Who will ever forget President Barack Hussein Obama’s now infamous Cairo Speech where as a guest of then President Hosni Mubarak he spoke to the Egyptian parliament.

Already then the tyrannical bad manners of the American were flaunted for the world to see.

Obama had in fact invited “his” own guests:  The Muslim Brotherhood.

The Brothers, sworn enemies of Mubarak, naturally accepted the presidential invitation.

As a result, America’s traditional Egyptian ally, President Mubarak was a major absentee at his own event.

At the end of Obama’s speech, the fate of the Muslim Middle East was sealed.

In hindsight we can say that also the fate of the world was sealed after that nefarious delivery of the very-likely-Kenyan-born Muslim American president.

Refugee crisis

Fast forward to September 2015.

Last Friday morning the world woke up to the dreadful nightmare of throngs of Muslims gushing into the gates of Budapest, Hungary.

Keleti, Budapest

Initially, the media publicised that they were “refugees” in quest for safe havens from the atrocities of Assad.   To which we argue that if that were so, those refugees could have been flooding to Europe or elsewhere during the last years but that was not so.

Look at the photos carefully, showing mostly men, astoundingly disciplined, strong, in fit shape, well-kept, clean and in very good physical condition, even fairly well-dressed.

Does anyone know how these crowd get their tickets to end up at Hungary’s train station?

The liberal media is after the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán for daring oppose the influx of “refugees” to his country.   So reads the ultra-liberal The Guardian of London:

In a refugee crisis of unprecedented proportions, Hungary’s prime minister,Viktor Orbán, has set himself up as a bulwark against a generous-spirited, pan-European approach.

What do they care about the small size of European countries and the safety of Europeans!

Recently,  we attended a political gathering in Europe, and to our disarray, a politician said that “Muslims spend their time in the mosque, which is per se something good…”

Oh my God, I thought, they have learned nothing.

Mosques or masjids, the other word for it, are the places where terrorists get indoctrinated, brain washed, and their beliefs are reinforced:  To kill the dhimmis unless they convert to Islam, and the rest of horrors come thereafter.


Back when 9/11 happened fourteen years ago, there were 19 mostly Saudi Arab Muslims who were in the United States enjoying their student visas.

The complexity of the plan they carried away was enormous and the precision with which they performed each step was simply impressing.

Journalists have only reported the facts:

19 Muslim students mostly from Saudi Arabia with four airplanes hit Manhattan’s Twin Towers, the Pentagon and a farm in Pennsylvania.  That was it.

However, to our knowledge, no one has truly analysed the cold blooded precision of it, the planning, the time, the efforts, the preparation.

The media may have purposefully missed that.

So let us see:

First, those 19 must have been selected from a group of 500 candidates or so.  It is impossible that they just took them on first come-first served basis.

In order to choose them, they must have undergone severe testing not only physical but also psychological as the nature of the endeavour needed a straight mind, resolute and resilient personality and a scientific and creative brain as well.

The technicalities of the operation must have demanded an extraordinary knowledge of aeronautic engineering, pure laws of physics, chemistry, and the knowledge of, and experience in, many other areas such as radio and radar communications, and the many other details to organise timing, place, targets, and so on.

Once selected, those 19 needed to be fed and dressed, they surely did not have to worry about their own laundry or what they were going to eat.

At this point, remember that the notion of family is an extended and extraordinarily loyal reality in the Muslim world.  Something that is unknown to Western societies where they revel in destroying the family nucleus.

Not so in the Muslim world.  No wonder their name is, for instance, Muslim Brotherhood.

They consider themselves brothers.  The planners and the suicide bombers, and the executioners, they all address each other as “brother.”

A very compelling manner, a display of how they feel towards one another, the invisible link that not only unites them but also that pulls them together in giving them the strength needed so that whatever they do, they know they are not alone but united in their cause…    In this case, we are referring to Islam and its endless quest for world domination.

My reason to bring up the above is so that readers can appreciate the magnitude of Muslims collaboration to move their agenda.

The value of Life in Islam

The notion of life in the Muslim world is the antithesis to the Western concept.

I personally have read on Twitter how rulers in the Muslim world were planning on sending tens of thousands of their people in harms way regardless of the danger.

They wrote, “… it does not matter if they kill tens of thousands, we will send more.”

That’s the nature of the enemy we are dealing with.

However, this is not something the liberal ruling classes in the West ever want to listen to and, even less, believe.

Yet, it is the truth.


European governments, for their most part led by leftists, globalists, are speaking of refugee crisis, which in part it is.  But not all of it.

In reality, we are witnessing the invasion of Europe by trained and skilful Muslim terrorists looking for their sleeper cells until the time will come to wake up.

As I said above, if Assad was such a bad monster, why was the West never flooded with Syrian dissidents?

What has happened?

It all began with Obama and his coalition of Muslim countries and their mission to “stop Islamic State terrorists” from advancing.

Obama needed that coalition so he could cover appearances that he and America were not going after Islam or their Muslims.

So the “coalition” provided a twisted approach to sugarcoat the supposed attacks on a for-Obama-non-existing-enemy, i.e., Islam.

