The cord is tightening around the neck of Western Civilisation.

Meanwhile, some are trying to persevere in finding some theoretical solutions to the problem.  They have turned their personal periscopes in the direction of a long-distance-Islamic “reform” movement.

Such wishful thinking is utterly dangerous looked at from many angles.

While many keep addressing “pressing” issues, the leftists governments around the world are soldiering ahead with their common core education in America; or in England: providing very tempting programs with for instance 30 hours free childcare for parents of 3 and 4 year olds, which would allow them to gender- and other-brainwashing of little kids without parents knowing it; ‘borderless’ immigration issues; LGBT agenda’s topic du jour, i.e., the legitimising of their trans-elements; the disarming of the populations in two manners, withdrawal of weapons and/or ammunitions, and the corrosion of the police system, to which one might add the “unlikely” evasion of extreme-murderers from maximum-security-prisons; plus useless, obviously purposefully failed attempts at stopping the Islamic State sub-humans.

Let’s analyse and view some of the possibilities that have been presented so far.

I have been debating how to address these major issues of co-existence among the most important “religious” systems nowadays.

Formally, Islam is a religion, with its core of dogmas, and essential approach to a way of life that is in collision with the essence of Western civilisation.

While Muslims at large adore and worship Allah, in practical life they follow Mohammed, just as Christians follow Jesus.  The comparison stops there.

In following those instructions, Muslim terrorists persecute non-Muslims, and they even persecute those among them who do not practice Islam they way they should.

In fact, they are expanding brutally to impose Islam’s world domination, and last but not least, force the adoption of the brutal sharia also worldwide.

Allah Hu Akbar, God is Great has been heard in the most ominous events showing a cruelty not seen before in the world.

Such horrendous acts committed in the name of God are being propagated at such a wide scale throughout the planet thanks to internet technology which makes it broadly available.

If they have not noticed it, in doing so, in performing such horrendous acts committed in the name of God, they are profaning His Name not only in vain but to commit horrific evil against other human beings.

God has commanded:  Thou shall not kill.  Period.

Is this a clash of civilisations as some view it, or what is it?

In essence, the “clash of civilisations” is taking place between Islam and the West.

It is happening between a secular, tolerant, non-Muslim Western world and a so-called “minority” of fundamentalist Muslims, surrounded by a silent majority who does nothing to stop them.

Such “minority” though represents a large segment of Islam’s over a billion-and-a-half-population who are, as mentioned earlier, keeping busy worldwide imposing the views of “Islam world domination and sharia,” which are found within the realm of their faith and traditions.

By some estimates, radicals and terrorism-practicing Muslims amount to 20-25% of their population, but as there is no way to legitimise that assertion, let us stick to the more conservative 10%.

That would mean that from the roughly 1.5 billion Muslims, “only” 150 million would adhere to the brutality taught to them as part of Islam.

A new study recently released by the Pew Research Centre projected the populations of the world’s major religions over the next four decades.

It reports, among other findings, that Islam is the world’s fastest growing religion and that the global population of Muslims will nearly match that of the world’s Christians by 2050, as the chart below shows.

Muslims growing faster

However, that is a very conservative estimate.

If you ask experts in the field, they were expecting “this” kind of evolution much later.

What has happened?

Simply put, Muslims radicals and terrorists have found no opposition.

Neither inside their societies nor in Western societies who, on the contrary, have opened wide the doors of their countries, facilitating infiltration in the most outrageous levels.

Back to Islam:

The Koran says:   “There is no compulsion in religion.”

Naturally as expected, such words have become the tools par excellence to argue that Islam is not  the crushing, expansionist religion we are looking at every single day of our lives, no matter where we stand on this planet.

Islamist clerics, like Yusuf al-Qaradawi or terror masterminds like Osama bin Laden have, however, marshalled not only the Koran’s vision but also legions of ruthless terrorists around the world, indoctrinating and training them for the gruesome task ahead.

At this point, history refreshes our minds with the unforgettable words of former president George W. Bush in the aftermath of the 9-11 attacks, “Islam is peace.”   Really.

I have often spoken of my hands-on, first-hand rather recent experience in the Muslim world, which lasted almost 6 years.

Repeatedly I have mentioned the extremely important element within Muslim life, the “family.”   Family, as in “brotherhood” or “sisterhood.”   The way a Muslim man calls another Muslim man, is “brother.”

That is one of the religious and traditional cornerstones to understand Islam’s hatred of the non-Muslim.

