Year after year, the last Monday of each month of May, America feels gloom.

We remember those “who made the ultimate sacrifice.”  Very nice.

We even add to the package, their families.  How good we are.

Yep.  We remember the little orphan kids who have lost their fathers or sometimes their mothers.

We look at cemetery painful renditions, witnessing the heartbreak of their untimely separation, from having their most loved ones torn from their young lives.

Yes, our hearts “bleed” at the sight of their broken promises, all because those KIA decided to take care of us.

They went to far away lands to fight an enemy they wanted to keep away from our borders.

On many occasions I have personally being told that.

“As far as we can keep them away from our borders,” many military, marine and even some seals have told me that.

And, so, while we were able to keep a seemingly normal life, they were out there on the fronts, facing the savages.

And in the middle, were their loved ones, their families, husbands, wives, parents, children, you name it.

Throughout American history, American troops have been led by different commanders-in-chief.

Whether it was Franklin Delano Roosevelt or General Eisenhower, the natural scenario has been an utterly patriotic one.

That common sense approach has now been broken by the most anti-patriotic president any country in the world has ever had.

Frankly, Obama should really be given the Guinness Record for that.

Unlike his Nobel Peace prize which the nonsensical Swedes awarded him mistakenly.

In hindsight, we can understand that Nobel prize Obama received only for being elected president of the United States of America, was in reality an honour granted to the colour of his skin.

He was given and received the Nobel prize because he was the first black president of America.

Or as they love to say, an “African-American.”

Seriously, Guinness Records would hit it if they would reward him with the “Most Anti-Patriotic President ever on Planet Earth.”

In that case, he would really deserve it.

On Memorial day, we all choose different victims to remember.

And former Secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld, honouring his own veteran father.

I, Eliana Benador, am choosing someone who is not dead but who has been jailed after three tours of service in the military in Iraq.

His name:  Sergeant Robert Bales.  And his family.



I want to honour him, in the pain of his prison cell.

I honour his wife and his children for having allowed him to do that business of defending an ungrateful country.

You may learn about his, their story in this article I wrote back in 2012:  “America’s Responsibility: Sergeant Robert, Karilyn and the Bales Children.”

If you do research on his case, you will find that someone has tainted the Bales story as much as possible.

It is the sad story of a man and his family, all broken by the system, courtesy of the Obama establishment.

“And, so, after being deployed to the war in Iraq, ONE, then TWO and finally THREE times, where he had been physically wounded and injured, common sense dictated that his next assignments would be “desk” ones.   But, no, the military decision powers knew better and he ended up being sent to the Afghan snake pit.” 

“My husband did not do this. Did not do this,” said Kari Bales in an exclusive interview with ABC News. “I truly believe from the bottom of my heart that my husband is not involved.”

Meanwhile, the savage Muslim terrorist Nidal Malik Hasan who murdered 13 of his military colleagues in Fort Hood in 2011, has not been condemned yet for terrorism.

Thus the survivors of the massacre have not been able to be given the Purple Heart, which meant also that the matching financial help was denied to them, until very recently.






And, while Hasan has a Wikipedia entry, someone has helped “whitewash” his story.

In fact, his Wikipedia “entry” shows the motive being: “Jihad.”  And that he had perpetrated “killings.”

The brutal, savage murderer of 13 American military men and women and wounded more than 30, continued receiving a pay of over US$200,000 during the first year of his time in jail.

Not only that.  As recent as August 14, 2015, he had the nerve to write a letter, asking to become a citizen of the Islamic State and join the terrorists of the IS.

Sending a letter?  From prison?  Authorised by whom?  Why does he even have the right to do that?

Back in 2013, Hasan was sentenced to death.  We are in 2015 and no news of that death sentence taking place.

It is as if though the administration was laughing at Americans for being gullible and lazy, for betraying their own by missing to demand justice for their massacred military.

I have chosen Sergeant Bales because for his family he is almost dead alive, most certainly victim of a government injustice.

And as I think of his growing little children, my heart breaks.

For sure, he and them are also abandoned by the people he was set to defend.

I just wish you would think about it.

Memorial Day is only one.

The lives of our soldiers is made of 24 hours seven days each week.

And so are the lives of their families.

In their name, it is imperative that Americans wake up.

Reagan on Memorial DayAmerica is now in a totally new setup, never before imagined.


Ronald Reagan must be turning over in his grave.

The time for words is over.  The time for action is here.

It’s time to wake up.


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