Once again, religion is at the core of the struggle in America.  And, once again, it is the hypocritical liberal fascists who are trying to handle the law to advance their hidden, unspoken agenda.

It all began with the left will to crush traditional family values in Western civilisation.

The rise of the left mirrored their aversion towards principles, values and convictions. And, one by one, they are bringing down those barriers.

They have been intent on destroying the family nucleus for over a century and have succeeded to convert it into the pariah of the system.

One of the pillars for a family is the love between a man and a woman, therefore one of the main targets has been the bond that united them,  the key element for the reproduction of human beings, sexuality.

So, what should have been kept in the four walls of a bedroom has been brought to the public domain, courtesy of American liberals.

After putting all their efforts in identifying the key elements to destroy Western society as we know it, the result of their theoreticians, was to target the mother-child bond as they understood that it was at the source of the feeling of belonging to a family and the primary element in belonging to a country.

Therefore, by undercutting the first showed them what needed to be done to destroy patriotism.

As such, women were their natural target so in the name of freedom, equality and feminism they were given the pill, facilitated abortion, thus luring her out of the home to share the same “breadwinner” status as men, willingly removing her from her holiest place.

The queen of the home was no longer there to keep the entire family together, gone was  the home for her husband as well as the educational and bonding temple for her children.

With the pill came the natural next chapter, the dreaded “sexual freedom,” ruining the soul of men and women, thus opening all the gates to hell.

Sexual freedom resulted in promoting the next devilish stage which has existed since the beginning of creation:  Homosexuality.

While not new, it had never been legitimately recognized or accepted until the recent rise of liberal tide in human history.

As next item in their agenda, they had the audacity to move for “homosexual marriage.”

The sacrosanct institution that legitimised the union of man and woman in their natural quest for creating a traditional value-based family for procreation.   They managed to  sully it as they made such status available for abominable homosexual unions.

Note: “Abominable” is the term used by God in the Holy Book of the Torah given to Jews over 3,300 years ago and which has been one of the most influential books in the mores and thinking of Western civilisation to our days.

It is nothing strange that the battle for religion and to enslave Americans is taking place these days, as we Jews are about to commemorate how God Himself freed us from bondage in Egypt.

It is not strange.  It is not a coincidence.  It is God’s Will.

The new religious war is happening these days against Israel but also incontestably against America and has spread worldwide.

Truthfully, had it not been for government interference, homosexuals would have continued being homosexuals; but a worldwide state PR and marketing have provided them with appropriate platforms from where to present their case and promote their cause among children, teens and adults alike, all in the name of freedom but which I call the “abuse of freedom” whereby they can advance their rotten agenda.

In the last years, the legal state persecution on mores and religiosity has been in crescendo.

neon butterfly

The Obama Administration has been fiercely and actively making moves against freedom of religion ever since the first days of his both terms, slowly and surely removing God’s Name in many official instances.

Then, on a fatidic June 26, 2013, the Obama Administration represented by their Supreme Court ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act, (DOMA) was unconstitutional, opening the doors to same sex marriage.

In case you did not know, DOMA had been signed into law by President Clinton in 1996.

Likewise, the original Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) was passed 20 years ago with overwhelming support by a Democratic-majority Congress, then signed into law by yet another Democrat, President Bill Clinton. During a bi-partisan signing ceremony, Mr. Clinton said the following:

“We all have a shared desire here to protect perhaps the most precious of all American liberties — religious freedom. Usually the signing of legislation by a president is a ministerial act, often a quiet ending to a turbulent legislative process. Today this event assumes a more majestic quality because of our ability together to affirm the historic role that people of faith have played in the history of this country, and the constitutional protections those who profess and express their faith have always demanded and cherished. The free exercise of religion has been called the first freedom, that which originally sparked the development of the full range of the Bill of Rights.

“Our Founders cared a lot about religion. And one of the reasons they worked so hard to get the First Amendment into the Bill of Rights, at the head of the class, is that they well understood what could happen to this country, how both religion and government could be perverted if there were not some space created and some protection provided. We are, after all, the oldest democracy now in history and probably the most truly multiethnic society on the face of the Earth. And I am convinced that neither one of those things would be true today had it not been for the importance of the First Amendment. And the fact that we have kept faith with it for 200 years.”

Mr. Clinton isn’t the only Democrat president who has supported RFRA.  Back in 1998, an obscure senator Obama voted for similar legislation when he was in the Illinois Legislature.

In fact, 19 states have RFRA laws on the books, including liberal states like Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. No member of that trio has voted Republican in a presidential election in almost 30 years.

