A quick note, given that there is so much going on that I would like to comment.

Most have read on the news the story about Rachel Dolezal and her white parents publicly disavowing the fact that she is black .

This pretender, this African-American woman, had attained a position of influence within the black community, for being black.

But she is white.  Blonde.


Some are surprised, asking why did that happen?

But, why would anyone be surprised?

You are being lied to on a daily basis.

You are being betrayed even by those who swore to represent your wishes and defend your needs because they are bending to the power on the left.

You are being cheated from your taxes and your daily needs.

Are you surprised now that someone from the left could ascend to be the president of the Spokane, Washington, chapter of the NAACP, on assumptions that she was black…  when in reality she was and is a white woman?

The left has lied and continues to lie on every possible item so as to advance their foremost agenda of globalisation.

They are using from sex to race to be victorious.

In order to achieve their goals, they are disciplined and persevering.

The result is that after over 100 years chasing after their dreams, they are closing in at their climaxing point.

In order to achieve everything they want to reach, they are unstoppably using every possible mean, legal or not.

That Dolezal has been publicly disavowed has been really good luck.

But, so what?

What would that mean?

Would that mean Americans are so fed up with lies and manipulations that they will start their massive march to remove them from power?

I doubt it.



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  • Posted: June 17, 2015 16:17


    I just about lost my breakfast yesterday morning when I watched Matt Lauer interview her. She's obviously a liar. She has a desperate need for therapy. The whole thing is just so just turns my stomach.
    • Posted: June 17, 2015 18:31

      Eliana Benador

      Indeed. But this is what liberals are doing, lying their way through. Good to hear from a concerned, responsible American.