Allow me to provide some information in that regard:

Al-Wala wal-Bara means total loyalty to Islam and the total disavowal of anything else.

It is one of Islam’s main foundations and is of paramount importance, second only to Tawhid, acknowledgement of the oneness of God.

Total allegiance and love are only to be given within the Islamic community, and rejection, hate, and enmity against the other is commanded, based upon Koranic foundations:

“If you love Allah then follow me that Allah may love you and forgive your faults… Allah does not love the infidels. … They are the residents of Hell, and will there forever abide.”

The Al-Wala wal-Bara doctrine originated in the pre-Islamic Arab tribal system from which it was passed on to the umma or the Islamic community.

The notions of love and loyalty were extended to the family and the hamula or clan, while suspicion and hatred was directed toward those outside the clan, the “other” who did not embrace Muhammad’s teachings.

The umma or Islamic community, has in time, evolved into a super-tribe by way of religious linkage.

The medieval exegete (an expounder or textual interpreter, especially of scripture,) Ibn Taymiya (1263-1328 C.E.), one of the authorities cited most by Wahhabis and Salafists, expressed al-Wala wal-Bara this way:

“Whoever loves for the sake of Allah, and hates for the sake of Allah, and whoever seals a friendship for His sake, or declares an enmity for His sake, will receive the protection of Allah. No one may taste true faith except by this even if his prayers and fasts are many.”

Ibn Taymiya has also been specific on this respect:

“Since lawful warfare is essentially jihad and since its aim is that the religion is entirely for Allah and the word of Allah is uppermost, therefore, according to all Muslims, those who stand in the way of this aim must be fought. Whosoever contends with Muhammad deserves death.”


Koran:  3:141; 4:115; 5:17, 52, 72-3; 10:68-70; 29:68; 36:49-64

About the “family” nucleus in Islam, the revered Bernard Lewis explains:

“Islam is still the ultimate criterion of group identity and loyalty. It is Islam that distinguishes between self and other, between insider and outsider, between brother and stranger … the ultimate definition of the other, the alien outsider and presumptive enemy, has been the kafir [infidel]”

The Koran says it without the glimmer of a doubt:  

“All other religions are cursed by Allah . All those who join idols or false gods to Allah, or invent lies about Him,or deny Allah, or change even one word of Allah’s book, or do not believe in Allah’s messenger Muhammad] are to be “seized wherever found and slain with a slaughter.”


Koran:  14:30.
Koran:  11:14.
Koran:  29:17.
Koran:  40:63.
Koran:  6:115; 10:64; 30:30.
Koran:  2:99; 4:150-2; 13:33-4; 16:28-9; 22:19-22.
Koran:  33:60-2.

 Therefore, we explicitly know what Islam wants.

They have dispatched their sub-human hordes to destroy and annihilate whoever is not following Islam, while on their way to impose sharia worldwide.

Forced conversions, massacres, rapes, mutilations, and all kinds of atrocities are being committed in the name of Islam and yet, officialdom in the world is protecting the holy name of Islam.

That is why their moves now are swift.

There is a make believe opposition.  Nothing real or that could ever be considered effective.

On the other hand are the famous “reformers.”

Most of them work, welcome by hungry non-profits who are running out of resources and ways to attract donors in this dire economic times.  Be it as it may, those Muslim “reformers” are enjoying the safety and the posh luxuries and comfort the West has to offer them.

The leading role is now monopolised by the notorious Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Somali woman who over a decade ago managed to escape Somalia to avoid an arranged marriage.

Her staunch godless feminist meteoric career has been blessed.

She appeared at the right place at the right time.

Her recent book, “Heretic” is a great success.

And while not a theologian or very likely not even been able to read the Koran in its very own and complex Arabic, she has erected herself as an authority in the matter.

Lately, the infamous Lord Conrad Black writing his column on the Canadian National Post, wrote on his article about Ali:

“Her conferral on Mohamed of the status of “greatest lawgiver of all time” only holds where Koranic law supersedes all other law, and this departs from the criteria by which that honour has historically been contested by such legislators as Hammurabi, Justinian, Napoleon and James Madison.” 

A heretic by her own admission, godless Ayaan Hirsi Ali is also a staunch advocate of democracy, of equality, of feminism, of the quest for freedom and so on.

By the way, if you worry about Ms Ali and the fatwah hanging on her, she has done very well for herself.

But, Ali is not alone.   There are other Muslims who are visibly seculars, atheists, heretics, like Wafa Sultan, Tarek Fatah, Hassan Mneimneh, Farzana Hasan, Taslema Nasreen, and many more.

