A well-known Swiss industrialist late friend told me after Obama’s first election:  “Americans will get it right, once they have tried everything else.”  At the sound of his premonitory words, I remember my heart skipping a beat wondering if this time was going to be the exception.

Fast-forwarding to now:  Recently the Russian President Vladimir Putin has spoken to the United Nations on the occasion of the organisation’s 70th anniversary.

In view of the total lack of leadership within the organisation, let alone the whole world, Putin did not miss his chance and grabbed the crown.

In all, a subdued speech trying to keep with the seemingly unity among the organisation’s members.

One of Putin’s highlights was this:

“It seemed, however, that far from learning from others’ mistakes, everyone just keeps repeating them, and so the export of revolutions, this time of so-called democratic ones, continues. It would suffice to look at the situation in the Middle East and North Africa, as has been mentioned by previous speakers. Certainly political and social problems in this region have been piling up for a long time, and people there wish for changes naturally.

But how did it actually turn out? Rather than bringing about reforms, an aggressive foreign interference has resulted in a brazen destruction of national institutions and the lifestyle itself. Instead of the triumph of democracy and progress, we got violence, poverty and social disaster. Nobody cares a bit about human rights, including the right to life.

I cannot help asking those who have caused the situation, do you realize now what you’ve done?

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However in most of his speech, he all but aimed at reform of the elephant in the room.

He mentioned without saying the word, Ukraine, of course.

Who can blame any president for wanting to keep his country big and strong, and in that same vein, disliking and trying the most to keep any and all Russian speaking ethnicities who speak the same language, under the same roof?

You may read Putin’s speech at the United Nations and make your own opinion.  He deftly addresses issues such as Islamic State terrorism, social changes, migration, economy, and even climate change.

In all, Putin has made a display of leadership at the snake-like-globalist organisation that may count with billions given by American taxpayers and Muslim sheikhs, emirs and leaders, but that viper is headless.

Or so it was until Putin appeared on stage and confronted world realities in the above mentioned fields.

Some days have gone by and we are learning via a video posted by the Russian Defence Ministry on their Facebook page, how Putin is leading the charge against the Islamic State.

However, it is disappointing that the Russian is chiming in the attitudes of the globalist left, namely, the ministry says its fighter jets carried out 20 flights in Syria and struck eight IS targets in what it called “surgical strikes”.

If that is the case, they are mostly aiming to annihilate infrastructure when the real problem is in the minds of the barbarians.

When Islamic State surfaced last year and they conducted the horrific mass beheadings, the time to attack and stop them, was then.

Sadly, America under Obama led a pretence of a coalition most importantly created to show that America was not going at war against Islam.

Thus, appeasing minds at home they allowed the savages enough leeway to survive, continue thriving and now, as we have seen, conduct a massive invasion of the West.

Had America being led by a true patriotic American president, a massive attack on the terrorists of the Islamic State, regardless of collateral damage, would have been the right answer.

That would have shaken the ground under the feet of the terrorists and of those who fund them, the emirs, the manyfold sheikhs.

They are the foremost experts in taqqiya, the art to distort and/or dissimulate the truth to achieve Islam’s major goal of world domination and impose sharia wherever they conquer.

Now, republicans and conservatives of some sorts, who have joined the anti-Assad choir organised by the president, are unhappy that Putin has taken over the world leadership.

Yet, none of those republicans or conservatives has ever stood up in front of the nation to call for an outright removal of the most traitorous, anti-American president.

In fact, they are not even thinking of what happened with the previous tyrant that fell, and who was for all purposes America’s ally for many years, Colonel Gaddafi.

Indeed, Gaddafi was removed after a path that will remain in history as the time when the American military helped terrorists they previously had as sworn enemies, the same who in the end, deposed and murdered the Libyan president.

As a result of that move, strict sharia law has been implemented in Libya, which was until then a sharia-free country.   Happy now?

Next in line targeted by Obama is Assad of Syria.  It is a long time that Obama and his globalising colleagues want to get rid of the dentist president.

And many republicans echo the president’s will.

It is as if though no one has yet learned that what Obama wants is NEVER good for America.  And that is one of the reasons why republicans like John Bolton, are unhappy that Putin has taken the leadership of the world.

Surely no one can be happy about that.  But it was the corollary of the sickening president who in reality is the enemy #1 of his own country.

Suffice that you take a look at the video of Obama delivering his infamous speech in Cairo in 2009, barely a few months after he tragically took over the presidency of the United States.

