants the Hebrews, us the Jews.

G d, who for the first time pronounced the name of Israel in the Jewish Torah, when He changed the name of Jacob to Israel.

When we refer to Jacob and his worldly activities, his name is Jacob.

His name is Israel for the Heavenly task he received from G d, the name of the nation, of which we are the most integral part, Israel.

For that and for more, my heart is not there.

We Jews, Chosen Children by G d after all the nations of the world rejected His Torah, deserve better. We need to stick like glue to Our Only G d and be always thankful to Him.


So, Mr. Netanyahu will face the world because “he” wants to save Israel. How impertinent. How arrogant.

So forgive me but I pray to G d to save Israel if, when and how He sees fit -because I despise the human arrogance that wants to erase the existence of G d Almighty…

May G d in His Infinite sapience, help Netanyahu if so is His Will. And, despite my personal opinion, I still wish the prime minister, godspeed.

May G d’s Will be done…



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