Most of them are free spirits and the majority (most likely 90%) live in the West and are advocating a long-distance Islamic “reform.”


Their convenient geographic location, in far away lands, makes them irrelevant to any potential transformation and, even less, to a reform inside Islam.

But these people are also among the staunchest proponents of Western progressivism.

If they were to join a political party in the West they would be joining forces with the democrats, liberals, and others.

And yet, they are heralded by the West so-called conservatives, which parties they rather join.

Go figure.

They are for the advancement of liberal causes, especially sexual liberation and the recognition and legalisation of all kinds of abomination, and other untold social penchants they may have.

FullSizeRender (13)

As in the example above, Tarek Fatah speaks of Roma and Yazidis next to “gay” when “gay” is no nationality or ethnicity.

Ergo their huge contradiction, in this author’s opinion.

But why would they do anything different, when they have no God to tell them this is wrong and that is right?

Common sense nowadays is a luxury, not a birthright.

As such, the absence of God dissipates all type of constraints.

“Freedom” is their creed.  Absolute, total, unconditional freedom.

Freedom as never seen anywhere in the Universe of God.

So, real conservatives, look with despair at a much more complicated core problem.

The long-distance-freedom-seeker-reformers in Islam are heading into the same debauchery the Western world is finding themselves currently.

To be fair, there is only one among all of them, Taslima Nasreen, who actually lives in the midst of danger though in hiding, but she is in the middle of the whole commotion.

She lives in such danger, that when Tarek Fatah visited her, he wrote an article on her:  “May God protect the bravest woman I know.”  

They are happy welcoming LGBTers in their midst, their gains are theirs.

And, they disregard the nefarious influence of such policies and how it can damage the minds of children, of next generations.

There is still another category of “reformers,” a group that has someone as Zuhdi Jasser, founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy; Maajid Nawaz, the founder of the Quilliam Foundation in London; Tawfik Hamid, president of the International Centre for Countering Radicalism and others.

The list of names goes on and you may find it here.  In that link you may see the list of signatories of their willingly gullible partner, the Gatestone Institute that sponsored their ad “Beautifying Islam.”

Here is the full-page add at the New York TImes, published by Gatestone back in January 2015.

Up to you to decide how “beautiful” Islam is.

Democracy, the culprit

One of the leading figures of Islam in the world, the soft-spoken Swiss Islamic authority, Tarik Ramadan, has repeatedly assured that just as Christians have been the majority in his native Switzerland, so Muslims will be also one day.

Ramadan, the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood is such a “democracy” fanatic that he unabashedly argues for “Democracy Now!”

Why would the leading Islamic theoretician would demand “Democracy Now?”

The reason is simple and I mentioned it earlier:  There is no one opposing them.

In fact, Ramadan has the nerves to say that Europe is failing their Muslims. 

Meanwhile, abortion is never-pronounced-word among Muslim populations and therefore, they have gone within only few years from 1.3 billion to over 1.5 billion in this world.

And, just as Ramadan defends “democracy” to advance his agenda, so does another soft-spoken Muslim, the elegant, sophisticatedly Westernised Mohammed Zuhdi Jasser, the president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy.

And so do their colleagues listed on the Gatestone ad.

My shrewd and knowledgeable readers can immediately get what is going on there.

How many of them are waiting in the meantime?

We do not know.

They have established themselves throughout the world.

They are quietly getting Western populations to have them as a constant feature together with their countless and massive mosques or masjids.

Meanwhile, no church, no synagogue, no buddhist temple, no baha’i temples either in the Islamic world, in any of their countries in Asia or the Middle East.

On the contrary, Christians, Copts, Yazidis, women, elderly, children, all innocent, defenceless populations are being slaughtered.

Is there any real religious reform taking place within the Muslim world?   We do not know.

And, that is the key to solve the problem of fundamentalism but it has to be done from the inside, not by remote control.

And, if and when that happens, it will take many generations for the world to see any change.

“Remote control reformers of Islam” are there for themselves and their quest for absolute freedom.

They forget, as do all freedom-idealists in the world, that freedom does not exist anywhere in the universe except in the mind of men unable to mature and to accept that there are somethings, some actions that are not right and that we need boundaries.  Self-imposed boundaries.

But that would mean their decay.

For now, “democracy” is a make-believe life-saver more like a double edge sword, thrown in for good form into the ocean of intellectual, political and religious destitution ruling the Muslim countries.


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