The push for LGBT by democracies around the world make it seem as a right in itself that people with different inclinations were missing on.

International public policies have promoted so-called equal rights.

But, are they “equal?”   Is it “equality” to follow one’s instincts?

We are not animals, we are thinking beings and therefore we are also deciding beings.

If it is about eating and drinking, the human body cannot go indefinitely without eating or drinking.

If you go on without water and food, you may end up dying.

Sex and/or the absence of it, however, and as important as its lacking may be, is not a death-provoking situation.

Naturally, sex is healthy and one needs it for physical and psychological sanity, but conventional wisdom has always agreed that sex is best when reserved to the bedroom of a traditionally married couple.

Surely, it is not death provoking if you lack it for some time or completely.

Therefore, sex inclinations, needs, temptations, fantasies and what have you, can be controlled and tamed simply with education and by reinforcing one’s will and disciplining both body and mind.

Classic liberalism, which is embedded in Democracy, implies “freedom for citizens when it comes to expression and lifestyle choices, including the freedom to worship as one wants, to make a living as one chooses and to raise one’s family without government interference.”

Therein lies the gist of the problem.

Freedom of expression.  Freedom of lifestyle.

Indeed, the question is:  Freedom?  What Freedom?

Are individual citizens “free” to say whatever they want regardless of the consequences of their words?

Are we referring here to “absolute freedom?”

Is there anything in this world that is absolute?

We need to reflect on this, as the term and notion of “absolute” implies perfection.

Therefore the question begs, is there perfection in the universe?  And, if so, where please?

To my personal knowledge of science, technology, inventions, etc., there is nothing absolute.   There is nothing perfect.

In God’s Creation there is always something limiting everything that is and exists.  The reason for it being that Only God is perfect.

It may appear, therefore, that “liberals” could have made a huge mistake if they thought animals are “free” because they are NOT.

Animals are among the most regulated beings there are in the creation of the world.

Animals live in their own and very particular, specific habitat that happens to be in the open air.  But that’s their home, their “four walls.”

Animals do neither eat nor mate at will because the Creator of the Universe gave them their particular menu of food and the particular place and time to live, as well as a most definite place and manner to mate.

Poor hippies, they were so wrong.

Which takes us to “Freedom of Lifestyle.”

It includes the earlier mentioned sex habits.

Intelligence and the power of decision are key to the type of behaviour we practice and execute.

Some will wonder, what about passion?

Right.  Passion should and must be subservient of a strong will and discipline or else there is no end to following the innermost devils that temptation presents at all times.

Homosexuality has appeared as a fact of from the dawn of life.

Thus man and woman have obviously fulfilled  a vital function:  Procreate.

There is no procreation without those two.

Frankly, people can and may have dreams, illusions, nightmares, fantasies, wretched wishes, or simply absence of sex in one’s life, but that doesn’t mean one has to act upon those.

Furthermore, as in the present case where the liberal leaderships around the world are so intent in corrupting the soul of mankind, they are going after the purest of minds in the primes of their lives:  Our children.

They don’t want only to take the adults onto the path of perversion, but also want to make sure that next generations will be ripe enough to enter adulthood with a distorted and depraved state of mind.

In case you missed it, the sharp rise in syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases in America, is being attributed to an increasing number of hookup apps.

STDs continue to have a greater impact on the African-American, Hispanic, and young adult populations.  No wonder.

I wrote in 2013 for the WorldNet Daily, warning on the use and abuse of said apps.

In comes Republican former Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, accused of sexual misconduct.


Actually, placed on the background of officialdom’s PR and marketing of the LGBT agenda, how can any other”sexual misconduct” over stage it?

LGBT is the legalisation of sexual misconduct in its most vast meaning.

Whether it is perpetrated by republicans or democrats, can anyone tell me, what different does it make?   As someone else said.

In his twisted mind, Bruce Jenner says he’s no longer he.

But, in reality, he’s playing with the public’s mind.  No.  He did not do “the” major change.

Anyway, to say it once and for all clearly as crystalline water:

Trans-gendering is not any natural state of the mind or of the body.

gender op

It is a decision made to commit interferences and endless surgical procedures, added by daily intake of hormones for life, on one’s body.  Simply to follow the ideas that flood a deviant mind.

And, in case you missed it, since 2014, Obamacare is kindly paying for gender “reassignment,” the sanitised version of trans-gendering.

Just as they pay for abortion.

Reasonable, principled people who have lived surrounded by family and peers sharing same God-given-values, know that in the face of temptation, we must turn around and look for a safe haven to protect our bodies, our minds, our hearts and above all our souls.


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