Twitter is the world of pseudonyms and antonyms, of copying and re-copying, or re-inventing and re-inventing-again.

Unregulated social media is prone to facilitate use but also its abuse.

Some days ago, I was the recipient of a complaint by someone who had the luxurious amount of over a half a million twitter followers, asking me not to include “an old dude spamming…”  etcetera.

Oh and if I had an “issue” with it, I was advised to unfollow or block this person addressing me.

My twitter at the origin of this subtle bullying said:

“IF no one stopped from trafficking unborn babies organs WHO will even try to ?”

Instead of adhering to the plight expressed therein, I received the “warning.”

I answered “the only issue I have is the cause of America and the good of the world.”

Now, a day after, the person deleted that tweet.

But, what about the “victim,” the subject of X’s ire?

Frankly, I don’t know if, let’s call this person Y, so I do not know if he/she has a real name.

Be it as it may, we (Jews) are taught never to speak about anybody.

This falls under the laws of Lashon Hara, or evil tongue.

It clearly stipulates that under no circumstance we can speak about anybody.  Whether it is true, false, good or bad, the bottom line is that kind of talk is off-limits for us.


In fact, it is about a person’s reputation.

We are taught that ruining a person’s reputation is worse than killing that person.

The only time we are to break that prohibition is when there is a life danger.

If you know a person is a drug dealer or a sex-offender, then in order to protect others, one is compelled to speak and warn others of the danger.

Another part of that commandment involves a third person who may be listening to this wrong rhetoric:  One must either go away or try to stop the accuser from publicly hurting anyone’s reputation.

I share with you these guidelines that are applicable to all of us, regardless of background.

In essence, I would say take these as part of an untold human behaviour of respect and decency among human beings.

Gossip is the equivalent of spiritual snakes being thrown into the outer world.  Do not give them life.

May you and all of us learn to be mindful of other’s reputation.

May your words and intentions always be led by gentleness and kindness.



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