It is not only that the world is being indifferent to the devastating human pain.

It is as if though the human debacle that is happening in front of their insensitive eyes and their soulless beings cannot really touch them.

Recently the Islamic State terrorists invaded the city of Palmyra where ancient and precious, well-kept ruins witness of mankind’s apogee in those times.

True, the beasts did not touch those ruins but roughly a few days later, reports indicated that the Islamic State terrorists killed at least 400 people, including women and children.

In stark contrast with that, this week we read shattering news announcing that the Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr. Ban is considering whether to include the IDF, the Israeli army, on the terrorist list.

They were to be listed together with the sub-humans of the Islamic State, the Boko Haram, the Taliban and the Al Qaeda, plus others, including this one’s affiliate, al Nusra, etcetera.

The United Nations special representative of the secretary-general for children and armed conflict, Leila Zerrougui, was the initiator of this demand.

She was set to recommend the blacklisting of the Israel Defence Forces for allegedly “regularly causing harm to children.”   Excuse me?

Mrs. Zerrougui is a so-called legal expert on human rights from Algeria, who from 2006-20012 has been a member of the Arab Human Rights Fund.  This can explain that.

On his side, obviously, Mr. Ban must give in to his multiple and influential Muslim donors who are undoubtedly putting pressure on him to hire their marionettes.

Therefore, forced to choose, he has to do so among the most loyal and equally incompetent and unprincipled people in the job market to perform the job.

How else can one explain that this woman Leila Zerrougui, despite knowing first hand the crushing abuse of children in the Muslim world,  had the audacity to want to add the Israel Defence Forces on the terrorist list?

She has been actively trying to stop the children-soldier abuse by Muslims in Yemen, Afghanistan, Myanmar, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, Sudan, South-Soudan, and Yemen.  That is praise worthy.

She most certainly is aware of the child-bride and rape and abuse of little girls, spread throughout most Muslim countries.

Female genital mutilation performed on little Muslim girls is not something she of all people can ignore.

Honour killing and mutilating that spans also through childhood are not stranger to her.

And yet…

Knowing all that, it is more difficult to understand Zerrougui’s utter insolence wanting to place the IDF on the same footing with the vicious criminals and monsters her civilisation has produced.

As a former IDF mother, I can tell that the young soldiers of Israel’s army are for the large part, idealistic, and would rather be learning or having fun than as they say, be targeted on duty by “little Palestinian kids throwing stones at us, for no known reason other than us being Jewish, Israelis.”

Sadly, it is much worse than that from the Muslim Palestinian side of the story.

As the unbiased and reputable work of the Palestinian Media Watch often reports, they use children with maternal grace, as combatants, with training and practice, just as for the adults.

As recently as Apr. 10,, 2015, the Facebook page of Hamas’ Ministry of ‎Interior, unabashedly posted  the following headline:  “Hamas:‎ We bring our kids up “on love of Jihad and Martyrdom-death”


Posted text: “These are our lion cubs. We have brought them up on the love of Jihad and Shahada (Martyrdom-death).”

However, this is but “one” example of the many sad, tragic and abundant ones.

In the end, the United Nations will NOT include the IDF as a terrorist group.

Zerrougui had reportedly cited attacks by the Israeli army on schools and hospitals in the Gaza Strip during last year’s war as reasons for its inclusion in the list,

However, soon thereafter, it is also mentioned in a statement accompanying the report, that Secretary-General Ban also criticised Palestinian militant groups for putting some U.N. schools in Gaza at risk by hiding weapons in locations that were not being used as shelters.

The leftist British newspaper, The Guardian, in his anti-Israel vein earlier reported that Israeli officials had allegedly warned the U.N. of “serious consequences” it if moved toward including the IDF in that list.

Really?  Threatening or warning is so unlike Israel and their weak leadership.

Besides, as if that would be even possible with the utterly anti-Israeli attitude the U.N. always shows off.

As it was expected,  Israel’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon has denied that his government had applied any political pressure on the U.N.

“The pressure comes from those countries who want to include Israel in the worst possible list. … This is a heinous and hypocritical attempt to besmirch the image of Israel and it is doomed to fail,” he reportedly said, on Wednesday.

Nahshon is right.

As I was doing research on youtube to show proof of how Israelis, soldiers, doctors, take care of the enemy’s children, I have been unpleasantly surprised with the corrosive presence of fabricated anti-Israeli propaganda.

They have gone to greatest lengths to show the opposite.  Sadly, they have the means and the manpower to finance and execute their evil anti-semitic and anti-Israeli plans.

On top of that, the media is on their side.

The smear campaign against Israel and the Jews is on.

Muslims are on the rise and nowadays we are witnessing threads of injustices happening.

That said, what the Zerrogui episode has shown is the “family” connection in the Muslim world.

No matter where they are, where they come from, what they do or what crimes or massacres they commit, above all they are united.

Leila Zerrogui knew about the  Muslim Palestinian fellow  terrorists hiding weapons in schools, hospitals and even in the United Nations premises.

But her allegiance to Islam and her coreligionists is what is most important to her than the truth.

Mr. Ban and the United Nations should fire Leila Zerrougui for purposefully wanting to mislead the international community to serve her personal, religious and political agenda.

But, that is for sure too much to ask from such an immoral organisation that applies their quest for Human RIghts to the benefit of every massacring tyranny in the world, except for the ones who have more contributed to the well-being of mankind than anyone else:

The Jews and their homeland, Israel.


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