Hillary Clinton went ahead and launched her already infamous second candidacy to the presidency of the United States of America.

It has unchained endless ripostes from abundant “conservatives” anxious to let their voices and protests be heard on social media of course.


For instance, the great chess  champion, Gary Kasparov, twitted:  “Hillary Clinton’s problem isn’t her logo.  It’s how to distance herself from catastrophic Obama foreign policy she helped build as Secretary of State.”

Then again, so-called “conservatives” are rooting already for Senator Cruz or for Senator Paul and/or also for Scott Walker.  The triumvirate does not stop there, as there is also a Marco Rubio to bother them and us.

And these are only the first or second week campaign for the 2016 elections.

No need to rush choosing your preferred ones.  Think of last presidential campaign when all seemed to be running smoothly for a Mitt Romney until he delivered his fantastic first debate.

Then happened Benghazi and Obama’s team instructed “all” meaning Romney, not to “politicise” the massacre.

Obediently, Governor Romney obliged.

That’s when everything quickly disintegrated.

Romney lacked the guts but above all, he lacked the right adviser to encourage him to do the right thing:  Stand up for the massacred of Benghazi and regardless or maybe even “because” of the elections he should have demanded immediate justice for the mercilessly butchered American ambassador and his three security retinue.  But Romney chickened out and behaved like a coward.  So much for the predictions.

A lesson not to jump to light-hearted conclusions and not to make any decisions of this or that candidate on any camp at such an early stage.

American democracy has distorted concepts in the lives of the people.

The “equality” factor has tainted much of the life in American society.

It has brought a disrespect for knowledge and experience that is undermining the former solid educational and professional base in America.

Together with the disdain for the elites, these are factors that are zapping America’s standing in the international competitive arena.

The failure of the left has been their unwillingness to provide for true and enduring education for the masses of Americans.

The supposedly “humane” quality of the left has been misleading and conducive of a total fiasco to raise the standards of living of average Americans.

Instead their giveaways have been the chains they have used to enslave the marginal echelons of the American society first.  The rest will follow.

Hillary Clinton is officially a candidate now.  She is running as of April 12, 2015.  There is not much time to get to November 8, 2016, but at the same time, it is a long road.

Clinton made the announcement in a YouTube video in which she says: “Everybody needs a champion. And I want to be that champion.”

“Champion” by the way, currently is being used frequently in the Arab Muslim world to specify employees allegiance to the success of the enterprises they work for.

The question begs, therefore, “champion” for what?

For the middle class because, she says:  “… the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top.”

Yes, “… those at the top”  are her friends, are her own family and herself.

And, now because it is “convenient” she has also mentioned “when families are strong America is strong.”  Really?

Short memory, Madame candidate.

Her party has made every single thing possible to destroy the American family.

From abortions, to the pill, to the abandonment of DOMA, to its corollary, same-sex marriage, to the defence of LGBT agenda and so much more.

No.  She is not for a strong American family.  That’s the façade.  That’s all.

They don’t care about family, only theirs.

They do not care either about the defence of dark-skinned Americans and their millions of babies that are murdered through abortions.

As I said in my previous article, hers is not a pro-American agenda and as we can see it, she is trying to hide it but it does not work.

Hers is a communist, socialising, globalising agenda.  Period.

Her job will be to finalise the enslaving of America to the globalist masters.

America is a very young country compared to millennia old European countries or to China or Mongolia, to mention a few only.

That explains in some ways the exquisitely youthful, immature, fun-loving general trait of Americans, as well as their current injudicious haste in choosing this or that or a tandem of candidates.

Experience tells us to wait and see.  Candidates are like a new broom, they are brand new and will work fantastic for their clients (voters, in this case,)  whom they must at any rate try to impress.

Above all, Americans should pray to have a candidate whose passion for America will make it his first priority in life.

Without passion, no American will be good enough to be the president some are longing for, no matter how well they may talk.

Therefore, an unsolicited advice:  Wait.  Do not rush.  There is plenty of time to play favourites.


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