The Clinton Mafia continue polishing the art of twisting and turning the true colours of their actions and inactions to undermine the essence of America.

Indeed, since the very beginning of her current presidential run, Hillary Clinton has been dogged by scrutiny of her family’s foundation, the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

The Clinton Mafia


Of course, the Clintons have pushed back, calling the foundation among the most transparent foundations in the world.  What else could the family say?

After all who can forget the Clinton  paterfamilias looking right into our eyes telling us:  “I did NOT have sexual relations with that woman.”  

When one is brought up in a home ruled by lies, one turns to be a liar, whether you want it or not, unless one makes a super-human effort not to turn to be like them.

They may be talking about “transparency” in public, but in private, you may be sure they are telling each other:  “What difference does it make?”  

Bill Clinton, in an interview with Town & Country magazine, said it was, “by a good long stretch, the most transparent of all the presidential foundations and more transparent than a lot of other major foundations in the country.”

Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Bill and Hillary, sought to tamp down new allegations that rich foreign donors had influenced her mother while she was secretary of state by noting that an international anti-corruption group had endorsed the foundation’s disclosure practices.

“What the Clinton foundation has said is that we will be kind of even more transparent,” said the former first daughter, now vice chairman of the foundation, at an event sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations. “Even though Transparency International and others have said we’re among the most transparent foundations, we’ll disclose donors on a quarterly basis, not just an annual basis.”

Meanwhile, in a last minute “change” one of the Clinton’s pawns, the acting chief executive of the Clinton Foundation has acknowledged that her organisation has “mistakenly combined” government grants with other donations.  Really?

In fact, according to the AP,

The acting chief executive of the Clinton Foundation is acknowledging the global philanthropy made mistakes in how it disclosed its donors amid growing scrutiny as Hillary Rodham Clinton opens her presidential campaign.

Indeed, a few lines lower…

… it had “mistakenly combined” government grants with other donations. She said the foundation would “remedy” any errors but stressed the total revenue was reported accurately and that grants were properly broken out on audited statements on its website.

“Mistakes” in a multi-billion operation nowadays?  That’s a hard pill to swallow even for utterly naive people.

Since her primary youth, Hillary Clinton has been immersed in the deeply-rooted anti-American scene and has been among the ultimate co-conspirators against America’s Exceptionalism.

Her book, “It Takes a Village,” is a eulogy to globalisation, i.e., the murder of individual countries in favour of one super-power, namely, the United Nations.

This explains their quest to erase borders, why they promote outrageous abortion of national babies, including dark skinned babies.

They prefer to implant whatever kind of mercenary immigrants who have no allegiance to God, country, flag or the American family.

It also explains the general globalising position of the anti-Americans who want to grab power only to serve the country on a silver platter to its enemies.

Along the last decades Hillary Clinton  has relished removing America’s status as the pre-eminent superpower the world has ever known.

They have done all in their power to annihilate the brilliance of the American mind that caused awe and gave birth to what has been known as the American Exceptionalism.

Except for the Clinton Mafia, of course.  They are the only ones allowed to be brilliant, successful and hyper-capitalist.

To do so, they have exploited the unregulated non-profit status to their own advantage.

As they have aimed to liquidate the Exceptional status of America, little is referred on the international arena about America in the fields of science, technology or any other kind of progress.

Indeed, as a globalist in her guts, her vision of success is to melt America as one more on the list of countries at the service of the one power, the United Nations.

Whether it is Eric Holder, Valerie Jarrett or General Martin Dempsey, and now Loretta Lynch, they are excellent tools for the globalisation process America is being submitted to.

Globalisation takes precedence for team Left.

It overrides even any racial allegiance they verbally say they have with their “beloved” African-Americans or black-Americans.

That is the reason why they are inciting racial violence.

A patriotic president and party, would simply use everything in their power to talk about Americans, adjective-free.

Human beings at large should be the concern of any president and of any candidate to the highest office in the land.

Clinton’s concern are her untold globalising items in an agenda filled with promoting “equality”, “feminism”, abortion, outsourcing and the endless take over of the land they are supposed to defend.

In other words, she is speaking of “women’s rights,” how well they are doing but that they must go far and beyond the current achievements.

Women’s rights, yes, but away from home.

Her mere presence in the current political American scene is poison for young girls and women who see in her a “champion” they may want to identify with.

Her presence is simply radioactive for the mores and for what is left of decency within the traditional parameters of American society.

At this point it is relevant to ask a question she asked once in the most tragic moments of her career if it is possible to choose one of those:  During the Benghazi massacre which she has successfully shrugged off.

“What difference does it make…”  To have Hillary Clinton as an alternative to Obama, when they are all the same and they all aspire with ardent fervour to only one thing:  The destruction of America.

The country does not need any of those parasitic leftists, whether democrats or RINOs misfits performing from the GOP podium.

America needs an über-conservative patriotic president to try to save the country.


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  • Posted: April 28, 2015 09:25


    Once again dead on analysis this time the Clintons, they have been involved in so many shady dealings since they first came on the National scene back in 1992 in N.H. It would be a simple trivia question at an after dinner party to name at least ten scandals they have been involved in since they first slide from under their Arkansas little rock.