We are now the recipients of the fifth video regarding the atrocities committed by Planned Parenthood.

poor baby

Abortion-promoters Planned Parenthood are directly connected to the Obama Administration.

One after the other, records prove the close relationship between their leadership and the so-called American president and first lady.

Republicans, on their part have proven their total impotence, their utter inability to achieve a gain that should have been a no-brainer, and yet democrats ended up the winners of the most macabre bet.

As a result, the Nazi butchering activities of Planned Parenthood can go on with impunity.

The fifth video that has surfaced shows once more the gruesome manner they treat “their business” and it is unbearable.

Judge by yourselves:

Given that they now count with the legitimacy given by the Obama regime, they can continue with their atrocities, trafficking unborn baby parts as if they were selling carrots or furniture.

Along came judge William H. Orrick III…  blatantly demonstrating how “justice” is not blind in America.  Far from that.  See for yourselves:

The federal judge who late Friday granted a temporary restraining order against the release of recordings made at an annual meeting of abortion providers wasn’t just appointed by President Barack Obama, the most extreme proponent of abortion ever to hold the White House.

He was also one of President Obama’s top fundraisers, a bundler who raised at least $200,000 for Obama and donated $30,800 to committees supporting him, according to Public Citizen.

Judge William H. Orrick, III, granted the injunction just hours after the order was requested by the National Abortion Federation.

Orrick’s wife, Caroline “Linie” Farrow Orrick, is a clown and artist with an interest in outdoor athletic endeavors. She partners with her husband in their political decisions and she is his co-bundler according to Public Citizen. She’s also a public supporter of extreme abortion policies.

Her YouTube user page shows that the first video she ever “liked” was from an extreme pro-abortion group called the Center for Reproductive Justice. The slick, celebrity-laden video called for people to sign a “bill of rights” that asserts a right to abortion on demand through all nine months of pregnancy, a position shared by very few Americans. It further calls for taxpayer funding of contraception, abortifacients and abortion. And, finally, it says that all health care plans should be required under penalty of law to cover abortion, abortifacients, and other anti-reproductive services — even if they have religious objections such as those held by the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Read more at The Federalist.

Shame on America.

To be fair, abortion is a part of life and yet it should be out of the government’s hands.

They should not incite, facilitate and promote or enable abortion, seeking to misguide or take advantage of the ignorance of some women, and women in general.

Abortion is a scar for life that certainly must remain in the innermost part of a woman’s being.

As one of my readers wrote yesterday in a letter:  “They will always wonder, the baby would have been so many years old, he or she could have looked in this or this other way…”

It’s a step that you can never go back to.  There is no re-do.

In general, in life, we get a once in a time chance to do what is right.

Regarding the murder of a baby, there is no backing up because there is nothing right with it.

But the horror does not stop at the trauma and shock of the baby’s murder committed by his/her mother.

In the case of Planned Parenthood, they are making business plainly trafficking with organs of unborn babies.

Their cruelty and monstrosity can only be based on the godlessness of the left whose mission, among others, is to re-label what’s wrong as ‘right.’

Life begins at conception.  No question about it.

And all of you who are reading these lines were lucky to escape the claws of abortion.

But our lives began with a new cell formed from our father’s cell and our mother’s cell, combined.

That’s why one can assuredly, scientifically, prove that life begins at conception.

Therefore it is our duty to defend the life of the unborn where liesa the essence of a human being, someone just like you and me.

Americans should let their hearts lead their feet and their brains lead the way.

There is no way on earth that something so wrong should be accepted by people technologically and so-to-say politically savvy as the XXIst century homo sapiens.

However, liberals and liberals disguised as “conservatives, do not believe in objective morality.

They are postmodernists.

They believe in the power of narrative based on only one standard:  Can they express their individual outrage without leaving their keyboard such that, along with other individuals who think and behave pretty much identically to them, social change is accomplished?

In this case the answer was, yes, they have the power to destroy an individual’s social standing as punishment for something with which the mob doesn’t agree.

This was done through the power of narrative on social media.

On the other hand, there is yet another factor:   Many speak of sexual impotency, but that is not the only kind that exists.

Currently, the American homo sapiens is showing the symptoms of other kinds of impotency.

There is emotional impotency.  The kind that makes you believe you are feeling something when you are completely indifferent to that sentiment.  Its prognostic is possible given that lack of reaction to that event despite verbal outcry.

There is also the moral impotency.  This kind whereby people become immune to all kind of immoralities taking place in times like ours.

The traditional family has been the target of the left and with it all the moral standards represented therein have been sullied and discarded in the garbage bin of history, thanks to the left and to the incapability of the right to stand firm to defend their values and principles.

And so America remains impassive,

Impassive in front of this?

“Planned Parenthood Video: ‘It Was a Twin … Intestines Are Here,’ Eyeballs ‘Are So Easy … They Come Out, Like, Firm…”

As Brent Bozell, founder and president of the Media Research Center. Publisher of NewsBusters and. Chairman of ForAmerica, said on a tweet:

“Aborted baby eyeballs “are so easy [to find] like, 95% of the time” says a lab tech.  This is satanic, pure and simple.”

Satanic.   The perfect word for what is taking place.

And we thought we would never see an holocaust again, but we were wrong.

We are living one and we are still unmovable in front of it.

People fault the American administration.  Partly so.

But we should not forget:  Peoples always have the government they deserve.

Thus, if Americans are revolted against this inhuman atrocity and do nothing, it speaks loud about their correlation and intrinsic compatibility with the government they say to hate, but one which they elected and have put in place not once, but twice.

Some elected Obama.  And others were not strong enough, their agenda was so weak that Obama’s supporters won.

Let us not rush faulting them alone though.

IF people were so unsatisfied with Obama and his policies and in this case, Planned Parenthood, Americans would have already stopped it.

They have not.  That means that they do not consider this unbearable situation as an emergency and therefore they lack that feeling of revolt necessary to defend innocent lives.


However, Americans should also think of not leaving an irreparable mess for the next president.

This could well be the golden opportunity for Americans to show they are worthy of a better government than the present one.

And while the opportunity arose suddenly, Americans are free to use it to their advantage, i.e., protest bestiality when it happens.  Or they may miss it altogether.

Barbarism is made out of two key elements.

The barbarians who perpetrate the crimes against humanity.


The barbarians who remain impassive and untouched by the first ones.

To be crystal clear:

It is not only the fault of President Obama, or the Planned Parenthood or the left at large.

It is also the fault, with the same intensity and gravity, of those who verbally condemn the massacres but do NOTHING to stop them.

Inaction has been happening in America and the Western world during decades.

It is not the Nazi-like-murder and -trafficking of unborn babies organs but the death of a miserable lion that has prompted this question:  Is Cecil’s death the “final straw?”

Forget telephoning your representatives or faxing them.  They have betrayed you.

Are you now going to betray those whose voice you cannot hear but who are desperately asking you for help?

Do not wait for elections.   There is already a president-in-waiting and there are also very capable America-loving patriots to fill his cabinet.  All is in place.

Remove them. Jail them.  All of them.

Reorganise the country you love, claim it and save it.

If you consider yourselves human beings you must stop inhumane treatment of tiny, unborn human beings.


God Bless America


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