This president has not lost a beat regarding his no-love-lost for American interests.


From the beginning, with his now infamous 2009 Cairo Speech Obama derailed the situation in the Muslim Middle East.

It is a fact that his incendiary words stimulated the hordes of Islamic terrorists just as much as the words of their prophet that they read in the Koran.

The Cairo Speech was nefariously inspirational to Islamic savages from both, the Middle East and North Africa.

The Arab Spring in reality has turned to be the most bitter winter in the world.


Despite his apparent efforts to intervene in hunting the IS, currently the administration is trying to tame the mainstream media.

They are turning it into another governmental arm.

Recently, the gruesome news with Islamic State terrorists atrocities have been relegated to the back pages over the internet.  No doubt on instructions of Obama’s personnel.

The above is not intellectual assumption.

State and DoD officials are complaining that television networks are showing the Islamic State terrorists at their last summer climax.

Unabashedly, they are urging television networks to update their footage of the radical Muslim terrorist group.

“It’s inaccurate — that’s no longer how ISIL moves,” they say. “A lot of that footage is from last summer before we began tactical strikes.”

Reportedly, U.S. officials have informally been approaching correspondents from several networks.

Nonetheless, representatives from CNN, NBC, Fox, or ABC have not responded to multiple attempts to get a comment. A source at CBS said they hadn’t heard from the administration yet regarding their footage.

Since the U.S. began conducting air strikes against IS positions and convoys last August, America and its allies have dropped thousands of bombs against the group in Iraq and Syria. U.S. officials say ISIL fighters can no longer congregate in daylight or move in large convoys that are easily spotted — and struck — from above.

But the parasites are still alive and kicking.

A more accurate image, said Col. Steven Warren, a Pentagon spokesman, would be [to present] “one Toyota speeding down the road by itself at night with its headlights off.

Administration stooges wasted no time suggesting alternate imagery, including footage of U.S. troops training Iraqi security forces and video of strikes against Islamic State targets.

Nice way to manipulate information, especially considering the actual advances of the savages.

The officials were quick to add that they are sympathetic to the challenge of collecting fresh footage in Iraq and Syria given the extreme danger to reporters there.

Islamic State terrorists have proven to be IT-knowledgeable as well as social media savvy,

Media people are just too busy doing research, writing drafts or originals, keeping up to date with the latest informations.  Therefore, they appreciate receiving ready-made and trustworthy material.

Administration employees noted that some of the B-roll in use now is drawn directly from ISIL-made propaganda videos.

Of course.

It is not only that the Islamic State has played the needs of television “like a fiddle,” as Warren said.

By my own professional experience dealing with all type of media, I know that they are willing to accept ready-to-wear reliable material.

Networks face a challenge in finding footage that’s accurate, available and captivating, said Kelly McBride, vice president for academic programs and resident ethicist of The Poynter Institute.

“It’s long been understood in TV that B-roll can be very problematic because we don’t freshen it up enough, we rely on the same B-roll over and over again and in complex stories,” such were McBride excuses.

“B-roll can often become a cliche or a trite reference that doesn’t convey the most accurate version of the contemporary truth.”

By the “contemporary truth” are they meaning one that is suitable to this administration’s need to protect Islamic State terrorism and their boys?

Another question also begs:  How would any TV use an obsolete segment when nowadays they have access to all the material they need at the tip of their fingers?

The point is that they are not using material that can help advance the administration’s agenda.

That is why, manipulating information is of utmost importance for the Obama Administration.

What do they care if the Islamic State continues their advance in many countries, or that they continue murdering civilians throughout the world?

Or that they are luring thousands of Muslims and converts to Islam into the grip of Jihad.

Are you aware that the Islamic State has now established their newest  5-star hotel in Mosul?

Sadly, Mosul is currently the largest city controlled by the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant.

There, no women are to be seen in swimming pools, and they can be in public spaces only if completely covered.

In fact, the hotel is surveilled by the Islamic State women police brigade.

Despite all the above, the Obama administration has a twisted idea to curtail their recruitment campaigns.

That’s why they are asking Western television networks to stop showing IS produced videos.

They want to replace those with footage of their “successful”attacks against the Islamic State.

It is not only that the administration is failing their job stopping the Islamic State.

They want make believe the American people that they are being successful in their quest to annihilate the Islamic State.

The reality, however, is completely different.

Why is the Obama Administration so keen in spreading the lie that they are neutralising the barbarians?

It is their way to give them time.

Yes, Americans are giving precious time to the savages of the Islamic State, so they can advance and continue making recruits on a daily basis.

As the people have already guessed, the media is in cohort with the administration.

Along the road lie the poor, innocent and defenceless victims the IS barbarians are mutilating, torturing, massacring, raping, abusing and exploiting, around the world.

Regardless, the Obama Administration and the mainstream media, together are facilitating and empowering the massive advance of the barbaric Islamic State.


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