Thanks to the ever more powerful mainstream media loudspeakers of the government, Indiana has been singled out by the rabid liberal fascists who purposefully close their eyes to the fact that  American legislation protects Freedom of Religion but does *not* protect homosexuality.

They have pushed their case in such a way that in many instances, religious individuals and authorities, despite their convictions, values and principles, have been forced to perform so-called weddings on homosexual couples.

Thanks to RFRA, the only element up to defend the rights of religious business owners was and is in case of homosexual marriage.  If homosexuals want or need any other kind of service, they enjoy the same rights as any other person.

Impose on business owners to serve homosexuals who want to get married and celebrate with a homosexual wedding cake should not be an issue if it goes against the religious principles of service providers.

Indeed, “Your freedom stops where my freedom begins.”

As such, Governor of Indiana Mike Pence move to enact the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) was a natural thought provoking act to try to reset the balance in the new framework set up for the defense of religious principles of Christians in his state.

When all is said and done, one realizes that the attack against Governor Mike Pence of Indiana boils down to a religious struggle wanting to influence the war of ideas that is hard to ignore as liberal fascism goes after their next victim in the name of “freedom” and “equal rights.”

Fascism is still wrongly described in the dictionary as:  an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization. Or also as:  extreme right-wing, authoritarian, or intolerant views or practice.  Right-wing fascism?

Nothing further from the truth.  As historian Gilbert Allardyce writes:  “We have agreed to use the word without agreeing on how to define it.”  Why?  Simply because just as some identify fascism with the right, it is also identifiable with the left.

In the case of Indiana, liberals have answered to their call of duty, arguing that RFRA as implemented by Governor Pence favours discrimination of the LGBT agenda.

And, now they are out to scorn and boycott Indiana in such a way that they already got to put pressure on Pence and Indiana legislators and as a result they will likely give in.

My readers may be aware of all the sordid incidents surrounding the RFRA so allow me to get to my point.

RFRA and Indiana are simply an excuse for liberal fascists to violate the American Constitution once more, only to advance the LGBT agenda and on the other hand to destabilise further the Christian religion and others within the country.  Why?

As I wrote on my article for The Blaze last year, Liberals Dangerous Dichotomy: Islam and Homosexuality,  liberals have been playing a dangerous game with the homosexual agenda.

Or is it rather going according to their plans?

The contradictions now emerging from the vocal Indiana bashers are extraordinary.

Tim Cook, the openly gay Apple CEO, has condemned Indiana’s religious freedom law as an attack on gays, yet his own company buys its products from slave labor camps in China and then sells those products to Muslim countries that execute gays.

Tim Cook cares so much about gay rights that he’s willing to publicly attack Indiana, and yet selectively, he has no problem working with nations or religions who do not hesitate a second to hunt and execute gays.

Indeed once more we see how money rules in this collapsing world, where wealthy business clients remaining are to be found in the Muslim world, whether in the Middle East, Asia and/or South East Asia.  Apple and Starbucks are a a few examples of those cases.

Liberals are supporting and promoting the homosexual agenda while at the same time they are opening the doors of the country widely for mercenary immigrants from Latin America or other countries and for Muslims immigrants alike.

Some American patriots are reacting and they have made two kinds of experiments to test what happens when they turned the tables around.

Christians have asked 13 gay owners of a bakery to bake wedding cakes for traditional wedding and guess what?  They refused.

A reporter also tried it in some Muslim bakeries and guess what happened?  Check it out by yourselves.

As mentioned in earlier paragraphs, while Islam is a religion that victimises and executes homosexuals, quietly, however, there are great numbers of Muslim men who also practice homosexuality.

Therefore, promoting and supporting the homosexual agenda in the United States, will result in a growing number of LGBT who will either be prey to Muslim homosexuals or who will survive as their victims.

American gays do not realise they are being taken into a trap.  The more they fight for their “rights” the more numerous they will be and therefore, chances for “normal” families to blossom inside America will be dimmer as years go by, not that it is a worry for them, and yet that is the mildest of consequences of their actions.

Mainstream media are at the beck and call of the American president and the current progressive establishment.  No surprise therefore that such an abysmal change has happened since the Clinton era. Without MSM the Pence edict would just have been the 20th state to apply RFRA.

Obama and his people need more voters to continue ruling and implementing their anti-American and utterly anti-patriotic agenda and by satisfying the abomination of the homosexual agenda and all other sexual deviances in the name of freedom, they get more voters and at the same time they undermine the American fabric of what used to be a traditional American Family.

In essence, this is not a quest for religious freedom.   It is the liberal fascists all-out war against America’s Christian traditional values knowing that one day it is bound to be replaced by Islam’s sharia.


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