Back to Bolton, who has explained his views to Fox News, for whom he  is on payroll.

According to him, Kerry [has] made a devastating concession by stating that there is a legitimate role for the Russian military in the Middle East, something Bolton says the U.S. has resisted for the last 50 years.

Obviously, Bolton forgets that these last seven years have nothing to do with the previous 43 years.

Therefore, wanting what the current president wants, is NOT good for America or for the West for that matter.

But as we have seen, time and again, republicans, future RINOs, forget the New Anti-American Order with great ease.

According to The Right Scoop, “Bolton also points out why he thinks Russia is doing this now, and it has nothing to do with taking out ISIS. In fact he predicts that Russia will make a modus vivendi (truce) with ISIS after Russia helps strengthen the Iran-backed Baghdad government as well as Assad and Hezbollah.”   Maybe.

Be it as it may, the Russian Defence Ministry shares some good news, “”The targets, notably a command centre of the terrorists, were completely destroyed,” the ministry said in a statement.

But, frankly at this point, those are meagre news for the peoples of the West.

So what, the multi-billionaire terrorists will simply re-build new command centres elsewhere especially now that they are expanding to Europe, Australia and the United States.

Reports inform that a high ranking Russian military has asked the United States to steer clear from the region they are attacking.

However, Fox news announces that “The strikes hit targets in Homs and Hama, but there is no presence of ISIS in those areas, a senior U.S. defense official said. These planes are hitting areas where Free Syrian Army and other anti-Assad groups are located, the official said.

To be followed, but now Americans are aware their untrustworthy mainstream media is the mouthpiece of the anti-American president and the left.

Sure enough, this morning, the Russian president had to take to the media and explain that the accusations of civilian casualties of the Russian attack on the Islamic State had surfaced even before any attack had taken place.

Information on casualties among civilians appeared in Western media before Russian arcraft left ground, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday.


Media reports about civilians in Syria allegedly being killed by Russian airstrikes appeared before Russian aircraft even left the ground, President Vladimir Putin said Thursday.

“As for any information in the media on civilians suffering [from Russian airstrikes], we were ready for such information attacks. I draw your attention to the fact that the first reports on civilian casualties emerged before our planes even left the ground,” Putin said at a meeting of the Russian Council for Civil Society and Human Rights.

Russia launched an aerial campaign on Wednesday, at the request of Syrian President Bashar Assad, targeting eight IS military hardware, arms and fuel depots. Almost immediately, Western media outlets carried reports of civilian casualties.

The Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed that it has already carried out some 20 combat missions in Syria since the campaign started, striking at least eight ISIL targets.”

I guess international pressure is getting the best even of the ferocious Russian president who, disappointingly, is giving in.

Naturally, currently there is almost no point in bombing the Islamic State, except to save president Assad and Syrians from the rule of the demonic monsters from the Islamic State.

Do not take me wrong.  Unlike most revered pundits, I am convinced that forcing Assad out and replacing him with the outright barbarians, could be that last thing Western civilisation should want.

So, even if some refute Putin’s alliance with Iran, right now, we all should wish he had been at the helm of the American military a few months ago so the Islamic State enemies of civilisation could have been flattened out once and for all.

Instead, the American administration has enabled the blossoming of the Islamic State and now they are continuing to facilitate their conquest and destruction of Western civilisation.

In all, the Obama Administration goes from betrayal to betrayal.

As you will see in Putin’s speech he attacks those who strive for “excellence.”  That used to be America.  And, of course Putin criticises that.  He seems to abhor excellence in America.

But he most likely wants excellence for Russia.  You bet.

And when one compares Obama to Putin, you simply wish America had had a president like him.


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  1. Of course, when the average American insists on electing someone “they can drink a beer with” or maybe play a round of golf, I would say we have what we deserve. What is unfortunate is that the people thinking like this are the last ones to suffer for it, your people are on the front lines. Perhaps this is harsh, but I have little sympathy for most of my fellow Americans. We started losing our soul when we decided during the Vietnam War that a coward could claim to be a peace activist concerned with the rights of man, and we would wink and act like we believed it. Worst of all, we allowed the most privileged and powerful to lead the way in this farce. Rightly or wrongly, it started us down the road of contempt for our so-called leaders, our traditional values and ultimately ourselves. Sure, some don’t buy into all this angst and decadence, but far too many do. I know what I mean; I was there when it was happening. Obama is just the inevitable end result of a people that chose comfort, not courage

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