As follow-up on my article published earlier today, I want to submit to American patriots a how-to-do plan to stop the insane descent into hell, where the leftist government is pushing the country on a daily basis.

The urgency of this move is flagrant.


The country is going from shooting to shooting, from massacre to massacre.

Americans are being killed with regular intermittence and the law does not defend them anymore.

In fact, the creation of sanctuary cities, is not only an anomaly but an aberration as they are time bombs inside each city.

I believe that if asked, any constitutional lawyer can attest of the unconstitutionality of that measure.

Nowhere in the world, except, to my knowledge, in “humane and liberal” Canada such a criminal precedent can be seen.

But we all know the criminal and suicidal nature of the left.

That said, most “strictly constitutional” Americans think they are obeying the Constitution if they wait for next elections.

On the other hand, paradoxically, others do not want to budge, fearing the current administration will impose martial law.  Really.  If that were so, then there is no better time to make a move than now.

However, let us imagine America can get smoothly to the 2016 elections.

Naturally, no one will expect Obama and Co. to stop making damage against the country you love and that he hates.

That means that in the best case scenario, hopefully Mr. Trump, or Mr. Cruz or someone else will get a much more damaged country than the one you are actually living in.

In that case, the left will not stay crossed arms as Americans now are.

You can be sure that they will do the most damage possible because their goal is not the good of America and the safety of Americans but the destruction and globalisation of the country.

No borders.  Countless amount of unpatriotic, mercenary immigrants.

We all know the left is ready to do anything to move their agenda.  No doubt about that.

Stopping the country for one day, from the safety of your homes, does not entail any risk.  Maybe an infinitesimal amount only.

No gathering.  No rally.  Not even peaceful.

Just stop everything.  The sooner the better.

After all, remember it was the great Ronald Reagan who said:  “If you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.”

Reagan, probably the only president who really loved the country, besides Truman and perhaps another one or two in American history of the last century.

He gave up his successful career and became a governor and then a president.

His famous line to Gorbachev, is unforgettable:

“Mr. President, tear down that wall.”

We need to be inspired by strength and by the love of God, of country and of family.

No one has more power than the people. 

History is pushing your buttons with every murdered American.  And you are not responding to the call.

Peoples who do not stand up to evil tyrants and allow tyranny to be imposed not only on them, but what is worse, on their progeny, are coward accomplices.

When the Nazis murdered so many people, Jews, gypsies, women and children, and so many more, one cannot but think how did the German folk did not stop them?

Also, in the case of Iran.  Surely the mullahs have taken over.

But, have you not ever thought:  How could the Iranian people allow it?

They are after all over 80 million people.  How could they not organise a revolt or a revolution?

There is a pattern here.

The pattern of laziness, of indifference, of lack of care.

If you don’t care about your own family or for your neighbours, how are you going to care for the entire country?

That said, with a slight and sincere change of attitude, one can change the route of History.

Goodness is not to be kind to the enemy.

Goodness is to be thoughtful and caring for one’s own.

No reproaches. What is done is done.

But the time to recuperate America could be this one.

Remember, if the Egyptian people did it twice, why not educated, patriotic Americans.

And as Egyptians did, so could you coordinate the date over Twitter.  For once Twitter could be useful for good purposes as well.

Just one-day-off.

It will be a peaceful way to show them that, frankly, you will not just be sitting now any longer.

It is worth the try.

Once again, as Reagan said:

“If you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.” 

God bless you.  God bless America.


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  • Posted: October 4, 2015 16:20


    I like what you said, but I don't agree Reagan was probably the only president who truly loved America.
  • Posted: October 9, 2015 11:24

    Ray Pendleton

    I wish I could convey to you what life is like for an "average" American that sees clearly the dangers you write about. I am surrounded by people that either buy into this nonsense, get angry and vent, but little else or are in complete denial. It brings to mind the Jews being shipped to the concentration camps, yet all the time, even as they were being lined up and marched away, they kept thinking they had something to lose by resisting. Perhaps we just aren't PERSONALLY desperate enough yet, it's still too academic and distant. They just don't want to hear. I only hope they wake before it's too late.
  • Posted: November 2, 2015 21:06

    Allan Mainous

    Thank you for this artical and your others as well. You have great vision, and I will give you my support 100%.
    • Posted: November 2, 2015 23:04

      Eliana Benador

      Thank you so much. Right now working on another very important article. Thank you for your support. Means the world to me. EB