In the aftermath of the murderous attack on a Garland event hosted by the American Freedom Defense Initiative, we find two sides sparring on who is guilty.

Should it be the organisers of the event, daring to risk such an attack?

After all, such an event most certainly was going to  produce the same results as the Jillands Posten in Copenhagen or the Charlie Hebdo in Paris, both just a few years apart.

Whatever may be said about them, the organisers must categorically not be blamed for the attack.

Using one’s legal right to do anything is not a crime.

Naturally the attackers are guilty.

After all, had it not been for an unhesitating Texan policeman, we would be reading about a massacre in Garland, Texas.

The defenders of freedom are trying to make their point in defence of the First Amendment.

They are trying to be listened by a hostile media which in general do not dare contradict accusations of Islamophobia.

However, for all the talk being thrown around, the major culprit is going unscathed:  Islam.

Sept. 11, 2001 marked a turning point in the history of mankind.

Vicious attacks launched by a mostly Saudi contingent of terrorists resulted in over 3,000 innocent victims [plus their thousands of surviving family members] being physically and psychologically decimated by the followers of the Saudi brain behind the plan, Osama bin Laden.

That climaxing point in time was the result of many decades of laissez-faire by America and other Western governments whose lenient policies allowed those 19 terrorists to get established in the United States with student visas no less.

Those 19 men were able to develop their plan, live leisurely and be nurtured throughout those years of preparation, despite obvious efforts by American Administrations to avoid the topic.

In hindsight, one can realise that the government reaction to attack Afghanistan instead of attacking Saudi Arabia, was misleading, to say the least.

Above all, retaliating against the Saudis was not in the business interests of the Bush family.

The bottom line, however, is that along many decades prior to Sept. 11,  as much as in its aftermath, Islam has been protected.

Such a tendency has continued in crescendo to this day.

Without popular uproar against the lack of measures to stop Islam’s extremists, Muslim immigration went on quietly.

Watching most of the American presidents actions regardless of their party affiliation,  it is possible to find the common denominator that links them.

What unites them is not their love of country and people but their commitment to promote the global power of Islam.

Under Bush, it was efficient but subtle.

Obama, on his side, dropped the mask and he has applied that in-your-face-attitude in this respect.

Without much ado, he managed to remove Islam as the world’s terror-producing-factory off the counter-terrorism texts in America’s specialised agencies.

The political and intellectual American leadership are keen in emphasise how ‘moderate’ and ‘reform’ Muslims can save they day.

As of late, one has heard much about the heretic Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who many Islamists want to silence.

Ms Hirsi Ali should not be silenced.  As neither should any of the anti-Islam Muslims that live in the West.

Nevertheless, these ‘reformers’ address Western audiences and speak to Muslims abroad.

Is that what Islam ‘reformation’ looks like?

Their lectures and writings are only band-aids to cure a metastasising cancer.

Again, think-tanks love having these so-called experts because of funding reasons especially in a world that is all but too wary of terrorism and its lack of resolution.

Think-tanks nowadays have a shortage of sources of revenue with dwindling financial resources and that is why they are  welcoming desperate solutions.

But, let us be realistic:  If you want to reform Christianity, would you preach in China about it?

If you wanted to reform the United States, would you think about sharing your plans giving talks in India?

When Christianity reformed, it was from within.

Most Christian reformers were practicing Christians who saw where reforms were needed and that’s how it worked.

Russian peasants had enough of the Czarist system, they did not give speeches in China.  They made their own revolution within the country.

The French were in need of “liberté, égalité, fraternité,” and they fought for it within the French territory.

With all this experience recorded by history, why is the Western world expecting that Islam will reform from the outside?

We are simply being manipulated by the leftist globalist governments and by the pseudo-humanistic intellectuals whose only interests are their agendas and their personal or organisational interests.

There is only one Islam.

They have one prophet who rules their lives:  Mohammed.

All the rationalisation to make appear Islam as a peaceful religion cannot avoid the brutal reality displayed in front of the eyes of the world.

