I have to breathe deeply before beginning to write this column.

It has been years already that we have alerted the public about the left relentless and unforgiving attack on the traditional family.

They began slowly.








At the request of the left’s funders, theoreticians identified that patriotism was the key element for the survival of individual countries.  Therefore, it was a must to dismantle it.

They came up with a plan which consisted in destroying the traditional family because it was the condition sine qua non that kept together the nuisance that was patriotism.

Along the road came socialism and communism which both failed.

It was therefore indispensable to come up with other solutions to avoid the left’s decay.

And found it they did.

Under the imposing and pretentious name of New World Order they gift-wrapped their new invention: Globalism.

Thus, in the name of globalism, they have been moving forward their agendas of desolation and destruction, making the masses believe that they cared about them, when they are only using them as cannon meat.

In their quest to destroy capitalism in the West,  they needed to have a complacent audience, which with their silence and/or inaction, would tacitly allow the left to advance.

In the last decade, with the above elements in place, they have given the broadest platform ever to the LGBT agenda.  For that they counted with the official godfathering of the Obama Administration.

As we explained in previous articles, the L for Lesbians and the G for gays was emphatically being supported. The B for bisexual needed not much pushing. The T for transgender was recently taken care of, with the help of celebrities friends of Obama.

True, homosexuality has existed from the dawn of the universe and it has survived millennia.  It is, a fact of life.

What is not a fact of life, however, is the PR and marketing that liberal governments throughout the world have done for them.

Their goal was to destroy father, mother and children.

By legalising homosexual marriage last Friday, in one stroke, the Obama Administration has succeeded their coup.

Americans seem to be shocked.  But not shocked enough.

Compatriots have been murdered on instructions or on the inaction of this administration, and Americans did nothing.

Military men have been assassinated prey to monster terrorists, in cases where only those close to the administration could have known details of their whereabouts, and Americans did nothing.

The list is long to be repeated here one more time.

Recently, the woman who participated long-distance in the Benghazi massacre, has the nerves to run for president, and Americans are considering her.  Seriously?

Last week, Obama’s stooges at the Supreme Court handed him two silver plates.

They have ratified his Obamacare catastrophe.

As if that was not enough damage done in one day, the next day, Obama’s Supreme Court judges also ruled making gay marriage the other new law of the land.

In all, a most disastrous, sad week for America and mankind at large.

History has shown how many times humans have taken this path and the ensuing result at each of them.

But, “democracy” has subtly poisoned the minds of people with the insane quest for liberty and equality.

Gay marriage has been turned into law by an outrageously leftist Supreme Court, breaking their oath to be unbiased.

The country has been ambushed.

One of the first and most disappointed responses to the Obama Administration’s move to legalise gay marriage has come from none other than the American College of Pediatricians.

They have announced that it was a tragic day for America’s children.” 


Simply because “marriage” means children.

That is why God created man and woman, to marry and to procreate.

In fact, the only ones who are divinely able to conceive are a man and a woman.

That, will never be changed by any supreme court in the world.

Man’s laws can change the legal ability to marry.

But what God ordered will never be undone by any man or any group of men.  That simply will never happen.

That said, in the comment published by the pediatricians, they explain the dire consequences that this ruling will have on children.

Dr. Michelle Cretella, the President of the College of American Pediatricians states that:

“[T]his is a tragic day for America’s children. The SCOTUS has just undermined the single greatest pro-child institution in the history of mankind: the natural family. Just as it did in the joint Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton decisions, the SCOTUS has elevated and enshrined the wants of adults over the needs of children.”

My comment on her statement is not just the “wants” of adults, it is that the Supreme Court has elevated and enshrined the sexual deviances of adults over the needs and rights of children.

Children have the right to be raised in a morally unpolluted and non-corrupting environment.

However, in America and most of the world, that will no longer be the case.

A woman may want to make love her husband.  Or a man may want to make love to his wife.  Those are wants.

I may want blueberries.

Sex among men.  Sex among women.  Sex with men and women. Trans-morphing into a transgender.  Those are called sexual deviances.

And what Obama’s Supreme Court have achieved is to legalise sexual deviances.

Then again, the sky is the limit in the array of possibilities for sexual deviance.

Back to the consequences of the legalisation of gay marriage.

From now on, children will see this official new version of falling in love between men or between women.

They will see them now kissing passionately in public because now it will not be forbidden.

Little children now will be adopted or even conceived in one of the unnatural ways by two fathers or two mothers.

The debate on marriage and adoption for same-sex couples is currently raging in several countries.

That is how rotten this world is.

We wish the American College of Pediatricians had been more vociferous and more outspoken “before.”

Now, it’s done.

We are in front of a fait accompli.  And so are our precious children.

And, while there should be a separation of church and state, the Obama Administration before gay marriage had been made the law of the land were already forcing religious authorities to perform gay marriages.

Imagine now how will they be enforcing that on priests, rabbis, monks and others.

Be it as it may, the American public knew from the beginning this could happen, just as they know mercenaries immigrants of the worst kind are about to enter the country legally, taking jobs, increasing crime and so on.

Trouble is that Americans do not seem to hit that boundary which could naturally send them to the REBOOT button.

And, now straight parents will have to face the worst influence ever exerted on their children in modern times by any environment, save for those times prior to the massive floods in the times of Noah, or the destruction of Babel, or the times of Nero.

As a matter of fact, the destruction of Rome under Nero came when they began celebrating marriage between human beings and animals.

This is the XXIst century version of the debauchery in the times of Nero.

Ours is worse, because the internet and the television are able to worldwide spread news and also because of the facility to travel, although now gays will not have to make all those trips to the East in search for their deviant sex.

Their government has facilitated everything for them.

In exchange LGBT thankful members will for sure vote for the next democratic candidate.

As activists, they know how to get things done, point in case.  So,  if push comes to shove, they may even be willing to easily support an Obama third-term.  Why not?

Who would stop them anyway?

Meanwhile, God said in no uncertain terms about any sexual deviation:  “… it is an abomination before Me.”


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