Recently at my hairdresser, as they were busy fuzzing around me, the TV set was on and as I watched a fashion show, what was not my shock to see some male models, in suit and tie, with hairstyles like this.

Muslim beards

It was not only shocking to me but also to my French hairdresser, who was horrified as well.

From the runways of fashion shows from London to Paris and all in between, the hip fashion in male hairstyles are embracing the fundamentalist Islamic versions.

It is terrorism being legitimised almost at every corner in the lives of Westerners.

It is Western civilisation total surrender to terrorism.

Pictures, photos, videos and obviously all the information in the world do not convince these part of our folk in the West, to rise in protest and put a brake to the massive advance of Islam’s invaders.

Although now, is already too late.

Bearded hairstyles in fashion shows, Oct 2015

Bearded hairstyles in fashion shows, Oct 2015




Already in 2008, I was aware that one of the young sheikhs member of the  Al Qassemi family rulers of Sharjah was entering the world of fashion right at its crib, Paris.

Sharjah is one of the tiny emirates of the United Arab Emirates, the most fundamentalist of all the seven emirates.

Sharjah is ruled by the Al Qassimi or Al Qassemi family.  They are one of the six ruling families of the United Arab Emirates.

As one can gather, the tiny sheikhdom is ruled under the strict rules of sharia.

Considering all that, view the Qasimi production here, something which would be unthinkable to show off back in his tiny and fundamentalist religious country.

Although the outfit is beautiful, but modesty is lost.

A Qasimi For Ladies formal evening gown.

A Qasimi For Ladies formal evening gown.


Now there is a Qasimi for men or whatever that is, you decide:

Qasimi Fashion for men(?)

Qasimi Fashion for men(?)


As you can see, we are being invaded from all corners in life.

Qasimi free women

They come to oppress the West and also to use its vast platform to be able to let lose their inhibitions and hidden issues they cannot give freeway in their hyper-religious countries, where family and friends are too close to power and therefore there they, in turn, were suppressed to do as they wanted.


Who will put a break to their innermost desires once they are in the West?

After all, Muslims in the West, from royalty to terrorists and all in between, will be too busy allowing that, and making, the life of Westerners, in one word, impossible.

Now the doors of heaven are opening for them.

At the same time,  hordes of Muslims are now opening the doors of hell for the peoples of the West.


Pitiful exchange!

But they all know there is no resistance to their advance.

Some Westerners who are being pulled away from their homes in the middle of nowhere and where they thought they were in safety, are now homeless, crying as they see the savages steal their lives with the outright complicity of the leftist governments they put in charge of their safety.

Bad.  Bad bet.



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