And so much for anonymity with their stylish signature “Allah hu Akbar,”

Likewise, all the fake efforts from the Obama Administration to make appear that “America is not at war with Islam,” together with their so-called coalition of Arab countries have not only been futile, but they have allowed the Islamic State to strengthen and propagate further.

Conveniently, to make the mix more complex, in comes Iran.

So wherever we turn, there is this fight among shiites and sunnis or any other nomenclature thrown in for good style, plus the Saudi front against the Iranian front, and the Lebanese on their side, who are tolerated but are as unaccepted as the Tunisian or the Turks when you hear other Muslims talk about them.

And, the Muslim Brotherhood which is promoted as the Obama fifth column within the American government while the Egyptian people, no less,  valiantly stood at the now famous Tahrir Square to evict the usurpers who wanted to tyrannise imposing strict sharia on them.

We are told of all these inside fights within Islam with which we have nothing to do.

We are bounced from nuclear talks negotiations to sanctions, with no positive result in sight.

We hear Saudis were bombing Yemen and about their eccentric Saudi prince offering 100 Bentley cars to the 100 [yes, Saudi] fighter pilots who bombed Yemen.

We are being torn from the barbarism produced within and exported abroad by the Islamic world, made by Muslims, entering our homes thanks to the welcoming protection courtesy of the leftist governments in the world.

Peoples on this earth are being massacred by Muslim hordes, beheaded, raped, maimed, tortured, and just you name it, Christians, Yazidis, women and children, by the tens of thousands and only God knows the real numbers.

All that, thanks to Muslim barbarians that are not being stopped by the only ones who can stop them:  Their own people.

Muslims should be gathering and planning on how to stop their barbarian brothers.

They are the only ones with the duty and the right to do that.

They share the same language, the same mentality, the same culture, the same religion.

That’s where reform has to come from:  From within Islam, from Muslims living in their own countries and leading, organising their people who obviously do not know what or how to do it.  Save for the brave Egyptians.

So, when you see great Muslim speakers, whether from Senegal, or “former” terrorists from the Palestinian territories or from Indonesia or Pakistan or India for that matter, tell them to go back to their countries and lead their student organisations and organise their activists and political movements to stop the massacre of the world committed by their savages.

Remember as well that shrewd and brilliant orators as Zuhdi Jasser, argue in favour of democracy.

Jasser is part of the fifth column.

He is an outspoken pro-democracy activist.

At the end of the day, when all will be said and done, Muslim demographics will get the last word.   Or rather, the last vote.

As he says, he is “a proud devout American Muslim.”  

Jasser has no qualms attacking Islamists.  None at all.

If one just thinks it becomes clear why he so confidently attacks the Islamists, the Islamic State.  And, he does so with utter conviction.

As any proud devout Muslim Jasser, too, follows Mohammed’s instructions of deceit and deception, as per the Koran.

On the other hand, the leading theoretician of Islam,  Egyptian-Swiss born Tariq Ramadan, speaks rather of “Arab democracy.”

Ramadan, grandson of the Muslim Brotherhood founder, Hassan al Banna, had the audacity to turn the table around and has said:  “The question to ask is if the West is ready for Arab democracy.

At the end of the day, in the unlikely possibility that one day Islamists would be wiped off the planet, if a majority of Muslims implanted throughout many countries proposed the motion of “Sharia to be the land of the law,” the majority will vote for it.

So, country after country, Sharia will turn to be the law replacing any previous legal system.

That’s how democracy, the West Trojan Horse, works.

Islam’s reformers abroad are most of all complicating things, as they are turning to be the sleeper cells of Western pro-democratic, liberal, suicidal views.

Today, Islamic State finally placed their signature on the attacks on Garland.

Today finally, stubbornly political correct editors and media at large will no longer be able to doubt who was behind the Garland attacks at risk of sounding ridiculous in the political correctness.

Another piece has been moved, as in chess.

In chess terms, we could argue that Islam’s shrewd theoreticians are getting ready to inflict a check mate on Western civilisation in the rather near future.

What can be done?

As people are not ready to wake up, nothing short of a miracle will be able to save the day.

So, stay awake 24/7 and get ready because they are bringing down your doors as we speak.

And pray.


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