The situation worldwide is such, that not all the responsibility can befall upon the leftist mainstream media.

They share it with a public who, 90% biased, choose their “truths” regardless of the actual matter of fact.


In doing so, they become accomplices, doing a disservice to the truth of the cause which in principle should be the lighting star guiding their choices and their actions.

True, Twitter and other social networks are facilitating the belief in a “democratic” version of the possibilities at hand.

With it, however, the risk of an overgrown ego will stand in the way of truth and honesty.


The antidote?

Interestingly, the social media at large also is benevolent in this sense, if one is humble and wants to learn, above being right at any rate.

Therefore, instead of behaving like teenagers in front of Elvis or whoever the current idols are, those who want to defend a cause should flee one’s human desire to want to be right.

Defending a cause should be about defending what is right to move that cause in the right direction, so it prevails.

To that purpose, for instance I have always explained, at the crying sound of a violin to the layperson who venture to give their unprofessional opinion and find any and every violinist of all levels “amazing.”

Yet, they ignore what is needed to excel in that domain:  the music,  the tone of a violin, or when is it smoothly played with extraordinary dexterity, etc.

Laypersons easily like violin players that have awful techniques which make them produce scratchy, crying sounds and, yet, cause tears from an uninformed general public unable to appreciate what they are listening to, because their ears are not trained to differentiate the fine traits of a great violin player.

Exactly in the same manner, speaking politics and strategic methods to move a political cause, should not be based on partial information, or on a judgement by someone who has no clue about the intricacies of legislation or the judicial treatment, which are needed to solve this or that problem.

In America, most people think they know about politics and yet they make terrible mistakes in their choices because of that innate ignorance that is willingly kept at that level.

Indeed, the person’s ego interferes with his/her own capacity to seek and accept the truth -even at risk of accepting one’s own weakness based on sheer ignorance.

People’s natural state is ignorance and is one that can overcome by humbly learning from books and from the real experts in the field.

Everyone is born ignorant.  Ignorance is not an illness but an initial state in every human being, which means one can be victorious on a daily basis, acquiring knowledge at each step of the way.

As a rule of thumb because of my previous work as political strategist, my natural inclination has been to place my ego on check most of the time.

I was rather more interested in finding and serving the truth.

Fighting for a cause is a demanding endeavour that most people confuse with “doing what they think is right.”

Only when one chooses to do what is right, regardless of consequences, will the cause we defend move forward in the right direction as well.

That said, in a political world where finances mix with candidates, the moral corruption is the rule and not the exception.

However, empowering solid leaders is key to the historic evolution to protect the cause of country and people.

That said, as a conclusion, within a system that allows financial backers to stand behind politicians of their choice, little is left for the regular people to stop their manipulations.

Little, that is, except the meaningful quest for the truth that can enlighten the path of public opinion as they choose their representatives.

We have seen with distress throughout the world, how politicians have been elected to office and the next thing they have done is turn their back on the agendas their constituents elected them to defend.

What to do then?

Accountability is key here.

In order to enforce that accountability, it is important to realise that funding party or elected officials will be a key mean at the hands of the electorate.

My recommendation is to unite and agree to suspend funding for a few months altogether to the party so that upcoming politicians realise that they are risking the funding for their successors.

In all, when the truth prevails, more are the real chances to move the cause in the right direction, for the benefit of country and people.


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  1. Frankly, you impress me as smarter than me (which is great), so I’m not about to disagree with you, but when you speak of truth I can’t help thinking of Pilate’s words, “What is truth?” My personal fear is that ignorance has reached a critical mass in America, and there are so many versions of “truth” (lies, of course) that the ultimate and objective truth that should guide people is almost beyond reach. The task to clear away this mental “manure” really brings to mind the old myth of Hercules and the Augean Stables. Well, at least when I read your work I have to work my mental muscles, so for that I thank you.

  2. The main issue is about right and wrong. In the Torah, G-d tells us: “I have given you life and I have given you death, you should choose life.” Yes, He gave us commandments to rule our live by, to live a good and prosperous life. Do we follow that? And there you will have your answer.
    MSM is rotten and manipulates every information to serve their idolatrous commitments to the leaders in charge. So not even need to trust them, ever, at no point.
    Thank you for your thoughtful comment.
    Have a great day and week.

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