Since her youth, she has been a co-conspirator against America “as we knew.”

Year after year, decade after decade, Hillary Clinton has de facto severed her links to the America of the American Indians and of the Founding Fathers.

Her book, “It takes a village,” has been a eulogy to globalisation, the murder of individual countries in favour of one super-power, namely, the United Nations.

This explains their quest to erase borders, why they promote outrageous abortion of national babies, including babies of dark skin.

They prefer to implant whatever kind of mercenary immigrants who have no allegiance to God, country, flag or the American family.

It also explains the general globalising position of the anti-Americans who want to grab power only to serve the country on a silver platter to its enemies.

Along the last decades Hillary Clinton has helped zap the last opportunities for the country to remain independent and self-sufficient.

In the international political arena they have relished removing America’s status as the pre-eminent superpower the world has ever known.

As such they have done all in their power to annihilate the brilliance of the American mind that caused awe and gave birth to what has been known as the American Exceptionalism.

Right now, little is referred to about America in the fields of science, technology or any other kind of progress.

Indeed, as a globalist in her guts, her vision of success is to melt America as one more on the list of countries at the service of the one power, the United Nations.

Just as President Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton and their teams who are also keen in erasing what so far has been America per se, until their arrival to power.

Whether it is Eric Holder, Valerie Jarrett or General Martin Dempsey, they are excellent tools for the globalisation process America is being submitted to.

Globalisation takes precedence for team Left.  It overrides even any racial allegiance they verbally say they have with dark-skinned Americans.

That is the reason why they subtly are inciting racial violence.

A patriotic president and party, would simply use everything in their power to talk about Americans, adjective-free.

Human beings must be treated with respect and dignity, regardless of colour or looks or health.   Let’s continue.

With Leon Panetta by his side, General Martin Dempsey told flatly to Senator Sessions at a Congress hearing that “in some instances” they must submit to the power and authorisation of the United Nations or NATO, which are anyway connected.

On another note, back in June 2011,  in the aftermath of the infamous Anthony Wiener scandal, I immediately researched about his wife.

I found her name was Huma Abedin and that she was Hillary Clinton’s trusted Muslim confidant and the daughter of very high ranking Muslim Brotherhood operatives, both openly financed by the Saudi royal family for several decades.

At the time, I was a columnist for the Washington Times, Communities, for whom I wrote Anthony Wiener and Huma Abedin, married to a Muslim agenda?”

As expected, the article was strongly criticised by Muslims and their friends.

As a result, the inexperienced and unprofessional editor freaked out in front of such heavy pressure and removed my column, an unprecedented feat by any news media.

Coincidentally, the above mentioned story serves well to frame today’s situation regarding both, Clinton and Abedin.

“The State Department’s inspector general has agreed to investigate the program that allowed former Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton to hire one of her key advisors, Huma Abedin, for government work even as she was also employed by a private firm, a senator revealed Friday.

Inspector General Steve A. Linick also said he wasn’t aware of Mrs. Clinton’s or Ms. Abedin’s use of a non-government email account to conduct official business, and said that’s generally been frowned upon at the department….

….  he is looking into whether those employed as Special Government Employees — the designation Mrs. Clinton gave to Ms. Abedin — are following the law, and avoiding conflicts of interest.

Mrs. Clinton approved hiring Ms. Abedin, her long-time assistant, as an SGE, which allowed her to collect a government salary while also continuing to work for Teneo, a private firm. Mr. Grassley said there the usual conflict-of-interest questions in an arrangement like this are only heightened by the report that Ms. Abedin used the same non-official email server Mrs. Clinton set up for herself.

“It is unclear what special knowledge or skills Ms. Abedin possessed that the government could not have easily obtained otherwise from regular government employees,” Mr. Grassley wrote to current Secretary of State John Kerry.”

End of Quote.

In 2010,  Time included Abedin in their  “40 under 40”, their list of a “new generation of civic leaders” and “rising stars of American politics”.

Another sign of the closeness existing between Clinton and her, at a celebration before Abedin’s wedding to Anthony Weiner, Clinton said in a speech, “I only have one daughter. But if I had a second daughter, it would [be] Huma.”

“Huma” is a practicing Muslim, as per her Wikipedia page.

Abedin is now working for the William Jefferson Clinton Foundation.

As all non-profits, executives’ salaries are completely unregulated.

In the words of the revered IRS:  “Tax Information for Charitable Organizations Tax information for charitable, religious, scientific, literary, and other organizations exempt under Internal Revenue…”

Which means that as long as they are charitable, educational, and not political they are tax-exempt and their executive are paid according to that situation.

Some not-for-profit executives are paid by the millions and neither the organisations nor the individuals are accountable to anyone.

Now, imagine the two billions raised by the Clinton Foundation...   This is to be taken very seriously.

As a matter of fact, the Washington Post in a review of the foundation data, updated this month on the group’s Web site to reflect giving through 2014, found substantial overlap between the Clinton political machinery and the foundation.   Most interesting.

In further investigative efforts, records have shown that the foundation has also received donations from foreign governments even while Clinton was the Secretary of State of the United States of America.   Fact.

Both, Clinton and Obama have been intent in aiding and abetting the Muslim Brotherhood at key positions inside the Administration, makes things really look bad.

But there is worse.

Everything indicates that were Clinton to be elected first woman president, she would continue and enhance that same line.

Hillary Clinton is supposed to announce her candidacy to the presidency of the United States sometime today.

However, all the above plus her longstanding insidious attacks against America, pale in front of her complicity in the Benghazi massacre.

She and probably the president and others watched cold-bloodedly while the massacre was perpetrated against American Ambassador Christopher Stevens and his three-men security retinue.

No help was sent to save them or at least “try” to help them during the seven hours that the massacre lasted on that fatal September 11, 2012.

Yet, what will remain is her harsh tone at a senate hearing asking “What difference does it make?!?”


The Clinton family are no patriots, they are globalists busier with their business.   None of them needs to become president because they have everything.

They represent others’ interests and that means the globalising powers.

This is the goal of the American left.

They  now want to grab power in America because the job is not yet done and they cannot not finish it.

On the other hand, it is already of public knowledge that their agenda mirrors the Islamic conquest of the world and will not end until sharia will be legally established with the help of democratic elections in the West.

Every American patriot’s heartfelt hope should be that this woman not be given the opportunity to finalise the job that the left during Obama has began but their mission is not yet  accomplished.

One last important information.  There are persistent rumours that the group behind the Benghazi, Ansar al-Sharia may cut their ties with al-Qaeda and could choose to pledge allegiance to the bloodthirsty Islamic State barbarians.

Benghazi?  Justice has not been done.  Not yet.

Should Hillary Clinton get a second chance to try to be the first woman president of the United States of America?



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