From Twitter to all other social media networking, people are frantically writing and every other word is nowadays referring to either “Obama” or any of the other leftist leaders who are making sure to take this world to its doom.

Therefore, I thought it would be interesting and important to make  a point on this word “Obama” and what it means.  Above all, what it implies.  What it stands for.

Some people argue that Islam is the real problem Western Civilisation has.

I disagree.

Islam is one of the major and worst problems we have, that’s for sure.

In reality though the most serious problem the world is facing nowadays is the humongous rise of the criminal and suicidal movement of the left and their agenda, globalisation, and how they are both moving forward to facilitate Islam’s domination of the world.

That globalising agenda is behind the fall of all borders:

Countries borders are falling one by one.

Genders borders are falling one by one.

As a corollary of the above, we are spectators of the slow but sure disappearance of countries as we knew them until now.

People are as well the impassive witnesses of the destruction of traditional family values, the core base of a country.

As a writer, taking a stand to try to save all the above and more, means to stand against not only Islam but the root cause that has empowered Islam to invade the West.

That is why, for instance, when I write a tweet, I must bear in mind the 140 character limit we are imposed.

As such, “Obama” has become a collective noun, as I will explain further down.

On another note, nowadays wherever you go in the world, you will notice the gradual deterioration.

Take a look at the streets of that country and look at the dirt lying on the floors around you.

Look at the youth.

A non negligible part of them are ignorant, uneducated, impolite, vulgar, spoiled procrastinating, rotten brats.

Liberals are called so because they want all to be free to do whatever they want, freely.

And, they have taken that to its utmost expression.

To live “freely” means to leave all constrictions, to forget all prohibitions.

Again, as a writer, the sheer mention of the word “Obama” has become a de facto collective noun encompassing all the above and much more.


In reality, the word globalisation is a camouflage for liberalisation at the world level.

Globalisation and liberalisation serve the same masters.

Some will argue they are the Bilderberg group, who have placed themselves in that unenviable status where they are synonymous of abuse and exploitation in order to fulfil their own dreams in the pursuit of the ultimate domination of the world by very few.

Be it as it may, a powerful arm of the liberal and globalising agendas are the United Nations organisations, the ultimate destructors of the world as we have known it.

In sum, the word “Obama” includes each and all who presently stand behind his liberal doctrine of ‘democracy’ with its successive arms of socialism and communism and the later addition to the list, globalism.

Within the “Obama” word are also included the American administration, congress and each and its arms including IRS and DHS as well as Supreme Court and all the others.

“Obama” at least in my own writings has become the collective noun for all that is rotten in his administration, including the Clintons of course and all his partisans who have automatically voted for him twice already.

It is long overdue that the Obama era belongs in the garbage bin of history.

As such, asking for regime change is not only asking for Obama’s change but all of those who surround him as well.

However, the question is:  Who will replace them?

Now that liberals have taken over the education throughout the school system, they are making sure to produce endless generations of rotten liberals to rule the country or whatever will be left of it once this administration is gone.

In sum, whatever Obama does, the “people’s representatives,” Congress, let him get away with it.

So there is not much hope left, is there?


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