The Abu Dhabi newspaper, The National shared news that a clever Emirati inventor won no less than ‘four’ medals for four of his inventions, at a ‘global’ exhibition held recently in Geneva, Switzerland.

While Ahmed Majan must have deserved his medals, the nature of his inventions praised by the news outlet from his native Abu Dhabi, focused on horses.

Ahmed Majan

As many may know, Arabian horses are among the best in the world and they are part of the leisurely life style of the rich and the famous in the Arab world.

ABU DHABI // A solar-powered saddle that keeps track of the horse’s health was among four inventions by an Emirati to win medals at a global event.

The Smart Saddle and a solar-powered GPS for bicycles won Ahmed Majan gold medals at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, state news agency Wam reported.

His remote control for fishing nets and smart trap for ducks took silver.

Mr Majan dedicated his awards to President Sheikh Khalifa, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, and the other UAE leaders.

“Support and encouragement by the visionary leader Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid often leads to achieving the top position and provides the key to excellence,” he said.

Mr Majan also praised Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, the Crown Prince of Dubai, for his unwavering support.

The saddle has solar-powered devices that measure the horse’s heart rate and the rider’s weight, a cooler to reduce the horse’s body temperature, a compass, GPS and a camera to keep track of the animal’s whereabouts.

It was unveiled last month by Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and Minister of Finance.

The Geneva exhibition ended on Friday and was attended by inventors from 45 countries.

The above brings back to my mind the instructions imparted in 2009 to NASA’s Director Charles Bolden by President Barack Hussein Obama, who specifically expected  him to make Muslims feel good about themselves in the areas of math and science.

In fact, that was the foremost important task for the NASA director at the time.

It is as if though, the same instructions have been given at a global level.

Meanwhile, heavy-duty work continues on another part of the Middle East, in a country considered the enemy by the vast Muslim part of the region.

Regardless of the inherent hate they profess to Jews and their land, Israel, it is precisely in tiny Israel that serious progress and innovation takes place on a daily basis.

Just as an example:

A tiny camera you can swallow will give your doctor inside information.

A bacterial-resistant fabric will help reduce the million deaths caused by hospital infection.

New airport technology that reads intention can increase security without slowing you down.

Who is surprised that Israeli inventors are behind all of these?

Israeli inventions are endless and on a daily basis are making the world a better place.

Some may attribute it to the Jewish scientists that have flooded the world even before the existence of modern Israel because they existed since the establishment of the covenant of the Jewish people and the Creator of the Universe.

“You shall be the light to the nations,”  GOD told His Chosen People.

So it is no coincidence that things are the way they are.

GOD has always kept His Word and His Promises to those whom He has since the beginning of times called “His Chosen Children.”

So, forgive me for not being impressed when I read news that an Arab invents one or four toys.  Great.  Congratulations.

Now tell me how many lives will be saved with those gadgets.

In my part of the world, we pray to GOD asking for increasing Faith and Belief in him so that we can always aim at saving lives, at keeping people safe and secure.

So, let us talk when you outgrew the latest barbaric era that you have gifted mankind with.

Meanwhile, good luck to the world.

Good luck in choosing the right and the bright side.


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