The United Kingdom is another bastion from Western Civilisation that has opened their doors to the Muslim hordes and now Qatar leaders are even making more bold moves to mark their growing and unofficial new territories.

One of the Windsor family castles, the Castle of Mey, was the beloved Scottish retreat of the late Queen Mum, her favourite place of residence .

What will not be your surprise to learn that the al-Thani family are now helping to pay for the upkeep of the Castle of Mey.

Who are the al-Thanis?

The al-Thani are the Qatari dynasty:

The House of Thani (Arabic: آل ثاني Al Thani‎) is the ruling family of Qatar, whose origins can be traced back to the Ma’adid clan of the Banu Tamim tribal confederation.

The Al Thanis, an Arab tribe part which belongs to the Ma’adid sect of the Banu Tamim tribe, can be traced back to Mudar bin Nizar who settled at Gebrin oasis in southern Najd (present-day Saudi Arabia) before he moved to Qatar. Around the 17th century, the tribe lived in Ushayqir, a settlement north-east of Riyadh. They settled in Qatar around the 1740s.

Their first settlement in Qatar was in the southern town of Sikak, and from there they moved north-west to Zubarah and Al Ruwais.  

They settled in Doha in the 19th century under their leader Mohammad bin Thani.  The group was named after the father of Mohammad, Thani bin Mohammad.

The family are made of many factions.  However, there were three major branches in the early 1990s: Al-Jassim, Al-Ahmed and Al-Jaber The number of the family members during the same period was estimated to be about 3000.

The leadership transitions in 1949, 1960, and 1995 were all forced abdications.  These abdications were forced by a nephew in one incident and sons in the others.  However, none of these forced abdications was a real challenge for the Al Thanis since they have managed to retain the power in each case.  Family members of the Emir have been mostly appointed to major posts in the cabinet or in the other state institutions.

In all, if you take a close look at the “dynasty,” as appears on Wikipedia, throughout the ages, you will get lost with the endless list of sheikhs and some sheikhas, with mostly confusing variants of a few names or part of names that are repeated..

The al-Thanis are also among the key funders of the Muslim Brotherhood and various other terrorist enterprises.

Some have written that Qatar’s ties with Islamists as the Muslim Brotherhood and others, are causing the tiny Persian Gulf monarchy to be alienated by their Gulf state peers.

Truth be told, it is highly unlikely that the rulers of Qatar give a hoot about anyone’s opinion.

It is a fact that in the Muslim world, there is more that keeps their peoples together than separated.

Their fights are among brothers. That is why you do not see too many really affected by the ferocity of the Islamic State terrorists, excuse me, “fighters.”

They speak the same language, they probably are aware of there whereabouts and, yet, there is no ferocious Muslim army ready to crush them.   Sorry, except for the valiant Peshmerga from Kurdistan.

If you did not know, Qatar is that tiny, Lilliputians-size-petroleum-rich Persian Gulf monarchy where the United States has its largest military base in the Middle East.   Uh…  all of a sudden sounds like conflict of interest, does it not?

In any event, Sheik Hamad bin Abdullah al-Thani  now is on to his latest and royal conquest in the UK.

Queen And Al Thani





As per the Daily Mail, UK:

“In return for their ‘generous’ financial support for the castle — which the Queen Mother bought in 1952 after the death of her husband King George VI — Sheik Hamad bin Abdullah al-Thani has become vice-president of The Friends of the Castle of Mey.

This is quite a coup for the al-Thanis.

After being accused of corruption in their successful bid to host football’s 2022 World Cup now they have been welcomed to the very heart of British Establishment.   Wow…

Ashe Windham, the chairman of the Castle of Mey has confirmed the sheik, who is the Emir of Qatar’s cousin, has become a vice-president as a result of his “support.”

However Windham declined to disclose the amount donated to Mey.

As part of the deal, the sheik is entitled to a private viewing of the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London as a thank-you, and he will also be honoured at a lavish royal  banquet.

Reportedly, the sheik has not yet taken up the offer.

But, you can be sure one day, he will take them up on those promises, and undoubtedly more.

Her Majesty thanked the sheik for his support in person last month at a London party co-hosted by her cousin, Lady Elizabeth Anson.

It appears Lady Anson has been hired as their public relations woman and social fixed, and is conveniently on payroll by the Qataris.

The sheik’s move shows off the al-Thanis’ growing importance in British life.

After buying Harrods for about £1.5 billion, the Qataris have made theirs a string of London landmarks, including the Olympic Village and Europe’s tallest building, the Shard.

All that is fine and dandy, but does the Queen know what happens when the Qataris place their hands on major real estate around the world?

Al-Thani Palatial Residence in Manhattan’s UES

Posh 1

More precisely, the Qatari property in Manhattan, on 7-9 East 72nd Street,  just off Fifth Avenue.

Both landmarked townhouses with storied histories were sold a few years back by the Lycée Français, following the posh private school’s move to a new building.

The Emir of Qatar sought to make his New York residence and to that effect, he purchased the two limestone buildings totalling 43,619 square feet for $26 million, or $596 per square foot.

The building at 7 East 72nd was erected in 1899 for Oliver Gould Jennings.

Next door building at 9 East 72nd Street was built in 1896 for the carpet upholsterer Henry T. Sloane.

Combined, initially the Lycée sought $51 million for the two palatial mansions and according to the Observer, ended up getting only $26 million from the buyer, the Emir of Qatar.

He purchased 43,619 square feet (some 4052.34 square meters ,) for $596 per square foot or $5960 per square meter.

There have been many opinions about the architectural content of the combined residences, as the project took many years for completion.

They could have built two similar homes, for two wives of the Emir.  That seems regular stuff, just in the tradition of Gulf royalty, where emirs have two main wives and they enjoy the same treatment, at least on the material side.

Beyond those rumours, I have learned a few years ago from a reliable source who was involved in the construction part, a detail that is much more important:

They have dug underneath and there is now a powerful and full-fledge anti-nuclear bunker that has been built to protect the inhabitants of the mansion(s).

Sadly, I have no proof of this, other than the person who told me was a professional I knew for years and entrusted me with this information.  In the meantime though, unfortunately he has died two years ago.

One thing is sure, on the many occasions that I passed by that address, there were official huge New York CIty black vans “protecting” it along the block, which was not available for general parking at any time.

On a side note, for comparison between the United States and Qatar, kindly consult here.

Back to the UK

The Brits are thankful to the Emir of Qatar and they seem comfortable having this financial arrangement.

However, you can see from the pictures how the queen has already abdicated her status.

Watch also the sheik’s attitude vis-à-vis her.

Just as in this other picture with the Obamas, they are the only ones smiling.  The old Emir of Qatar and his second wife, Sheikha Mouza, obviously do not see any need to smile,  obama emir



My prognostic is that one day, theSheik Hamad bin Abdullah al-Thani will claim the Castle of Mey as his residence.   That is not impossible.

Slowly and quietly, the funders of Muslim terrorism, the oil magnates of the world are appropriating the world.

After all, how else could the Islamic State terrorists be the wealthiest ever, who could be funding them?

Frankly, no one can make billions overnight, not even the new sub-humans turned investors and all-round businessmen.

My thoughts now are taking me to tiny Prince George, wondering what he will think of his granny’s decision.

Will George ever get to rule the country of his birth?


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