Now, in hindsight even military experts have to surrender to the evidence that those “attacks” against terrorists from the Islamic State were fruitless and from the beginning were doomed to failure.

A failure that has meant victory for the subhuman from Daesch or Islamic State.

Reinforced by such a huge gain, they are now moving geographically forward, as we are seeing.

Because as most have already figured, those “refugees” are not such only.   In their midst there are the mutant humanoids that run with the name of terrorists.

Islamic State has already threatened sending their subhuman”fighters,”  trained terrorists, in the mix of refugees, as the world at large feels guilty and, above all, generous.


That said, until now no terrorist outfit has counted with the amount of wealth that has been so quickly amassed by the Islamic State terrorists, who had reportedly budgeted US$2 BILLION dollars from the beginning of 2015 for their annual jihad or terror frenzy against anyone who opposes them on their way to impose the Islamic domination in the world.

Luxury IS

Islamic State subhuman terrorists flaunting their luxurious fleet of cars.  

Obviously there is only one way those evildoers could have amassed such a fortune in such a short time.  That serious fundraising can only come from their “brothers” in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and so on.

The Islamic State above mentioned budget was expecting to collect another whooping US$250 MILLION dollar surplus throughout the year.


As they try to hit a nerve regarding the “refugees,” photos of strong young men are also causing uneasiness among Europeans.

After all, Europe is such a tiny continent.  From one country to another, travel time is barely a few hours.

So, when leaders of the United Nations refugee agency warned yesterday that Hungary faces a new and larger, wave of 42,000 asylum seekers in the next week or so, their post script indicated that they will need international help to provide shelter on its border, where newcomers already are bitterly complaining about being left to sleep in frigid fields.   So sorry that the weather got cold too early.

In view of the “refugee” situation, European politicians are relieved that they can help their Muslim protégés without camouflage.

The conscience of European populations have been put to ease as they look   at some “real” refugees and feel happy to oblige.


In all, the entrapment and takeover of Europe is running amok, well ahead of time and dreaminfully smoothly.

And as we mentioned above, thanks to Obama the road has been paved for a re-do of the Gaddafi massacre, but this time in Syria.

Just as Libya before, Assad will go under, unless the last minute help from the Russians prove to be hyper-efficient.

Who to side with?  

Assad or the sharia-enabling-Islamic State?  Saudi or Iran?  America with NATO or Russia?

On this 9/11 there will not be anyone who is not thinking of the fate of the world.

Detangling the conundrum

The Iran deal was Obama’s custom-made achievement to help accelerate the speed at which Islam could takeover the world.   And accelerated it, he did.

Who knows if it is not the Iranian government funding the “migrants” with their tickets, clothing, training, expenses and more.

Be it as it may, they found evidence that it was the appropriate time to enter the West, via Hungary just as it had happened in the past.

They knew and they know Western populations would and will do NOTHING.

As such, the invasion of the West with the purpose of establishing Islam’s World Domination has been undertaken.

Muslims have understood that there was no need to wait and “see” how this or that situation would unfold in a few years.

Their time is now.  With no opposition, they know they can just unload anywhere and the Western leftist leaderships and their sheep are going to accept it.

They can do so with the “global” help and coordination of the United Nations,

Speaking of which, I have found out that despite the majority of our belief that America has the largest national debt ever in the history of mankind, the Obama Administration has found the way to make her become the most humongous  donor country to the UNHCR, the inoffensive acronym behind which hides the United Nations High Commissioner for…  REFUGEES.

Here you have proof of the above: FullSizeRender (27)


Therefore no major step is probably taken at the UNHCR without the approval of the anti-American president who has spent 99% of his time devoted to the destruction of the country he was supposed to love and protect.

Then all makes sense.

The “Syrian” refugee problem highlighting the “brutality” of the Assad regime, when in reality Obama is pushing for a re-do of the Libyan choreography.

That also explains why Putin has sent warships and even Russian soldiers to support Assad.

None of these characters is innocent.  Not Obama.  Not Putin.  Not Syria.  Not Iran.  Not Saudi Arabia.

And, to our despair, none of them is telling us that they want to stop the Islamic domination of the world.

That agenda is untouched.

The ones with the power, i.e., the peoples of each country in the world, are making us listen to their deafening silence.

Just as when Islamic State warned the world they would infiltrate their terrorists among the ‘migrants,’ no one made any noise.

If 9/11 was devastating, when the next made-in-Islam disaster will hit and shake the entire world, the peoples in the world will bitterly regret having done nothing when they could.

With their inaction, they are giving permission to evil to destroy the world for generations to come.

Good they will not be around to hear their grandchildren and their great-grand-children and their children, damn their memories for doing nothing to stop the destruction of their world.

May God have pity on this world.



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  • Posted: September 18, 2015 14:57

    Gary Taylor

    It makes perfect sense.I've thought along the same lines as your report.It's all a set up.If terroist are trained for many years as young men or women;they can move to help take over the world no matter how long it takes.This makes me very suspoous how Obama got into office to begin with....Thank you for all your information....Peace